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Sapphire Guild List

For your guild list needs!

Greetings people of

What a huge server! With all the guilds merging together and's really hard to keep track of guild advertising in World Chat, Peer Chat, and Zone Chat. Though it seems the guild forum is rarely used, this may provide useful to who is recruiting and what guilds currently exist.
I plan to update this thread on a regular basis with an alphabetical list of guilds and, maybe, if this thread becomes popular enough to use, I will gladly start to add if a guild is recruiting or not. For now, here are the rules and guidelines to posting in this thread.

1.Fill out the form located below.
2.Once filled out, please post the form in this thread-- with the format below. I will provide an example.
3.Your guild will be posted in a list, alphabetical order, with the link to your form in this thread.
4.Please refrain from flaming other guilds or using “famous players” as an incentive to join your guild.
5.Though may be a little harder to enforce, I ask that only the guild “forms” be entered into this thread and no talking, fighting, etc.
6.Please, please, please follow the ToS in this thread! A simplified version of the ToS can be found here.
7.If you have questions or want to erase your form from the guild list, feel free to PM me via Aeria Games.

Guild Name: AlpacaMacka
Guild Level: 2
Guild Expectations: Be friendly and Active!
Recruiting?: Always!
Requirements to Join: Level 20+
Guild Leader: Mr.Alpaca
Who to Contact about Joining: Mrs.Alpaca
What your Guild is Focused on: Friendship and grassland!
Accomplishments as a Guild: Lots of events!
Short Description of your Guild's Atmosphere: Friendly, grassy, graze-y, laughy!
Guild Website: www.alpacapacapacapacapaca.derp
Guild Aeria Post: DERP! <3


Guild Name: What is your name in-game?
Guild Level: What is your guild level?
Guild Expectations: What do you expect from members?
Recruiting?: Are you taking new members?
Requirements to Join: Level? Active? Fame? Is there an application?
Guild Leader: The head-honcho!
Who to Contact about Joining: Whisper someone in-game? PM someone?
What your Guild is Focused on: Territory War? Quests? Fame?
Accomplishments as a Guild: Have you already accomplished something? A Town? Own a few territories? Etc.
Short Description of your Guild's Atmosphere: What kind of people are in your guild? Are they loud, quiet, sociable, older, younger?
Guild Website: If you have a guild website...
Guild Aeria Post: If you have a thread post in the guild sub-forum!

I hope this helps people out! <3

[Filipinas] - Recruiting!
Alitheia - Recruiting!
Angel_Beats - Recruiting!
Crystal Memory - Recruiting!
D12 - Recruiting!
Deity - Recruiting!
Forever_United - Recruiting!
Heroes_of_Eden - Recruiting!
Imminent - Recruiting!
iNoob - Recruiting!
InverseOfLight - Recruiting!
KamiKaze - Recruiting!
NoirCircle - Recruiting!
Nosferatu - Recruiting!
Pandaland - Recruiting!
Psychoity - Recruiting!
Royalty - Recruiting!
Sacred - Recruiting!
SirSquish - Recruiting!


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Keep it moving, nothing to see here o-o


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Lv6 with forums and a raidcall
Guild Name: InverseOfLight
Guild Level: 6
Guild Expectations: To be active, courteous, and involving yourself in guild chat and activities.
Recruiting?: At all times.
Requirements to Join: Must be active, and be able to follow basic directions during dungeon time.
Guild Leader: [GS]Xysticion
Who to Contact about Joining: [GS]Xysticion, Faralumis, Kayla400, Leorise
What your Guild is Focused on: A bond between our members; a family-like atmosphere.
Accomplishments as a Guild: Self-motivation, sense of unity, tons of helpful FAQs on guild's forums (though all of it is viewable only to guild members)
Short Description of your Guild's Atmosphere: Crazy, amusing, enjoyable, unified
Guild Website: N/A (no point in linking it since those who view it without member approval will see a blank page anyway)
Guild Aeria Post:


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Guild Name: Crystal Memory
Guild Level: 4
Guild Expectations: Friendly, Respectful, Mature and who just like to have fun!
Recruiting?: Yes
Requirements to Join: Be as active as much as you can. Donate fame and gold when necessary. No level requirements. And respect other members as well as non-guildies.
Guild Leader: EternalStar
Who to Contact about Joining: Jadechan, KeiKei, EternalStar, Rhem, Fizzbang
What your Guild is Focused on: Socializing with one another. We do Trial Runs and TW's once in awhile. And we like to poke fun at each other!
Accomplishments as a Guild: We have a guild town and we're close to upgrading to lv5. We need as many members to help our guild grow!
Short Description of your Guild's Atmosphere: Some of our members are weird but like to mess around with each other. Most of us are family-oriented and like to socialize with one another. And we love to hangout and do some guild events when we can!
Guild Website: Will get the link once recruited in to our guild.
Guild Aeria Post:


