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03 Jun 2011
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PostedJul 19, 2012 11:10 am

Keeps telling me to "install"

Hello this is regarding my topic

I am hoping to get a good response considering i have put as much info as i can into that. I have also tried to send a support ticket but i cannot seem to get much success.

I tried to download A.V.A. and it downloaded but then brought me to where you download the shortcuts. I tried to get all the shortcuts and what ended up happening was it just downloaded aeria ignite and then froze my whole computer and my internet went out (this happened multiple times the download somehow turned off my internet)...

This caused me LOTS of trouble... In the end i went onto aeria ignite and added A.V.A. to "my games" and it said i needed to "install" it. So what it did was it redownloaded the entire game AGAIN then brought me to the same shortcuts window as before.

Once again i picked both of the shortcuts and started the download. To my suprise the download finished completely but there was a problem.... When i went to the A.V.A. "shortcut", it was just a white document logo and when i clicked on it, it sent me to aeria ignite. Now i thought it would be like origin where it sends you to origin to launch the game then disapears.. but it isnt... when i clicked it it brought me to aeria ignite and it said i did not have the game installed..

it still said "install"... so i stilll need to apparently "install" the game...

can someone please help.

my computer is fine and so is my internet..

er...well... ever since i tried downloading this my computer got majorly slow because of those downloads freezing.... id actualyl like to get something out of this instead of me needing to buy new parts for my computer...
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