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23 Apr 2008
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PostedJun 08, 2012 12:27 pm
andaro wrote:
The Only things that would effect someone using Ignite or prevent installation are

(1) Their firewall or security software blocking the installation or connection
(2) Windows UAC if the person is using Windows 7 or Vista, more-so vista than 7
(3) Is on a limited rights computer (see #2) and is not an Admin
(4) Is on a network that does allow torrent type traffic utilized by Akamai
(5) Using a pirated copy of an OS such that they cannot receive Updates necessary to Windows Components that effect some programs
(6) Fail to update, or have installed proper integral parts of Windows OS that are essential to many programs operating today, such as C++ Libraries, .NET, Flash, Java, etc.

All of the Exact same issues that prevent people from using the previous Installers, that Still used Akamai, and they are all due to User Error.


What about me? I am using Windows 8, have full rights on my machine, have my firewalls configured to ask every time something wants access (I gave permission) and have every necessary component on my machine, yet every time ignite loads my PC crashes. I had to go into safe mode and disable ignite because when my PC turned on it loaded automatically.

My PC was a 100% perfect machine. Just bought it a month ago, clean install of Windows 8 Developer Edition, installed Shaiya and Google Chrome, and the Windows essentials pack (java, Adobe, etc were all on this) I installed ignite and it just broke it. Now even if I re-install Shaiya Ignite comes too so that means I cant play Shaiya anymore? Yeah I have slight problems w/ that, and giving up sounds so much nicer than finding a compromise but I enjoy Shaiya and don't want something stupid like this to keep people away from it.

/supports increasing player count
/no support for limiting software like Ignite that keep people away


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14 Apr 2009
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PostedJul 18, 2012 7:07 pm

Re: ignite is pointless and sux

andaro wrote:
hamishmctavish wrote:
it is intrusive and annoying. just burn it and stop wasting $$$$ on it. spend your time and $$$$ on fixing your games not inventing more unwanted trash  

Aeria cannot fix the games, regardless of how much money they spend. They don't make anything, they just publish it (meaning advertise it, monetize it, and host it)

Aeria Ignite is the only thing they make themselves :3  
? so Aeria get the games for free now? wow! and i thought they payed money to the as i was saying DONT WASTE MONEY ON POINTLESS IGNITE AND FIX YOUR GAMES
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