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05 Nov 2007
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PostedJul 25, 2012 6:07 pm

Trade: Looking for water-based monsters for trade

I have the following available for trade:

Inferno Dragon (R) x2


Fairy Dragon (R) 2x

Note: Willing to toss in all four if the offer is right.

I also have the following additional creatures that I'd only be willing to trade individually so feel free to make offers:

Inferno Dragon (R) lvl.9 x1

Fury Wyvern (R) lvl.7 x1

Unicolt +(N+) lvl. 6 x1

Minerva +(N+) lvl.1 x1

Looking for the following:

Reginleiv (R) x2

If this is not an option I'm mainly looking for a Water-based monster, rarity level of R, that can replace the Eos (R) that I'm currently using. I'd offer other suggestions but without any kind of, well, Monster Manual I only know of those Monsters I've encountered with none of them really being greater than N level. >.>;

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