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04 Aug 2009
Bełchatów Poland
PostedMay 28, 2012 2:16 am


Anya, or other GM, I know you check up on this since its your job.
And im familiar with the GS lines myself and know you keep a check up on everything.
When reading this, DON'T ignore it straight away because its a game that doesn't earn you any money.
The game is dead I admit it, but we need you to bring it back to life!
Its a few simple things to bring in the players and money!!!
Don't bother cutting off here, we need a new server, and some advertisement, 90% people don't even know that this game exists !
Do something about it, it will earn you money trust me!
And Beaver don't lock this topic like you do with all other ones, i have no idea how you became a GS and i promise you it leaves the same thought in many other peoples heads .


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