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17 Jan 2012
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Meh Own <3

My Own story, not fan-fic
kay u are probly aware I did a WT fan-fic a while back
well I'm back Very Happy just a different story
oh and sorry for the many posts in a row this is like an intro Razz
Hank Wayne: Weapon's specialist, ex-army
Jason Dredge: Muscly but soft inside
Morris Johnson: Shadow of his brother, has robot limbs
Alice Jacobson: Hardcore female computer nerd at Adonis
Sgt. Chris Rake: Sergeant of a squad at Adonis
Anna Wayne: Hank's sister, handles aliens, at Adonis
Pvt. Richard John Refer: Private of squad at Adonis
Cpl. Dwayne Tress: Corporal of squad at Adonis
Pvt. Janice Reeds: Private of squad at Adonis
Cpl.Robin Surname(Insert Surname Here): Yup that's me Smile not all of it is from my point of view though
Pvt.Tim Aaron: Had to have him from WT story ^.^
Marcus Debolt: Deputy of the science lab
John Stigson: Leader of the science lab, in charge of Adonis
Shall Update

Adonis: Dangerous Planet, lots of scum, has one giant fortress with Corporates living in it
Atlanta: The ship of the crew of Atlanta Razz
MP35: Machine-gun
Colt.25: Like Colt.45, just more powerful with 9 bullet round
Betty:The Tank belonging to the corps
Shall Update


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17 Jan 2012
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PostedAug 02, 2012 8:19 pm

Part 1

'Load the ship up quick, we get triple pay if get this one to Adonis!' shouted Scott.
'OK boss!' shouted Jason.
Jason and Morris loaded the big shining new metal boxes into the gray, dusty ancient ship called Atlanta.
'Hank! Grab a few rifles; We're going to Adonis!'
After loading everything they set the ship to auto-pilot, turned Krammer(An Android to wake them up) on, and put themselves in Cryonic Storage.

The freezing cold beds opened up one at a time, with a ten minute delay so they could each warm up.
END of Part 1.
Sorry for it being slower, Part 2 will bring in the aliens kay peeps ^.^


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17 Jan 2012
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PostedAug 03, 2012 6:41 pm
After Robin had done his chin-ups, he grabbed his MP-35 and grabbed his armor, stacking it on as quick as possible.
"Stigson wishes us to capture one of his vicious aliens, Aim for the head, Use Electric Bullets! AM I UNDERSTOOD?!" roared Sgt. Chris.
"Yes sir!" shouted all the troopers.
"Be more careful than last time, last time Johnson and Quazerta-Bin-Uternata died by the hands of these bugs! UNDERSTOOD?!" screamed the Sgt.
"Yes sir!"
"Now move out!"

Stigson was looking at his many screens, showing every inch of the fortress, the Dragoons lair(Alien lair), and also had bugs on his marines.
"Boss?" asked Marcus.
"What!?" snapped Stigson, in the middle of looking at the Dragoon lair.
"We need to make sure that the tame Dragoon's do get their dose you know."
"Oh that. Run along now and inject them."

Marcus grabbed the computer's controls and sent the 'Safety-First Edition-3104' into LAB-347, aka where the tame Dragoons lived.
He had always hated doing this; The Dragoons scared the wits out of him.
The robot paced forwards, looking around, detecting the heat coming off the aliens.
Wham! A Dragoon leaped at the robot, hitting it with lots of force.
After having a pant incident, Marcus turned the robot left and sprayed the Dragoon with syringes. They turned the Dragoons tame, for a while at least.
Marcus did a 180 and saw the other Dragoon and shot it too.

"Let us see the progress," whispered Stigson.
"One of you shall be picked to go into the Dragoon Lab, any volunteers? First Come, First Serve, then you get a lift off this Hard-hole.
A man in an orange jumpsuit came in, followed by some more.
"Tut tut, like I said, first come first served..."
"Guards! Put the other scientists back in their cells."
The man in the green jacket went forward and pointed his Colt.25 at some of the scientists, they put their hands up and left the room.
"That leaves... You!"
"Who me?" asked the sloppy eyed scientist.
"Yes! Go to LAB-347, use the security code 3 to open the door."

Jacob, the scientist chose for the mission, walked down the hall-ways, and looked at the Labs. LAB-348, LAB-349, LAB-350, then turned around.
Opening the door, a smell of gone off eggs and sulfur hit his nose, making him gag. He slowly walked forwards, then saw a Dragoon.

"Useless. The stupid creature had a heart attack as he saw the Dragoon."
He looked back at his camera and saw the Dragoons mauling his body, ripping pieces off it.

"MARCUS!" screamed Marcus's earpiece.
"What?!" shuddered Marcus.

End of Pt.2

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