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01 Feb 2012
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PostedMay 14, 2012 9:39 am

Still down? Wow wtf??!!

It's the little things that count...
As we were growing up in this great nation, Im sure every one of our parents have admonished us to pay attention to details, since your passion for the job and your personal integrity can be measured by how detail oriented your final product is...yeah?

I always remember a conversation I had with my dad when he was teaching me how to remodel boat cabins. I was doing a lazy job on some detail work in an area that the customer/boat owner would NEVER see, as a trim assembly went over the work I was doing. He said "That could look better." So I answered "Shoot dad, who will know I left it like that??" His answer: "YOU will!!" Today I take PRIDE in the attention I pay to detail, knowing that my best work is what I do EVERYTIME, even if the customer will never know. Maybe ESPECIALLY when the customer wont know. This type of attitude fosters good work ethics.

You guys could probably afford to take that lesson in.

Aeria, FIX THE FRIKKEN MEEBO! This is a huge channel of communication between your players and if you won't even do this little shyte correctly then we can see that you don't care about the customer!!

Im not gonna make a list of every little thing thats annoying around here, the rest of the community will fill all that in. I just thought that maybe hearing from a paying customer (check my account so you can see what youll be throwing away when I get tired of paying for NOTHING TO BE DONE around here) might make some kind of difference in your minds.

I know its a drop in the bucket to you guys, but you can believe I wont be adding any more drops to this particular bucket until we can see that you guys are actually doing something around here.

No weekend kill new gear...NOTHING.

Better show some love Aeria. You're letting our game disintegrate.
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