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17 Jan 2012
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The assassination

RedXRobin's Story of the assassination
After they had taken control of the wolves after the breakout, they tried restoring us.
Ones that weren't that badly damaged but turned into wolves were able to turn back to human. Those that had been really badly damaged and didn't die were stuck as wolves, so they were moved back to Paien Lab, which a lot of people didn't think was a good idea as we were already caught there by the terrorists(reds they decided to rename them that because we were working for the government and they opposed us) there but the general threatened the council(colonels and lower generals) with their arms being chopped off.

Of course I was the highest rank I could be for a grunt, so I wasn't as enthusiastic as before. So, General Venom hired me to kill General DeathGaze(the one that threatened the other members of the council with cutting off their arms) along with some guy called Connor Wabifqur-asdahbsd or something beginning with W and is hugely complex.

Way after Venom handed me a full black suit of armor(which would cost my wages hugely if I wanted it so badly off my own back) and a Thompson Machine Gun I crawled out of bed and got into the suit and grabbed my Thompson and sneaked down the corridor. Before long I was past the grunt sleeping area(or aeria xD) and moved onto the Non-grunt sleeping area.
I heard some snoring and cheering then opened a door.

Looking around, there was so much space I nearly shot all the sleeping people in shock. There was a table, a medicine cabinet, even a food cabinet per person.
Oh not to mention beds which were 4 poster beds each.

Going further down the hallway the cheering was getting louder.
It was strange, they left the door open so it was a color change, the shadows perfectly matching the suit to render me near invisible.

Biff! I hit something invisible with my body, and then the people cheering decided to investigate what the sound was.
I dashed inside a room and hid in a cupboard.
"Must be nothing, maybe it was a foot?" one of them said, before going back into the room.
"Yeah I guess ur right. It must be all the alcohol, we don't feel pain."
"You're saying I'm an alcoholic? **** you!" said a slurred voice.

After this I heard more fighting and someone drawing a knife.

"That's my queue" I thought.
Going back into a room which connected, I moved a cabinet then kicked the wall down.
I saw DeathGaze, with his face in a bowl of blood.
Pulling my Tommy up, I shot him a few more times and then started running after the other guy in black(definitely not Connor Wasdasd or whatever cause he reported sick) and started firing towards him.
He ducked in the nick of time, turned around and shot me with his SCAR and ducked under the table.

I grabbed out my knife and managed to eject the bullet before he jumped up and kicked down the big chair I was hiding behind.
I grabbed my gun and started spraying the general location he was in.
"You're gonna pay for that yo!" he screamed after screaming in pain and kicking the table over.
I jammed my hand into my backpack and grabbed some bandages and patched up the hole in my stomach.
"WTF!" shouted a colonel in his Pajamas dashed back into his room.
He threw a sticky grenade, fortunately missed me and ran for it.
The colonel came back with a AA-12 and started spraying the room and hit me twice, from the distance before the room exploded and sent a broken piece of chair flying at him.

Dropping my Tommy gun in pain I reached into my backpack again to get some adrenalin.
The pain of stabbing it into my chest was great, but not as much as being shot.
Reaching into my backpack yet again I grabbed a set of bandages and wrapped it around my back.

Picking up my Tommy gun I charged along the corridor and threw a flash grenade, and shut my eyes.
"Oh god my eyes!" shouted the other assassin.
Firing the tommy gun was easy, the killing the assassin was reasonably easy, but getting away was not so easy.

The alarm started screaming and I dropped my Tommy and Backpack and started sprinting back to the grunt sleeping area.
"Dude, its like 2am" groaned Dan before conking back out.
I chucked the armor under my bed and got dressed in a waistcoat, a T-shirt displaying two fists and pair of ragged jeans.
"WTF!?" I screamed, acting if nothing had happened.
I grabbed my Type 89 and fired a few bullets.
"What the Hard!? Oh god my back!" I shouted, pretending that I was shot from the back.
Then I threw my 89 back under my bunk and grabbed my M4 Carbine then fired a few shots.

"Robin, I will present you with this medal for killing an assassin. It is a pity you did not kill him before he killed General DeathGaze, but still well done," presented General Kyle(not the one that was in my squad, he was moved).

"Yo! That assassin nearly killed me, you can have a free tattoo if you want," said a colonel.
"AARGH! Why do tattoos have to hurt?!"I asked after the tattoo was finished.
"Dunno, but why did you choose karma?"
"Karma? Oh this?" I asked, pointing to my tattoo.
"Ya, why?" pondered the colonel.
"Dunno, it just seemed right at the time," I said staring at the word KARMA tattooed into my arm.

Sorry its so long again, but I cut about half of it anyway. Mr. Green
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