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13 Mar 2012
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PostedMay 08, 2012 7:33 pm

Changing Font Issue

For people who have been wondering if you can change the font in A.V.A
Hello Players,

There has been an issue raised as to whether you can modify the files in A.V.A to change your in-game font because it is ineligible.

The answer is No.

Please do not attempt to modify the in-game files in any shape or form as this may result in a ban. While it may seem harmless to change the game files so that you can set the font to your preference, you are in essence tampering with the game's files. This is important because there are specific anti-cheating programs that we may choose to implement which will scan your game's directory. If the program detects that you have modified the files (file size), your account will be automatically banned.

We have taken into consideration the fact that users would like to have the option to change the game's font and will submit this suggestion for evaluation.


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Aeria Games
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