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PVP Rules

Rules Apply to Shaiya and Shaiya Phoenix ----UPDATED 7/16/2013-----
The Official PVP Rules:

In addition to Aeria Games and Entertainment’s Terms of Service and
Player Ethics , The following rules apply to both Shaiya.EN and Shaiya Phoenix

You may be reported for the infractions of these rules and become subject to punishment. If you are found to be in violation of these rules, you may be reported and subsequently punished.

Punishments include the possible removal of items, kills and or stats from your account, temporary and even a permanent game suspension.
1) Raiding The Opposite Faction’s Base is not allowed!!!! Even your attack is an extension of your person and therefore you are passing the guards if you fire at range passed them!!.
A) Exceptions
-Lifted temporarily by a Game Master for an event.
Ruling: You are not allowed to enter the opposing faction’s base. A Base is considered the location around a faction’s NPC, near the entrance portal or inside the protective barriers (Such as those in Stable Erde (“Jungle”) and Deep Desert). While Veils are not technically bases, they should be treated as such as many times there will be a Wall around the area, such as Karis and Raigo Castle’s Inner Wall found in D-Water.
For Stable Erde (Jungle) you may not pass the guards in front of the enemy faction’s veil.

Reference Images:

1-15 Proelium Frontier

20-30 Cantabilian


Stable Erde

For the guards

Going past this area (where the guards are stationed) will result in the banning of your account.

Deep Desert 1

Deep Desert 2

Thank you b3def for the pics!

2. Spawn Killing
Ruling: Spawn killing is when one player kills another player after they have just towned or resurrected in the main spawn point within their respective faction. Spawn killing is prohibited in any form. This includes KI/PR/VR, as spawn killing is illegal in all zones.

3. Stat Padding
Stat padding is defined as killing a character who willingly and consistently allows him/herself to be killed with the objective of helping other players increase their kill count. Any user caught stat padding will receive a ban and have All their kills wiped from all characters. Additional action may be taken for repeat offenders and or a permanent ban can be issued to the player.

4. Terrain Exploits
A Terrain exploit is defined as making use of terrain in a PVP map to gain an unfair advantage over other players. In certain maps it might be possible to enter a location which is normally unreachable by players of the other faction. You are not allowed to participate in PVP from such positions. If you access a location that can’t be reached using normal character controls (ie running, jumping, riding), you are also using a Terrain Exploit. Foxing into another Factions Base, or foxing/kiting past ANY GUARDS, is also considered a Terrain Exploit ( If you can attack others and they can't attack you you're using a Terrain Exploit )

5. Linked PVP
Linked PVP is subject to all the same Rules and Regulations as Home Server PVP
-The Goddess Map is Level restricted. Players that are 61+ are not allowed on the map.If you level up past 60 you need to leave the zone immediately.

6. Dual Boxing
Dual Boxing is when a single person logs on to Shaiya with two or more accounts on two or more computers on the same Shaiya server at the same time. Dual boxing is prohibited IF you are power leveling yourself, and subject to punishment for one of both of the accounts.

7. Portal Killing
Portal Killing is when a user from the opposite faction continually kills users who are trying to load into the current zone. This includes killing players before they have a chance to step out of the portal. (very similar to Spawn Killing) This does Not include killing players after they have left the immediate location, talked, or have done anything to show that they are not idle. We recommend staying away from the portals so that you do not have to worry about getting banned for these types of offenses.

8. Power Leveling
Power Leveling your alt account with another one of your accounts is against our terms of service. No Exceptions.

9. Summoning Party Members
Summoning characters that are to high or low to enter the map via a portal is a bannable offence. If a character can not get to the zone via a portal then the character is not allowed in the zone.

10. Elemental Lapis Lv2
Elemental Lv2 lapises are not to be linked to any gear or weapons level 30 and under. If you suspect a user has these Ele Lapises linked into their gear or weapons please send in a ticket and we will investigate the issue. THIS IS A PHOENIX RULE ONLY! For more details click Here

11. Exploiting bugs or glitches to gain advantages
If you find a bug or glitch that allows your character to do something it isn't supposed to be able to do, you should report it IMMEDIATELY to the Bug Report Form. If you are found exploiting this bug/glitch to gain unfair advantages, this is reportable and can result in a suspension of the account.

Also note that the Terms of Service Agreement should be reviewed as players have also been banned during PvP because they have broken the Terms of Service Agreement:

Terms of Service

Fair Play Rules

Note that AGE is not responsible for any dropped item in game. This includes but is not limited to; dropping an item in pvp, dropped items during duals, items placed on the ground intentionally, items sold to npc's and items not protected by a PID
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