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[Sneak Peak] Lv75 content - Destruction and Eternity

Ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny!
      • The lv75 content was applied to FNO on 8/22
      • This has not been released in the AGE version Eden Eternal when the sneak peek was written.
      • Source can be found here and here
      • Aeria Games retains the rights to names, locations, items, ect and can edit content to be better suited for the player base
      • Translations are done by me. Upon release Aeria may choose to localize things into something else

The long awaited lv75 content “Destruction and Eternity” will be arriving soon!
Other than the level cap being raised to lv75, the symbol of light, the Eternal Children, and the symbol of darkness, the Destruction Children, will begin their war! Shatter your definition of evil and explore the truth of human nature; the so called destruction is not the end, but just the beginning of another eternity!

On the Central Continent, the Toledo Empire has always appeared as a cruel and barbarous. However, recently while an Eternal Child went into the Toledo Empire, in the midst of all the conflict, many contradictions were found. The Eternal Children have to help the forces of good inside Toledo Empire towards their efforts of creating peace throughout the Central Continent.

However, while furthering their understanding of the Toledo Empire, the Eternal Children learn that the oncoming plight of the Toledo Empire is actually the Eternal Children’s greatest rivals, the Destruction Children. The Destruction Children have been using the various chaos around the land turn the focus away from themselves while slowly building up an army within the Toledo Empire in order to establish their own “Destruction Eden”.

The borders of Toledo Empire will become a battlefield and thus the war between the Eternal Children and the Destruction children will begin.

^The territories of Toledo Empire are marked in red. The 3 are named Convection Valley, Dawn Plateau, and Destruction Eden.

[Disturbance in Convection Valley]
A crisis begins with the restlessness of the wild creatures…

“Convection Valley” is very important and also Toledo Empire’s first territory. Not only will flying through Convection Valley can one quickly arrive at the Toledo Castle City, but it has been said that Convection Valley houses Toledo Empire’s covert military experiments. There are many important passes in Convection Valley and they are always guarded by the Empire’s elite military.

Convection Valley was not spared from the recent mutation of creatures and going wild around the lands. It is currently chaos in Convection Valley; strange commotions have been happening within the Toledo Empire’s soldiers, foul miasmas drifting around, and frightening experiments taking place…

^The airships can take you quickly to Toledo Castle City

The Toledo Empire that is known to be cruel is now facing a major crisis! Located in “Dawn Plateau” is the “Toledo Empire City”, which its originally fertile lands became subjected to the terrifying power of destruction and eroded away, becoming part of what people call “Destruction Eden”. The Toledo Empire sent out its troops to collect resources and build fortifications and magic tools in attempt to stop the Destruction Eden from spreading any further.

Along with the influx of hostile mutant creatures, within the recruited soldiers, there are a number among them instigating unrest and mutiny. In order to prevent the expansion of the Destruction Eden, the Imperial Army has been exhausted, internally, the citizens of the city have become uneasy and suspicion of each other begins to fester. Taking this opportunity, the monsters close in and surround the city! The Toledo Empire that boasts of its strength has now fallen under the hood of darkness and is gradually falling…

^The betrayers release the science mutated monsters that go about infecting all the land and becomes violent.

[Power of Destruction]
Destruction Eden used to be Toledo’s most fertile land. After the shifting of the tectonic plates, deep and wide faults were created thus separating Destruction Eden from Dawn Plateau.

Within a crack in the ground, the Destruction Children discovered a rich vein of red crystal in Destruction Eden. Using the crystal’s destructive power, the Destruction Children violate the laws of nature and rip open a hole in space-time thus resulting in the warping of the world and mutation of creatures. Now the land has become inhabitable and the people have all drifted away.

While the Toledo Empire sent an army to investigate Destruction Eden, to attempt to rescue the residents who were left there and to locate the source of destructive power, they encountered a terrifying monster blocking their path! Along with the empire facing ferocious mutated monsters from every direction, the army was unable to receive any backup. They were faced with two difficult dilemmas.

If unable to stop the destructive power eroding away the land, in the near future, the Toledo Empire will become the stronghold of the Destruction Children and countless lives will be subjected to merciless fires and an encompassing darkness filled with only blood and tears. In this situation, even the proud people of Toledo have no option but turn to others for help; waiting for the legendary Eternal Children to fight against the Destructive Children and save their country.

