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04 Jul 2012
PostedJul 04, 2012 8:04 am

should GM or GS

my question is should gm or gs be actively participating in guilds or events?

i'm not saying they are but would they be able to abuse their power and use it to give them an unfair advantage in events or to get SR or UR monsters? or maybe ban someone just because they don't like them.
i know that they probably need to test the game out to make sure that everything is working the way it should. but couldn't they do it by creating a guild just for gm or gs and make sure that whatever they do would not effect anyone in the game? for example they can participate in events to test it but they won't get a ranking.

if a gm or gs manage to be #1 in an event "some" might question it even though they didn't cheat.


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21 May 2009
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PostedJul 04, 2012 9:21 am
GMs do NOT participate at all in events. they do test and sometimes get placed in rankings BUT they are NOT counted.

GS CAN participate in events if we wish to do so. we are normal players just like you and everyone else. we just volunteer for the community to help out with anything you guys need thats within our power and to help whatever the GMs ask of us. So we have no advantage whatsoever.

Also NO ONE gets banned because they simply are not liked... EVER lol

so the short answer is Gamemasters cannot participate and Gamesages can participate.

p.s. i doubt any GS will be number 1 at this point against a guy with a ton of battle brews and more damage than even the number 4th rank guild LOL

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