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29 Mar 2010
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PostedJul 31, 2012 1:47 pm

Maintenance on December 13th

NFS World will be down for maintenance on December 13th

Duration:5 hours
Start: 1:00 PM PST to 6:00 PM

New Features:
- Two new open-class drag events have been added to the game and will be available for daily play (“Skirmish” and “Loop”)
- A new feature called “Race Again” has been added to the Post-race flow. Players can now repeatedly race against the same group of opponents without returning to Free Roam by going through the post-race flow within a specified amount of time.
- Players can now earn Rep and reach Level 60! One free car slot will be unlocked at Level 60 and added to the player’s garage
- Extrapolation improvements have been made to give a more accurate representation of a player’s position and driving behavior during a race or in Free Roam
- New 4-Star Skill Mods have been released! These Skill Mods have the highest range of skill effects in the game, and can be either won from the Lucky Draw or from purchasing various Skill Packs, including the existing Race Skill Pack
- Winter is here! Festive decorations are now visible around the world, including a winter wonderland which can be found at the Forest Green Country Club at the upper right corner of the world
- The Koenigsegg CCXR Edition car has been added to the game and will be available for purchase from the Car Dealer
- New bodykits and hoods have been added to the Aftermarket Shop for various cars

Bug Fixes/Changes:
- Rep and Cash Rewards for Class restricted events have been increased by 20%
- A number of square glyphs appearing throughout text in-game have been fixed
- Fixed an issue where the game would lock when using the social gadget in the post-race screen
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