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26 Mar 2012
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How to submit a ticket to Aeria games

please read this if you're unfamiliar in submitting a ticket to us at Aeria games
It's been brought to my attention that people are unaware on how to get the support they need for their issues on Solider Front. Please read the guide below on how to get the support you need.


Click for the complete list of ticket categories.

Important things to remember:
-Using proper grammar and speech etiquette will brighten a GM's day and/or make it easier to understand.
-Every time you update your ticket, it will be pushed to the bottom of the list. So don't update your ticket every 10 minutes expecting a faster response.
-Please be patient. After you submit a ticket, you may have to wait up to 48 hours. So don't start spamming SB with your RT# after a mere 20 minutes.
-If no action has been taken upon your ticket for 48 hours, you may ask a GS to give a GM your RT#. If it has been either "opened" or "stalled" please do not contact a GS/GM about your ticket, since it has been looked at but cannot be addressed until due time passes.
-If you send in multiple tickets about the same issue, they may be marked as "spam" and ignored.
-Other peoples' issues are just as important as your own! Be patient and wait your turn. Don't start raging that your ticket hasn't been answered for 4 hours; there may as well be a hundred tickets being answered, each with its own complicated issue.

Ticket Status from the outside: (Thanks to Raku)
Pending - Hasn't been looked at yet.
Holding - Aeria - Aeria looked at it and is working on it.
Holding - Customer - Aeria looked at it and solved it or needs further information from you.
Spam - You've sent the ticket too many times. Don't do that.

Ticket status from the inside:
Ticket created - You created a ticket.
Response from Team Aeria - Someone responded! Yay.
Your response - You responded to the ticket. This is to provide followup information (if requested) or to ask for the ticket to be closed.
open - The ticket has been opened, most likely for the status to be changed to "resolved."
stalled - Your ticket is a complicated issue that will most likely require time or other input to answer. It may take an indefinite amount of time to complete.
resolved - The ticket has been resolved. A ticket must be "open" first for it to be resolved. It means that either the ticket is finished or the support staff needs more information if specified.

Credit to trainer772 for the amazing guide he put together for AVA
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