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[Sticky] General Help FAQ

All new and regular players read please
This will be updated as needed.

Star Supremacy Game Guides and Help

SS wiki needing to be updated

Basic Star Supremacy Guide

Q&A posted in the link below:

To ask questions about the game, resources, game mechanics, and so forth that will be updated regularly as possible by Aeol, myself, and others go to the following:

Game Feedback, event ideas & suggestions, Game suggestions, more:

Give your ideas at

For bugs:

Report at

Aeria support Issues

Cyberstalking Facts & Guide to Handle It

Issues with payment or AP

For game violations:

Rules listed at

Post Unreasonable Violations of the rules at

What to do if you're hacked

TOS as Narrated and simplified by GS Sai

If you are banned for some odd reason

Basic answers to questions

How to take a screen shot and post it

Browser Related Issues

For flashplayer related issues <<my fix, but be sure it installs to all browsers. <<another fix

How do I clear my cache, cookies, and browser history?

How do I clear my Java and/or Adobe Flash Player Cache?

1. If a game is lagging or not loading for you, how to check your isp speed

2. If a game is lagging or not loading for you, how to check the website via ping servers to be sure it's running properly and at what lag ratio to the world (DO NOT ABUSE THIS AND IT'S ONLY IF ISP SPEED SHOWS UP AS 1GBS OR HIGHER)

A guide from Microsoft on how to limit your chances of getting a virus, worm, adware, etc...


Some information about being a GS
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