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Guild Name: Deity
Guild Level: 8
Guild Expectations: To be friendly, active and willing to participate in Territory Wars and Guild Events!
Recruiting?: Yes!
Requirements to Join: Level: 63*+, Ventrilo is recommended but optional
Guild Leader: StolenLove
Who to Contact about Joining: StolenLove, Viciony; Lostie, Resentful, DotKon, Res, Elly, moimoi, Xaioli
What your Guild is Focused on: Territory Wars, socializing with one another and keeping a fun and friendly environment!
Accomplishments as a Guild: We have two guildtowns at Level 7, giving our members access to anything they need from commissions to crafting! We were also one of the "top" guilds on Aquamarine when it came to Territory Wars.
Short Description of your Guild's Atmosphere: Deity has a very diverse playerbase with players all around the world. The age range of our players varies from 13 to 40! Our guild chat and Ventrilo is always cheerful and we are always looking to add players into our family!
Guild Website:
Guild Aeria Post:

* - Although we almost always stay true to our rules and beliefs, we are always willing to give players that show promise a chance. If you are not 63 but feel like you could be a part of our amazing community, please go ahead and PM an officer!


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Guild Name: iNoob
Guild Level: 8
Guild Expectations: Members should be active, considerate and loyal. Humor is a definite plus while still maintaining a respectable attitude towards others. New members are encouraged to speak up and just join in on the fun~
Recruiting?: Yes
Requirements to Join: Active, Level 60+
Guild Leader: Flipsie and Taeko
Who to Contact about Joining: The leaders ^; Hotarunix, SirAurion
What your Guild is Focused on: Having fun while bettering ourselves in game and making friends. We are also active in Territory Wars & Guild vs Guild.
Accomplishments as a Guild: Have had consistent growth since starting the guild with the same leaders. Ranked amongst the top.
Short Description of your Guild's Atmosphere: Guild's atmosphere is fun, silly, mostly casual/sometimes serious. Chat can also get a bit CRAZY and troll infested. We are multicultural and have members of many ages (average in the 20s).
Guild Website: Our [closed] Facebook Group
Guild Aeria Post:


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Guild Name: Nosferatu
Guild Level: 5
Guild Expectations: We expect a certain level of activity. Members must be on at least once in two weeks. We also expect members to be respectful to each other.
Recruiting?: Very limited space.
Requirements to Join: No requirements as of now.
Guild Leader: Minippo
Who to Contact about Joining: Either post in the thread, or whisper ToxicElixir, Minippo, Lagavulin, Asan7 or Shailie
What your Guild is Focused on: We're focusing on helping our players grow and helping them improve within the game. We do lots of trial runs to help our members become more experienced.
Accomplishments as a Guild: We have a town, and we've also gotten number 8 on the guild rankings.
Short Description of your Guild's Atmosphere: Our guild is extremely active, with around 10+ members on at any time, and 30+ in peek hours. We're multicultural, and our guild has people aged 15+, all the way to the 30's.
Guild Website: here
Guild Aeria Post: Nosferatu guild ad


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Guild Name: Imminent
Guild Level: 7
Guild Expectations: We want our members to be self-sufficient and willing to contribute to the guild through TW participation, merchant farming, etc. We also expect our members to respect one another.
Recruiting?: Yessir!
Requirements to Join: The level requirement is 65. We're very active and we have no fame requirement. There's an application process, whisper Seru/Isendril for more information.
Guild Leader: Isendril
Who to Contact about Joining: Isendril, Seru
What your Guild is Focused on: Territory Wars, and continually improving ourselves for end-game content.
Accomplishments as a Guild: I would say that we're a level 7 guild, that started with a mere 20 people, that has grown and proven themselves to be one of the "top" guilds in Territory Wars.
Short Description of your Guild's Atmosphere: Our guild members range from quiet to loud and outspoken, young and old, most of us are very outgoing and have great senses of humour. But the one thing that all our members have in common is that they're experienced and all have the common goal to improve and get stronger.
Guild Website:
Guild Aeria Post:

Sapphire - Merrelle - Autobots


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[Memorial] [Level 6 Almost 7]

looking for that special someone :3
Guild Name: SirSquish
Guild Level: 6 (Almost 7!!)
Guild Expectations: To help each other grow to be something more awesome with every day that goes by. We expect people to be mature and try there best to be as active as possible. We expect members to speak in English in guild chat but anyone is welcome!
Recruiting?: Always
Requirements to Join: To be active, friendly and wanting to belong to a family =)
Guild Leader: SirSquish
Who to Contact about Joining: You may contact any of the following: SirSquish, Obi1, AmethystDemon, Furuderika, AngelEyes3211, AJLight, YuuichiXP, oONekaneOo or LilSquish =)
What your Guild is Focused on: The guild is focused on being the best we can be together as a whole. We do a bit of everything, TW/Dungeons/Trials (of all levels). Mainly.. a chilled evironment where you can unwind =)
Accomplishments as a Guild: As a guild, we have done all trials, have gained a few Territories (Before the Merge QQ), done ALL the world bosses, do a lot of events and finally a Town.
Short Description of your Guild's Atmosphere: We are a family oriented Guild, we can be loud, quiet, chilled, but most of all, we are there for each other =)
Guild Website:
Guild Aeria Post:

[Memorial] recruiting status : Active. SirSquish - Sapphire Server


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