^The fault that separates Destruction Eden and Dawn Plateau

From the reports of the Toledo vanguard group, there is a giant magic barrier located in Destruction Eden! If you can head towards the location of the barrier, maybe you can find a way to resolve this dilemma…

On the 8/22 patch, other than the new maps, Freedom Island PVP map, Brande Tile System, lv75 race skills, sage and dragoon glyphs, a few new things are also being implemented.
2 battle grounds - Iron Spike Facility and Destruction Dimension
Players can enter the battlegrounds to partake in a large scale war against ferocious monsters and gain "Merit Points" to obtain powerful treasures.
Class Secret Skills
In addition to unlocking skills as players level up, classes have a lost secret skill that will be implemented with the new patch. Learning the secret skill will require numerous efforts by players.
Advance Certificates
New class certificates will be released and the ability from having a 4 certificate combination will be increased.

^Iron Spike Facililty

^Destruction Dimension


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New Areas
Convection Valley (lv69-71)
Located between two mountains is a warm little valley. Although near a volcano, the valley is not affected by volcanic eruptions. Instead, a unique autumn scenery is created. The warm air and soil creates an environment for the plants to growly lushly.
The area is famous for its rainbow hot springs. The microorganisms in the water cause various colors to occur. With the hot spring water gushing from the ground, the area is surrounded by a thick white mist that always lingers.
The Toledo Army is stationed here as it is the junction between the two countries. Not far off on the top of a mountain is an army base and in the depths of the area is a tall watchtower said to be conducting unknown secret experiments.

Dawn Plateau (lv71-73)
An endless plain filled with reed-like yellow and white plants. While windmills and watermills are still standing, the farm is deserted. Not far, impregnable walls can be seen, shielding the land from outside gunfire.
Large faults were created towards the southern part of the city. With the collapse and erosion, a unique honeycomb landscape was created. The Toledo Empire has set up defensive barricades by the fault to block the invasion of monsters.
To the left of the fault is the enemy’s makeshift worksite. Other than a rail to transport various raw materials, in the back there are placed various advanced weapons, filling the air with a tense atmosphere.

Destruction Eden (lv73-75)
Originally part of the Toledo Empire, due to the shifting of the tectonic plates, the empire split into two. At the southernmost depths of the crystal stairs in the ancient ruins, the Destruction Children have ripped open a hole in the dimension, causing space to distort and destroying the beautiful scenery.
Under a dark purple sky, the otherworldly creatures run rampant. The Hurd town is deserted with only giant vines clinging to dilapidated buildings. The evil temple not far off continuously has miasma wafting out.
Everywhere else in the world has blue skies and pure land, Destruction Eden creates a stark contrast with the outside world; like a small infant enveloped, sleeping within.


New Dungeons
Uncharted Path (5man, lv69-71)
Located in Convection Valley’s crevices is a secret cave, unspoiled by people. With towering mountains, the dazzling light strikes across making it hard to look directly at. Giant vines act like a winding road to point to a beautiful stalactite cave.
Within the depths, a giant library wall that has collapsed and rancid mud prints cover various ancient books. The incomprehensible runes may tell the truth of the unknown evil.

Opening the heavy doors, a golden light seeps in to reveal a pure white spiral stairs that emit a strong noble aura. The rays of light expose an unknown chamber filled with secrets. While vast, the place has a heavy oppressive atmosphere.

Rose Manor (5man, lv71-73)
The Toledo Chief Minister’s residence is very luxurious. Known as Toledo’s most famous residential area, many nobles have followed suit to create their own extravagant atmosphere.
In the entire house, the gem and architecture that is said to be of the greatest envy is the treasure of the Apostolic Library that houses an immeasurable collection of books. Many thieves have tried to sneak in but under the strict security, they have become prisoners.
Rumors say that the Toledo Minister has a hidden room in the deepest part of the library filled with huge secrets. If the rumor is real or not, no one knows.

Evil Temple (5man, lv73-75)
Located in the center of Destruction Eden is the Evil Temple. At the entrance stand giant ruins covered with bright red flowers, showing a dangerous visage.
The inside of the ruins are old and mysterious but time has not been able to cover up the stench of death upon the altar in front of a statue. The ominous magic lingering feels like it is about to steal another life, as if taking another step will require a high price.
While the temple has stood for a long time, the fear that occupies in people’s hearts has not abated. There are many different legends regarding the ruins, but no matter which, the legends add on another layer of mystery.


