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21 Jun 2012
Istanbul Turkey
PostedJul 09, 2012 8:49 am

GameX 2012

The Heart of the Digital Games Industry is going to beat in Istanbul in October with “GameX”

Istanbul is welcoming the most important names and the world’s biggest digital gaming companies in October 2012. Gamex the Digital Entertainment Gaming Conference and Expo, will be held at the Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Exhibition Centre on 4-7 October 2012 and will be the meeting point for the digital gaming enthusiasts from Turkey and all over the world. During GameX 2012 the world's leading companies will showcase their the most popular games and digital game companies and game developers will participate in panels. Technology companies will also present their latest innovations in gaming related technologies. The GameX conference in Istanbul will be the platform for global gaming companies, developers and experts, business partners and all other companies active in the digital gaming industry.

With Turkey’s young population and the development of the region's gaming industry, Gamex is the place to be to meet global and local gaming companies right here in Istanbul, Turkey. GameX will be ideal for participants to introduce themselves and their services to an international audience and to benefit from mutual exchange of ideas, initiatives and investment opportunities on the international market. GameX, which is one of the most important organizations of the regional gaming market, will organize the largest digital gaming activity in the region with the participation of the international leading companies in the gaming industry.

GameX is the most important event in the digital gaming sector and is organized by Rönesans Fairs, which hosted over 121.000 gamers of all ages in 2011 while having the event take place at the prime location in the city center. With the participation of big names from the world of football and entertainment, GameX will host competitions, tournaments and various activities throughout the four days, transforming the event into a full show. In 2012, GameX will also pave the way for the industry’s roadmap for the future with the Digital Games Conference with the contribution of the Federation of Digital Games by bringing together representatives from the sector

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