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07 Aug 2008
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PostedJul 16, 2012 7:30 pm

Re: Double *Sprite* XP days,

A suggestion, not an announcement
iampeterparker1 wrote:
I think most of us love that we can now use our sprites as helpers in battle. They can wield weapons and wear armor, and that makes them more important than ever in gameplay. But I've also noticed that, at least from my perspective, there is a million ways to level your character, and yet it's much harder to level up a sprite's abilities, especially if working on three at once. And what if we need to use our guardian sprite in battle? That sprite can't be training at the same time, which makes it take even longer.

To me, this seems out of balance. If I want to level my character, I get a boost on double or 1.5x XP days. There are XP charms in the Item Mall and AH. And you give them away free for forum participation. Dailies give us a big boost.

There is only two ways to boost XP that a sprite gets while training, and that's the Sprite's Training Genius Capsule, which is in the item mall but rarely at auction. There are no sprite dailies, no sprite double XP days and sprite training capsules are not given out. Trial stones let you train sprites while you're away from the keyboard, but I don't think they boost that experience-per-minute, do they?

The result is that many highbies abandon the talents of their guardian sprites and effectively use just two sprites, releasing them for new ones when the time comes for higher equipment, instead of training them. What a waste!

Does anyone else vibe with me?

--Peter Parker  

sonicsa3 wrote:
I lol'd.  

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