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Brande Tile
Have various items in your inventory that you can’t bring yourself to sell but keeping around is just creating clutter? The new Brande Tile system lets all items in your inventory have a value. How do you use this mysterious tile system? Let’s have a look.

Mysterious Brande Tile has 4 Main Functions
Dismantle: Dismantling equipment or items into various materials
Re-identify: Rerolls the prefix and bonus stats on equipment
Fusion Upgrade: Fusing multiple equipment to create a higher quality equipment
Fashion Transform: Fusing multiple fashion items to create a higher quality fashion item.

When using the various functions of the Brande Tile, special materials are often needed. To obtain these materials, players can dismantle the various items that are not needed.

^Unneeded equipment can be dismantled into materials needed for other functions. Doesn't this follow the concept of renewable resources?

The various drops often have random bonus effects that are not the best for the player. Found a piece of heavy armor with +INT? No one would even buy it! With the re-identification function, players can reroll the stats on a piece of equipment to create something more suitable.

^What will the equipment be like after re-identifying it? I can't wait to see!

Fusion Upgrade
Wanting to obtain a blue, or purple equipment drop is something that takes a long time and a lot of work. With the fusion upgrade, players can use multiple lower grade equipment to fuse into a higher grade equipment; giving players another option than hoping on the drop rate while farming monsters!

^Try your luck after pressing the Start button!

Fashion Transform
The fashion transform function is Brande Tile’s most notable function, enabling players to obtain high quality fashion items. Players can use multiple white grade fashion items to obtain a green grade fashion item, or even use green grade fashion items to obtain a blue grade fashion item. Not only can one use old items to obtain something new, but it also lets one obtain retired or valuable fashion items!

^Using the Fashion Transform function, you can obtain retired items!

SPECIAL RULES - read these so you don't screw up!
    1. Original item will not disappear
    After confirming the items needed for fusion or transforming, the success rate can be seen on the window. If failed, only the materials listed in the “consumed materials” (2nd, 3rd, and 4th columns of the lower half of the window) will disappear. The original item will not disappear so do not worry about failing and losing your item.
    2. Equipment unbound state
    If any equipment used for fusion is unbound, the resulting item created from the fusion will also be unbound. The equipment will only be bound if all equipment used in the fusion were already bound. However, the created item from fusion will not retain any fortification, sockets, or enchantments. It is best to use items without any sort of enhancements for fusion.
    3. More mysterious recipes waiting to be discovered
    Other than the already known fusion and transformation formulas, players can put in various items to discover special mysterious formulas. These mysterious formulas not only include highly useful equipment and consumables but there are also fun appearance transformation objects and more. How to discover these treasures? That would be up to the players to find out!


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Pet Advancement

After various testing, the R&D team of FNO has now created a new “Pet System” to bring players a new gaming experience. Hurry and come see what new functions the pets have and how they can benefit you!

Pet Level System
From now on, all pets start out at lv1. Players can defeat monsters within 5 levels of themselves to gain exp for their battle and prayer pets. As the pets level up, the 4 stats that each pet has will increase and grow stronger. Let us train our beloved pets step by step to be our partners in battle!
Attack Growth: affects pets’ physical and magic attack
Accuracy Growth: affects pets’ accuracy
Critical Growth: affects pets’ physical and magic critical chance
Speed Growth: affects pets’ attack speed.

Pet Durability Increase
The durability loss as the pet is in use has now been greatly reduced in order to reduce the time and money of needed from players to feed their pets. Subsequently, pets’ “Durability” will now be renamed “Vitality”.

