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[Support] Soldier Front Forum Rules and Policies

These forums are provided in order to facilitate and foster a respectful and exciting Community. As such, the terms outlined in the ‘Terms of Service/Terms of Use’ must be adhered to at all times. Failure to follow these terms may subject accounts to infractions, suspension and/or immediate termination. The following clarification is provided as to further outline our forum conduct expectations. reserves the right to change these rules at anytime.

1. Adhere to Terms of Service at all times.

2. Be respectful at all times.

3. Help foster a healthy community.

4. Profanity is Prohibited – This includes any text with profane, sexual, racial, or negative inflections toward race, gender, creed, religion, and/or otherwise deemed inappropriate by Aeria's Staff.

5. Masking is Prohibited – Any attempt to circumvent/bypass the language filter is considered “Masking.” This includes organizing text using additional, alpha-numeric, numbers, colored text, or other such characters to print a filtered word or its phonetic likeness.

6. Hacking/Unapproved Programs – Any discussion pertaining to, or providing specific information regarding hacking, exploitation, or unapproved third party programs is strictly forbidden. Participating in such a discussion will subject your account to suspension, or possibly, termination.

7. Privacy – You may not post, solicit, nor distribute any private or personal information. This includes real life names, account information, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, instant messenger names, private messages, or any part thereof.

8. Language – As the common language between our users and Staff is predominantly English, it is recognized as the official language on the forums. We absolutely appreciate and highly encourage positive community interaction between any and all cultures around the world. However, our forum moderators must be able to moderate these conversations. Unfortunately, conversations held in other languages often prevent this moderation. Posts/Conversations held in other languages may be removed without warning.

9. Account Discussion is Prohibited – In an effort to maintain account integrity, security, and privacy, any discussion pertaining to account specific information including suspensions, terminations will be removed without warning.

10. Linking/Images – You may not post nor otherwise link/embed/display objectionable or offensive materials. This includes, but is not limited to pornography, sexually offensive/explicit, cruel, violent, or other material deemed inappropriate by Staff.

11. Personal Attacks/Harassment – Any post/thread which attempts to attack or harass another user or group on a personal level will be removed without warning and the user who created the post is subject to infractions, suspension and/or immediate account termination.

12. Spamming is Prohibited – “Spamming is the act of posting multiple, often consecutive posts/threads in an effort to frustrate, harass, or otherwise make use of the forums difficult for others.”

13. Trolling is Prohibited – “A ‘Forum Troll’ is a person who enters an established online community and intentionally attempts to cause disruption, often by posting messages that are inflammatory, insulting, incorrect, inaccurate, or off-topic, with the intent of provoking a reaction from others.”

14. Advertising is Prohibited – “Advertising is communication through a non-personal medium in which the sponsor is (sometimes) identified and the message is controlled in an effort to redirect “traffic” or otherwise promote products or solicit users.” The posting of clan/guild/fan sites is usually acceptable barring they don’t contain inappropriate content or otherwise violate our Forum Guidelines or Terms of Service as determined by Support staff.

15. Impersonation is Prohibited – Any act, implied or inferred, which allows one to believe they hold an official affiliation, or special significance with, or its associated business partners. Participating in any form of impersonation will subject your account to suspension, or possibly, account termination.

16. Distributing/Soliciting Illegally Licensed Software – Requesting, distributing, or providing links to download 'cracked' or 'pirated' versions of software is prohibited.
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