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09 Aug 2011
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[UPDATE] August Activities!

*Updated 8/30*

All Servers
DDTank August Activities!

Check out this month's events before they're gone! You can participate in the following events!

Stepped Consumption-Venus Bracelet (unbound) (Aug.31 - Sept. 2)

During the event time, player who spend coins in game will receive certain rewards.

Accumulated consumption 1000-2999 coin will receive: Horn x1
Accumulated consumption 3000-4999 coin will receive: Random Card box x2
Accumulated consumption 5000-9999 coin will receive: Random Card box x4
Accumulated consumption 10000-29999 coin will receive: Venus Bracelet x2 (15 days,unbound)
Accumulated consumption 30000-49999 coin will receive: Venus Bracelet x6 (15 days,unbound)
Accumulated consumption 50000-99999 coin will receive: Venus Bracelet x10 (15 days,unbound)
Accumulated consumption above 100000 coin will receive: Venus Bracelet x22 (15 days,unbound)

1. The effective consumption means
- Player purchase item with coins in shop (include quick purchase in armory).
- Player trading is not included as effective consumption
- Player recharge without using is not counted as an effective consumption.
- Player donation counts as an effective consumption, but receiving player does not count as an effective consumption. For example, if A bought an item C for player B, item C's consumption is counted into Player A,and not counted in Player B. 2. Prizes are given according to the highest tier possible, prizes cannot be claimed repeatedly.
3、Items unless specified will be bound.
4. Prizes will be sent 3-5 working days after the event, please check game mail.


Buy One Get One free (August 31)
Double Exp event cannot go away with Happy Pack.

Buy one Happy Pack to get one limited edition Face - Strawberry Pie

Face - Strawberry Pie (15 days), Random Cardbox x1

*NOTE: Please buy 1 Happy Pack at a time to get the reward. Buy 2 or more at a time will only get you 1 reward.

Happy Battle-Double Exp&Glory (Aug.31 - Sept. 2)

Everybody wants to get stronger and level up faster! Here's something to help you!
During this event we will provide Double Exp for everyone, this is a great opportunity for you to grow stronger! Have fun and enjoy our special gift!

Double Exp (Note: Exp and Glory Card is still available, which means you can enjoy 4x Exp!)  

DDTank King's Bless (Aug.25 - Aug.26)

DDTank King welcome warriors to spend the weekend with him.
Log in DDTank to get amazing rewards.

Exp Pill Lv 3 x2, Random Card Box x2, Energy Stone Lv 3 x2, All Synthesis Stone Lv3 x2  

Chinese Valentines' Day
(August 22 - August 23)

The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl meets once every year at the Magpie bridge. During this romantic event, bring your other half into the wedding chapel to prove your love and win some prizes!

Simply complete a marriage to get good rewards!!

Romance Ring x1 (7days)
If You Are The One *1
First Love Feelings x1
Deep Love(new outfit, 7days)


Buy One Get One free Event
(August 25 - August 26)

For a limited time, you can buy one Mystic Card Box and get one Random Card Box for free!

It's easy! Buy Mystic Card Box, will gain you Random Card Box. That's it!  

Card Leveling Event
(August 23 - August 29)

Level up cards and get free gifts! Upgrade your cards now, DDTankers! During the event, upgrade any card to a certain level to receive nice rewards!

    1.Card must be leveled during the event. For example, if a card is already lv5 before the event starts, the previous upgrades will not count for the event.
    2.Prizes can be stacked if you level up the same card,example,if a player improve a level 4 card to level 10,he/she will gain the rewards for both lv5 and lv10;level 4 to 21,will receive lv5,10,15,20 rewards. with different names can also stack rewards,example,if a playerupgrades tribal warrior and eggshell chick card to level 5,they will get 2x of lv5 rewards.

Upgrading any card to level 1 and you'll receive : Energy stone lv3 x1,Junior drill x1
Upgrading any card to level 5 and you'll receive : Romance Ring x1,Junior drill x3
Upgrading any card to level 10 and you'll receive : Romance Ring x2,Junior drill x6
Upgrading any card to level 15 and you'll receive :Romance Ring+1 x1,Junior drill x12
Upgrading any card to level 20 and you'll receive :Romance Ring+1 x2,Junior drill x18
Upgrading any card to level 25 and you'll receive :Romance Ring+2 x1,Junior drill x36
Upgrading any card to level 30 and you'll receive :Romance Ring+2 x2,Junior drill x50

Rewards are bound and will be sent after card is successfully upgraded

Mysterious Card Box: Limited Sales
(August 23 - August 29)

Frustrated about weapon cards that you cannot obtain? This weekend, we are launching a sale on mysterious card boxes. Go get them now!

During the event, Mysterious Card Box will be available in shop. Open it to receive a random card, with a chance of getting a weapon card or major cards.  

A Legendary Weapon (Aug.17 - Aug.28)

Time to fight to get your mitts on something legendary! Participate in a Sports Fight and transform; after the transformation, you will receive Summer Fragments. Purchase 1 Summer Holy Stone to combine into a new weapon!

Collect 60 Summer Fragments and 1 Summer Holy Stone to create Mystic Water Gun!

Lucky Color Stones! (Aug.16 - Aug.22)

The Lucky Color Stone Event is back! See this post for more info!  


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22 Jan 2012
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PostedAug 04, 2012 1:50 am
cool advance operation .. too bad its only 2 days lucky i made +11 today



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09 Aug 2011
Aeria Games, CA United States
PostedAug 04, 2012 8:27 am
amylee6991 wrote:
cool advance operation .. too bad its only 2 days lucky i made +11 today  

You got this!


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16 Jun 2012
The Promised Land Australia
PostedAug 04, 2012 10:17 am
Now this is a good event. Thats what im talkin' about~

+12 Hat, right after my boss up there. =)

+8 aa now of whats left, keep givin me the luck. I will achieve all +12 ^0^



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25 May 2011
London, EU United Kingdom
PostedAug 08, 2012 3:09 am


[b] LOOOL Wada Boob ( WDF ) xd Hehe U Smelly {/b]

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