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22 Nov 2011
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The Jaws of Torthan

Who is this new threat?

An unknown threat is growing all over the planet. The only question is, what is it? An evil force has been gathering energy in some ancient ruins known as the Ruins of Krioden. Eternal Guardians have to stop it, but too many of them aren't ready for what it takes to defeat this demon. The ruins of Krioden are right off the coast of Aven, which results in Aven being destroyed first. Only a few Eternal Guardians have what it takes to destroy Torthan, they have formed a group to destroy this terrible threat, they are MasterCheeze, PappaBear, Melilvot, Erza__Scarlet, That1RandomGuy, and Hman.They are all human except for MasterCheeze (zumi) and PappaBear (ursun). Will This threat fall or will it destroy all the entire world? These Eternal Guardians must not fail, they have to close shut the Jaws of Torthan.

A hellish portal suddenly opened above Aven. Many creatures came out and started destroying Aven, slaughtering many people. "They can't destroy Aven!" said an eternal guardian. The Krioden Helliords, giant demon guards from Krioden, are killing everyone in Aven. Eternal Guardians are dying and people are panicking. Aven is on fire and being smashed to pieces. At that very moment, an explosion happened destroying Aven and everything on it. Aven, the once thriving Holy City, was now ruins. "Who are these new threats?" Exclaimed Hman. "We must stop them from destroying the world! Aven is gone, we can't let them take anywhere else!" Half of all Eternal Guardians died in Aven, it seemed like the battle was lost. Every single being in the world was terrified, even the already existing demons. "I have major readings coming right off of the Aven Ruins, it has to be Krioden! But that means we have a threat that we never faced before. We may have defeated many demons but this will be the hardest of all. Lets hope we can survive." replied MasterCheeze. They left their Eden Eternal and set off to protect the world from this new threat.

This group was crossing Limestone Mountain when they heard screams coming from the Village. Andrew Village was in danger! A strange, hellish portal opened above Andrew Village and tons of weird crab-like creatures came out. "Krioden Scroniers?! This is not good..." screamed MasterCheeze. The Scroniers were killing people and ripping the village to shreads. New Eternal Guardians were being slaughtered by the Hard crabs. The zumi engineer ran to the village and started fighting. An army of Eternal Guardians followed. "Hit their backs! That's their weak spot!" Ordered MasterCheeze. Melilvot came and started pelting the crabs with arrows. They picked the crabs off one by one but the town was doomed the second the portal opened. The battle raged on, Scroniers winning, and the town was nearly destroyed. Andrew was being escorted by eternal guardians. That1RandomGuy, Erza__Scarlet, PappaBear, and Hman were struggling against a huge swarm of crabs which made them retreat from the battle. A young boy was hiding within one of the buildings, a Scronier approaching. He thought he was doomed, but them a huge turret appeared and blasted the crab into a pile of ash. That was Master's Battery Turret. The young boy was saved and the remaining eternal guardians retreated. "No..." said MasterCheeze as Andrew Village exploded. This threat seemed unstoppable. This group was the only eternal guardians left, the rest died in Andrew Village.

The last few Eternal Guardians retreated in their copters hoping that they were not being followed. "What can we do to destroy those monsters?" said the boy. "We don't know... and what is your name?" said PappaBear. "Koolt's the name, and what were those things anyway?" Koolt replied. "Those were Krioden Scroniers from the Ruins of Krioden. Krioden must be getting corrupted from some powerful demon." MasterCheeze replied. "Those 'things' used to be good and peaceful and live by our side, but the city of Krioden sank right off the coast of Aven, which explains why Aven was destroyed first. What I can't figure out is why they destroyed Andrew Village." A bird flew by the copters, not knowing that the sky has turned red. "This new threat is trying to destroy the world. We can't let them do that, but this will be extremely hard." said That1RandomGuy. They reached Aven's ruins, and saw nothing there but the ash and ruins. A bad smell filled the air. "You should not be here... You dare challenge the power of Torthan?!?!?!" A large Helliord charged at them as they landed. "Where'd he come from? Destroy him before he gets the rest!" ordered Hman. The small group of Eternal Guardians attacked the Helliord. "He's too strong!" yelled Melilvot. "We have to make a stand to this threat! Kill him!" exploded MasterCheeze. He got into his battery turret and started shooting the Helliord with his rockets. The Helliord was still charging at them and was now 100 feet away. "Kill him!" Erza__Scarlet screamed. She charged at the Helliord and used her sword to kill it. Erza killed the Helliord when all else failed.

"So Torthan is this demon?" said MasterCheeze, glad that the Helliord died. "He doesn't sound very bad..." "Expect the worst cheeze" replied PappaBear. "This will be the hardest of everything we ever faced." They entered Aven's ruins and there were many dead corpses, which explains the stink. "This reminds me of the Basel Border for some reason..." said Cheeze. The buildings that still stood were on fire and many dead bodies scattered the city. "All of our other friends, are dead." Cheeze sadly said. Corpses of many friends were lying on the ground. "Torthan will pay!" MasterCheeze exploded, he charged a Helliord and slaughtered it in his Mech Suit. "I will avenge my friends!" The group tried to stay with cheeze as he was charging the portal into the ruins. "I MUST destroy you for this Torthan!" MasterCheeze said as he charged at an odd hellish portal. He jumped through and the group followed. They found themselves in a weird temple. It was a huge temple that looked like an ancient city. In fact, this was an ancient city. "You dare enter my city? I shall destroy you just as I did with all the other Eternal Guardians. I will destroy you all, and this pathetic world. All of you will burn... I, Torthan, shall finish you off!"

