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17 Jan 2012
Ponyville, Equestria United Kingdom
PostedMay 16, 2012 9:04 pm

RedXRobin's story of surviving

After climbing up the ladder there was some platforms which I climbed up and then shot at the wolves if they came near.
After a few people were up here I destroyed the platforms.
The wolves couldn't jump up here so we kept blasting them.
Then the huge great big wolf with horns swiped my leg under and the pain was so great.
As I was clutching my leg in pain the huge big wolf with horns(his prevoius name was Bahamah so I'll call him that) threw me onto the floor which hurt a great ton.
I grabbed a sticky grenade and threw it at the small armored wolf and it stuck so before long it blew up scattering bits of wolf tasting meat everywhere.

All the wolves jumped at me so I fired and gripped the trigger so hard in fear and hate that the trigger broke.
I dropped my now broken gun and used a M4 carbine covered in blood.
After several wolves dropped dead they got to me and hit me so hard I wanted to scream so hard and loud the world would go deaf.

Then it was like they had turned my wolf switch on.
Except the fact that I actually had very little control of my body.
I couldnt actually see but I could sense where they were.
Well not at the bottom where all the bodies where because it was so cluttered with blood.
I clambered up the ladder then leapt at Peter and then smashed the ground underneath him which hurt his foot a great deal.
Then he shot my head down and I felt much pain(again I wonder how many times it takes before I die) and my vision went black.

Phew this was easy enough but I dont think it's so good sry people.
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