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Deviant Combat Rogue 1-50


1 Introduction

2 Stat attributes
2.1 Attribute details
2.2 Stat allocation

3 Skills
3.1 Combat skills
3.2 Shadow skills
3.3 Shadow vs Combat
3.4 Recommended skill build

4 Finishing up
4.1 End words
4.2 Change Log

In this level range, 1-50, the rogue class has the lowest base attack power of all the classes in-game but deals deceptively high damage. This is a guide made for making a grind build rogue in order to level quickly through the early levels of the game. Some of the skills used in this build are from the "Shadow" tab and not purely from the "Combat" tab which therefore makes it a Deviant Combat Build.

For those who do not like reading lengthy stuff there is a TL;DR in bold at the end of every explanation.

2.Stat Attributes

1.Attribute details
Strength Increases damage and adds a small amount of hp. Rogue skills cater heavily to strength. Put the most points on this stat.
Agility Increases dodge, hit rate, and critical chance. Although these stats seem good for a rogue all of them degrade according to level, not to mention all these stats are inconsistent. It requires a large investment of points for it to pay off. Few points on this.
Intellect Increases magic damage, magic defense, and mana. Rogues use physical attacks and require little mana. The magic defense by itself is not worth the points. No points on this.
Endurance This will increase physical defense and health. This could work for a dodge type combat rogue. Not recommended.

2.Stat allocation
For me the clear choice for build was all points on strength with the occasional point on agility. The reason being that the stats given by agility degrade upon each new level and are not dependable for survivability and damage. The main purpose to the strength build is to kill as fast as possible and level faster. There are also many skills, such as Lightstream and Slayer's Speed, that are well suited to strength builds. The one downside is that you will be somewhat squishy (low armor, low hp). Recommendation; almost all points on strength.


3.1 Combat skills

*Early note: If you just want the skill build skip to 3.4.


Double Cut(1)
Pitiful skill; only put one point in it, ever.

Blade Twist(10)
Final level deals +34% + 199 more damage reduces opponent defense by 35% for 6 seconds (Recharge 10s.) Good skill.

Good skill. Damage gets reduced hard by PDEF. Murders low defense targets. It theoretically could do huge damage but defense is subtracted from the damage 3 times and it is almost a meteor out of the sky if critical and armor penetration happen to occur on all 3 attacks.

Improved Double Cut(40)
Decent attack; good damage and a significant chance for fast and high damage dot.


Instantly move to the targeted point and damages up to 5 people between you and that point; consider the human missile. It deals decent damage and buffs PATT by 15% for 10 seconds (recharge 12s). For pvp it is good for jumping people and escaping aoe. (note that this skill does not increase PATT given by wings)

Viper's Touch(30)
Weak passive skill unless anti-heal is needed. It has a 3% chance of procuring a dot which will inflict damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds and reduces healing received by the affected target by 10% per level (max 50% reduction.) It does not do procure easily enough or do damage fast enough to be effective in PvE where most monsters will often die before the second damage tick.

Combos with Lightstream. It has the same use as Lightstream, with more base damage, and buffs PATT by 30% for 10 seconds if used while Lightstream buff is active. (note that this skill also does not increase PATT given by wings)


Ok passive. Procures on hit and reduces affected opponent's hit rate by +4% per level. Excellent for single targets, not so good for multiple opponents.

Shadow Slap(10)
Removes healing potion effects off targeted opponent and makes them temporarily unable to use potions. Fun skill. (does not affect combat flasks)

Slayer's Deftness(20)
Excellent passive. Increases dodge by 2% per level for a total of 10%. Increases survivability and helps save on potions.

Slayer's March(40)
Useful passive. Increases movement speed by 5 per level for a total of 25. Move speed is universally useful (particularly in the Tamalan Arena.)

3.2 Shadow Skills


Assassin's Thrust(1)
Most underrated skill ever, each level of it grants 20% more armor bypass making it one of the most consistent damage skills a rouge has. At level 5 it grants 100% armor bypass which makes it hit harder than Blade Twist with a lower cool-down.

