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11 Aug 2012
Roma Italy
PostedSep 10, 2012 7:19 pm
erm, Quick question.. Did you guys forgot about the alliance rewards or you are still processing the rewards?

PS: I do know that the rewards are PLENTY since every member should get at least 1 reward and so on.. but.. Still had to ask :3

Best Regards, Eowyn s7


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11 Jul 2012
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PostedSep 28, 2012 2:24 pm

Re: [Processing] Call of Gods New Server 7 Events!!

Are you ready for it?
Amugi wrote:

**These events are for Server 7 only**

Invade the newest server of Call of Gods and construct your own empire from the ground up! Immortalize your name through your deeds and skill!

Arrived Date: Monday, August 6th at 19:00 PDT

Launching Events :

Golden Summoner:
Add ANY amount of Gold in the brand new server 7 to receive a special Summoner's Pack,

This event is not repeatable.
3 x Summoning Horns to give a chance to get better heroes
1 x Golden Key
1 x Silver Key to unlock chests containing powerful equipment!

Orange Fever:
This event is not repeatable.
Orange heroes are very strong heroes! Their stellar stats give you the winning edge you need to compete in the Arena and plunder your neighbors' Castles. Buy Gold for a FREE chance to summon an Orange hero! When you add 100 Gold to your account (accumulative), you'll receive a Book of Astrology worth 50 Gold for FREE!

Dungeon Master:
Dungeon crawl for free skillbooks - if your heroes can survive long enough! Complete Dungeon Goals in the Dungeon, and you'll AUTOMATICALLY receive free Skillbooks for your heroes!

Arena Champions (Ended):
For two weeks, battle each other in the Arena for epic stature and victory!
This event ended on: August 20th 23:59 PDT

1st Player: 10 Dungeon Keys + 10 Silver Keys + 100 coupons
2nd Player: 7 Dungeon Keys + 7 Silver Keys + 70 coupons
3rd Player: 5 Dungeon Keys + 5 Silver Keys + 50 coupons
4th Player: 3 Dungeon Keys + 3 Silver Keys + 30 coupons
5th Player: 2 Dungeon Keys + 2 Silver Keys + 20 coupons
6th – 10th players: 1 Dungeon Keys + 1 Silver Keys + 10 coupons

The event is over! Thanks everyone for participating!
The winner of the Arena: Lucifer! Congratulations!

Here's the final lineup:

King of Players:
Players will have three weeks to promote their levels, and after 3 weeks, the top 50 players will receive epic prizes!

The top ten players on the rank list when the event time is over will receive a mystical prize. The top player will be the “King” in Call of Gods. Finish quest, explore dungeons and any other ways will help you add experience so quickly. Try your best to defeat other players! The rank list will be arranged by players’ current experience.

Top player: 1 Gold medal(7 days) + 85 potential red hero card + lv 60 Harmony Suit Pack

2nd — 5th players: 1 Silver medal(7days) + 70 potential orange hero card + Wicked Torrent Suit Pack
6th — 10th players: 1 Bronze medal(7 days) + 60 potential orange hero card + Wicked Frenetic Suit Pack
11th — 50th players: 100 coupons + 3 Dungeon Keys

The event is over! Thanks everyone for participating!

Here's the final lineup:

Legions Champion Cup:
In 4 weeks, the top 5 alliances on the rank list will receive unprecedented richness.
Players can finish alliance quests and contribute materials to expand their alliance. Choose your partners to build a powerful alliance and win the rewards.

Ending Date: September 3rd 23:59 PDT
Click HERE to see what time it is in PDT!

1st alliance: 10 alliance chests
2nd alliance: 6 alliance chests
3rd alliance: 4 alliance chests
4th alliance: 2 alliance chests
5th alliance: 1 alliance chests

All players in the top 5 alliance will get 1 Astrology + 1 Sliver Card + 1 Dungeon Key

Alliance chest: level 70 weapon + 10 Astrology + 5 Sliver Card + 5 Dungeon Key + 10 Golden Key + 20 Troop Supply Card

Additional Info:
1) Rank will be arranged by alliance’s construction.
2) How to receive the reward?
We will directly send the reward to the leaders of the top 5 alliances as a gift codes to COG mailbox and the leaders have the right to allocate rewards to their members.
After you receive the codes from your leader, you can log into the game and get your reward from your race Helper.
3) How to use the gift codes?
Please click the link
[Note] A player can claim one chest only.  
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