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17 Jan 2012
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RedXRobin's Story Of Bootcamp
They got training me ASAP.
They told me to hang around bases which was boring then they wanted me to shoot a ton of robots.
Afterwards they sent me to attack some robots as a wolf, but this time they acted.
As a wolf with a strange looking shoulder thingy i charged and headbutted a robot which was trying to knife me.
I froze not knowing why.
After some robot shot me which hurt quite a lot, then I basically turned me into a mad killing machine.
By then they sent me into battle.

They called it Arrival because we just arrived here but there was a battle going on.
Unfortunately there was this guy with a-a what looked like a gold Famas.
He also turned into a wolf with red hands and ran like a regular wolf on all fours.
When dashing and jumping he did this thing where he flipped with a really powerful attack, enough to kill one of our power wolves straight.
He barely seemed to be damaged by bullets but he kept roaring for some reason.
I switched from my wolf to a FN F2000 and sneaked behind him when was shot in the back by someone else.

Then there was a guy dragging my body to their and brought me back up.
The Wolf Redhands dude was still thumping through our lines so we camped in their base, and we didn't get disturbed because they were all trying to attack the front lines.
I fired with Steyr Scout, since I lost my FN F2000, at his head and he fell over dead.

The guys in red turned at us and shot my friend who dropped his DSR-1 which I picked up.
I turned into a wolf and they chased me in a area at the top where, then they fired at me, thankfully the aiming was bad.
Switching to my DSR-1 I pounded his legs and body, because it was full auto for some reason which was annoying.
We held them off until a helicopter arrived and we took them down.

Part 2. Hope you like it. Part 1
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