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Aeria Games Summer of Fun!!!

Enjoy all these great events and rewards!

Aeria Games is committed to giving you a good time, so this summer beginning June 15th until September 15th we intend on giving you that on steroids! For the next three months, Aeria Games will be pumping up promotional events and spreading love like rain falling from the sky. You want free in-game items? You got’m! You ever wanted to try another game and get rewarded for it? You got it! Want a free in-game item right? CHECK YOUR EMAIL! If you didn’t get a Summer Of Fun Kick Off email, check yo’ SPAM, because you’ll find some lovin’ waiting for you Wink. So stay posted on all the Summer of Fun events and keep coming back here for updates and when to cash in on your next prizes!

Events for Participating Games:
*Note: Not all events will be posted at once so keep checking for updates
Eden Eternal
Wolf team
Grand Fantasia
Last Chaos
Twelve Sky 2
Waren Story
Dynasty Warriors Online
Dragon Crusade
Crystal Saga
Golden Age
Call of Gods


As a kick-off to Summer Of Fun we’ll be holding an event entitled “I <3 Aeria”. The point? Well, it’s an opportunity to get rewarded for showing us how much you love us and how willing you are to have an awesome time! Rewards, Rewards, Rewards! Visit the forum to learn more and get started!

Summer is a time for farmer tans; why not throw in an early Aeria Christmas while you’re off getting burned by Mother Nature.

I am no sugar cookie getter!
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