"Torthan! I will have your head! YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!" screamed MasterCheeze "I will slay you demon! You will pay for the lives you have taken! You will not survive!" "Looks like we have a restless one... My Undead Krioden Guards will take care of you." Undead Krioden Guards came out of the walls, and charged the group of Eternal Guardians. "We have to destroy the two crystals here to stop Torthan from getting power, then we can take care of him" ordered That1RandomGuy. They used all of their power to defeat the undead guards without being killed, which succeeded. "You guards were always terrible, Elegy, Regret, and Mourn, guard the doors to the crystals!" "We have to get to the crystals! Follow me!" said MasterCheeze. They went up an ancient staircase which led them to a long Hallway. "They're at the Forgotten Hall, Kill them!" The group of Eternal Guardians ran down the halls, which lead them to a door with ancient symbols carved on them. Elegy stood their with Regret. They were four armed statues and a sword in each hand. "There they are." whispered Cheeze. "I'll distract them while you get into the Vault of Knowledge. Inside the vault should be the crystals. Don't worry about me, I'll get in sometime." MasterCheeze got the statues mad at him and they started chasing him down the Forgotten Halls, the rest of the group hurried into the Vault. There were many robots with many machine guns attached to them. "Not good..." said Melilvot. The robots turned to them and took aim... and fired. Erza__Scarlet created a sheild just before the bullets hit them, so the sheild shot the bullets back at the robots, killing them. "Yes!" exclaimed Erza. "The little zumi distracted my statues to allow you to get in the vaults?!?! And you killed my Deathbots?!?! I will so enjoy killing you..." At that very moment, Koolt ran away from the group. "I think I see the crystals..." said Koolt. Koolt ran off before the group could even see where he had went. "Koolt?" called PappaBear. "We just lost another person..."

More Deathbots came and attacked. They all picked the robots off one by one. They heard a very loud shatter. "NOOOO!!!!!!!!! WHO DESTROYED MY CRYSTALS?!?!?!?! YOU SHALL PERISH FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'LL RIP YOU ALL APART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "That's very nice..." said Melilvot "Koolt broke the crystals!" yelled Erza__Scarlet. "He did it, for a young boy, he did it." said Hman. the door behind them flew open and cheeze ran in, with a stone sword in his hand. "Worthless statues..." said cheeze "Torthan must be in his chamber, follow me!" Cheeze led the way back down the staircase and up this stone elevator. Drithens were right outside of the chamber. Their black capes blew around though there was no wind, they has faces of a zombie and they held long katanas. "Looks like it's demon slaying time..." said PappaBear. They charged the Drithens. Melilvot killed one of them with an arrow to the face. "Eat that suckers!" yelled Cheeze. He sat up another battery turret and shot rockets at the rest of the demons.. "Looks like you killed my army... but now I can enjoy the pleasure of killing you all to myself..." The group charged into his chamber, with Koolt still missing. "Torthan, you will pay for what you have done, you will die!" cheeze hollered at he charged the demon. "I am the ruler of Hard! YOU WILL DIE!!!!!!" Torthan yelled as he left the defiled throne he sat upon. The group charged into combat.

Torthan summoned many undead fighters, which charged at the guardians. "I thought you said you were going to enjoy this yourself Torthan... oh well, i just get to blow the crap out of even more demons!" yelled Cheeze. He set up a battery turret and attacked the undead, slaughtering them with the rockets. The group charged Torthan, and he just whacked Erza back to the door, where she lied on the ground, unconscious. The rest kept attacking Torthan, hoping that they would stand victorious. "All of you pests will die! You will die like the rest! The world will be destroyed!" Torthan yelled at them. He used his huge katana and slashed at That1RandomGuy, wounding him badly. "You will pay for the lives you have claimed Torthan!" exploded cheeze. He summoned his Nano Mech which attacked, and wounded, Torthan. "All of you will burn! Your flesh is mine!" screamed Torthan. He used his huge black pistol and shot Melilvot in the shoulder. "NOOOO!!!! Mel!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed cheeze. He looked back at Torthan and said, "You will pay, YOU WILL DIE TORTHAN!" He charged at Torthan and went into his Mech Suit. Cheeze jumped onto Torthan and kept punching his head in his Mech Suit. "Get off me you rat!" Torthan yelled in anger. Cheeze tore off Torthan's large black cape and tied it around his face. "I CAN'T SEE! YOU WILL DIE RAT!" Torthan screamed. Torthan tore the cape out of his eyes then flung cheeze at the wall. Hman charged Torthan, slashing at the demon's legs. "Pathetic!" yelled Torthan. Torthan kicked Hman and he flew and knocked PappaBear to the ground. "Now, you are all down. You will die!" Torthan yelled. At that very moment, Koolt jumped out of a balcony above Torthan's head, holding a large sword. "HEEYAH!!!!!!!!!!" Koolt screamed, he landed on Torthan's head, stabbing his skull with the sword. "No... how could I lose to a child?" Torthan said right before he collapsed to the ground, dead. "I did it..." said Koolt. "I killed Torthan!" Koolt danced as the others were getting up. "Koolt did it. Koolt has killed Torthan!" happily exclaimed That1RandomGuy. "Torthan is dead... the young boy killed the strongest demon ever..." said MasterCheeze. The group of Eternal Guardians left the ruins. People came out to see what happened, and the darkness has gone away. Everyone went to Aven's ruins to see what happened, and the Krioden Portal has closed. The Eternal Guardians were walking down a ruin of a road, and people were cheering for them. The battle has finished, Torthan has lost and the Eternal Guardians stand victorious.
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