Shadow Rush(10)
First warning; can only be used while stealth-ed. Emerge out of stealth and deal high damage stunning the target opponent for 2 seconds (max 4 seconds.) Pvp skill, cannot be used in Dragonspine.

Choke Hold(20)
Deals damage and slows target opponent by 40% (max 60%.)

Improved Assassin's Thrust(40)
Same as Assassin's Thrust but gives around 400 more base damage.


Slayer's Cloak(10)
Stealths the player for 20 seconds (max 60) and reduces move speed by 40% (max 0%: 10% lowered penalty each level.)

Shadow Strike(30)
Deals massive damage to a single target and then puts player into stealth with Slayer's Cloak I effect (max Slayer's Cloak V effect.) Long recharge but has a large +35% (max 53%???) damage bonus. Recharge 85 seconds (max 45 seconds.)

Blade Sweep(50)
Deals damage to 5 nearby enemies 2 times. Does significant damage but has a low area of effect. (recharge 4 seconds)


Slayer's Speed(1)
Excellent passive, increases attack speed by 3% per level for a total of 15%. This increases the effectiveness of str and agi.

Slayer's Call(20)
Another excellent passive, increases critical rate by 3% per level for a total of 15%. It will give a significantly better chance for critical and and critical-armor penetration overlap.

Slayer's Sprint(30)
Temporarily boosts move speed by 30% (max 70%) for 8 seconds (max 12.) Recharge is 30 seconds. Reach magic carpet speed for a few seconds.

Increases critical rate by 30% (max 50%) for 4 seconds (max 8.) I would assume this is a set +% bonus. Has a 'brutal' 3 minute cool-down.

Slayer's Shadow(50)
Increases move speed in stealth by 5% per level (max 25%.) Only useful for rogues with Slayer's Cloak.

3.3 Shadow vs Combat

Shadow Rogue skills cater to burst damage. Their skills: high damage with long recharges, stun, increase attack speed, increase probability of critical, increase damage of critical, burst increase to move speed, armor penetration, stealth. A shadow rogue will do far more damage than a combat rogue in a short period of time. Noteworthy skills are Knife Rush, Master Assassin's Thrust and the passives pertaining to critical, armor penetration, and attack speed.

Combat Rogue skills cater to sustain damage. Their skills: Multi strike attacks with low recharge, armor destruction, dodge increase, damage buffing, passive and procuring dots, passive movement increase, anti-heal. A combat rouge has more survivability can put out damage for longer than a shadow rogue. Noteworthy skills are Lightstream/Reversal/Decimation chain, Devoid, Blade Twist, and dodge passives.

3.4 Recommended Skill Build

Combat Page Left
Lightstream 1/5

Combat Page Middle
Double Cut 1/5
Blade Twist 5/5
Triple-Strike 1/5
Improved Double Cut 1/5

Shadow Page Middle
Assassin's Thrust 1/5

Shadow Page Right
Slayer's Speed 5/5
Slayer's Call 5/5

This is all 20 skill points you get from level 40.

At this point you can get do a few things. Max out Improved Double Cut, max Assassin's Thrust, build up to Improved Assassin's Thrust, or be a little creative.

Upon reaching level 50 you will receive a Sands of Time which will allow you to reset all your skill points and rebuild to your liking.

4.Finishing up

4.1 End words

To start this off, this is the first guide I have ever tried to make. It took a lot of work, especially considering my compulsion to re-edit everything at least three times. It is my hope that players new to the Rogue class find this useful. I play server 1 and go by Shockforce and sometimes Shiver. I plan on refining the guide, adding pictures, and new information as time goes on. Please feel free to comment, spelling check, ect. to your heart's content.

I also want to thank Bane for dueling me and giving me needed info on some of the Shadow skills.

4.2 Change log

June 18th : Posted guide

Life is like being eternally in debt waiting for the final court date. We are entitled to nothing.


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Just in case

Life is like being eternally in debt waiting for the final court date. We are entitled to nothing.


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Again just in case
Reserved for guide

Life is like being eternally in debt waiting for the final court date. We are entitled to nothing.
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