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08 Dec 2009
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PostedFeb 17, 2013 9:06 am
[GS]Ghost wrote:
This is dedicated to our awesome wolfteam community and to advise everyone to understand a very important key element that should be considered before posting. This key element that I am referring to is "Power Posting". Under "Abuse" in our Rules and Volunteers clearly says that "Power-posting, spamming, excessive bumping and flaming is not allowed". But what exactly is "Power Posting"?


Power-posting is best described as posting empty and worthless messages. Examples of power-posting include, but are not limited to, replying with '+1', 'lol', 'me too', 'I agree'..

If we go across the forums, we notice that there are threads that have at least one of these replies (Hence power-posting). We who already know the forums well should serve as examples for those who are just new to the forums. When posting or replying to messages, make sure we have something to say. These empty posts clutter up threads and discussion, invalidates the 'Show New Posts' function, and wastes bandwidth and server space.

Threads or posts that degenerate into a series of '+1/-1' or 'me too/I agree/I disagree' with no content should be locked or deleted by a Forums moderator. People may have two reasons to do this: to increase their post count meaninglessly, or to lend support to an idea (as if it were a vote).  
Thestaar, stop your power posting rampage.

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