Pet Prayer System
Originally when summoning pets, players will gain the pet’s bonus effect, now that is done through the “Prayer” system. Now, while players can summon a pet to battle, at the same time, the player can also command another pet to go into prayer mode to help out, without level restrictions! The combination is now even more diversified and now you don’t have to mind about the difference between the pet and its ability!
White Grade Pets: Battle capabilities
Green Grade Pets: Battle capabilities and prayer capabilities (1 battle skill and 1 prayer effect)
Blue Grade Pets: Battle capabilities and prayer capabilities (2 battle skills and 2 prayer effects)

New Items to Let Your Pets Go On Adventures
The Eternal Coin Shop will offer “Pet Leveling Snack”. When used, the pet’s level will be raised to be the same as the player, highest it can go is lv75.
Honor Star Shop now has a new pet category. Players can use their Honor Stars to buy various non-tradeable white, green, and even blue pets from pet chests.
Pet weapon equipment: the legion chests from various areas now have a chance to give a “Pet Toy Box”. Weapons and collars come from the toy boxes letting you increase your pet’s firepower!

Pet Advancement System
Once the pet reaches lv40, it can be fused. After fusion, the pet will retain its skills and abilities, letting your pet to become even stronger. A strong pet is no longer a dream!

    Advancement Conditions
      (1) Number restriction: The player needs to have 2 pets, one main pet that will advance and one sub pet that will assist in the advancement
      (2) Level restriction: Only lv40 and above pets can take part in the advancement
      (3) Star level restriction: The main pet must have the same number of stars as the sub pet. A 0 star pet cannot and a 1 star pet cannot advance.
    Advancement Effect:
      (1) Sub pet disappear: After advancement, the sub pet will disappear.
      (2) Main pet star level increases: After advancement, the pet will gain 1 star. Currently the highest star level is 2. The star level is displayed on the pet window’s Pet Info area.
      (3) Grade maintains: Color grade of pet does not change
      (4) Level resets: The main pet’s level returns to 1, various stats also return to 1.
      (5) Growth Paths: Pets have 4 different battle stats “attack”, “accuracy”, “critical”, and “speed”; different growth paths will decide how the stats increase upon leveling. After advancement, the growth of the pet will be increased; the color grade of the sub pet will determine how many times the growth stat will be increased, and the stat increased is randomly chosen among the 4 stats.
        White pet: randomly increases the main pet’s growth 1 time.
        Green pet: randomly increases the main pet’s growth 2 times.
        Blue pet: randomly increases the main pet’s growth 3 times.
        *Example: A blue pet has the growth stats of “Attack C, Accuracy C, Critical D, Speed D+”. Using another blue pet as the sub for advancement, there will be 3 increases. As the increases are random, if it is evenly distributed, the main blue pet may become “Attack C+, Accuracy C+, Critical D, Speed C”. However, it is also possible for it all to go into attack and thus the it would look like “Attack B+, Accuracy C, Critical D, Speed D+”.
      (6) Skill change: The battle and prayer skills of the main and sub pet will be pooled together and then randomly chosen out of them for the new pet’s skill.
      Note: A pet cannot have 2 of the same skill.

On the pet window there is now a “Seal” option. Players can seal the pet and put it into their archives. After sealing, the pet’s level and exp will remain and will not revert to lv1. If the pet is a higher level than the player, the system will adjust the pet and stats to match the level of the player.
*Example: A lv70 player transfers the pet to his/her lv30 character via the archive. Upon releasing the seal, the pet will be reduced to lv30. When the player has reached lv31, the pet will unlock lv31.


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Reserved for future comment of awesomeness



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Very intrigued to hear and see more about these "Destruction Children". Does this mean our next level cap will go straight to 75, not 70?


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Soalai wrote:
Very intrigued to hear and see more about these "Destruction Children". Does this mean our next level cap will go straight to 75, not 70?  

Nope. This is content from the FNO version of Eden Eternal. They are far ahead of us in terms of updates and have already had the 70 cap for several months. So we will be getting the 70 cap raise as normal, and then this update of Destruction Children will be coming many many months down the road for us.

Koager just posts the updates from FNO here so we can see whats in the pipeline without having to translate them ourselves.

Interesting. I wonder if they are going to eventually follow the style of other MMO's and make it so after you do a certain "Destruction Children" quest you unlock one [or some] of their races. Also, ill be interested to see what classes 75 will be bringing.


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.__. Lvl 75...*murmurs unintelligibly about all the new gear she'll have to gather when the times comes*...

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So Taiwan got 75 after 7 months of 70, I wonder how long until we get 75 after 70...


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Well now my interest got piqued again ovo can't wait to see the other content, this is starting to get interesting Very Happy and regarding a couple threads back, this means they'll have lvl 75 awakened weapons released soon too, no?

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