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07 May 2012
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Ignite Support

Customer Support within Ignite
In order to provide the most enjoyable gaming experience, it is important that you let us know what you are experiencing. If you are currently having issues with the Ignite client, it is important that you contact our customer service team with the full details.

Here are the basic steps to getting in touch with the Aeria Games Ignite customer support team:

Ignite Launcher
Present in the Ignite launcher is a settings option in order to provide feedback with what you are currently experiencing. The following steps will allow you to provide feedback or voice questions/concerns:

  • Click on the settings panel on the upper right portion of the Ignite Client (Gear Button)
  • From the Dropdown menu, select “Feedback”
  • A new window will appear where you can enter your text with your feedback

Aeria Games Website
The more traditional way of providing feedback or voicing your questions/concerns is by visiting our website at under the “Game Support” section. When filling out this form please be sure to select Aeria Ignite as the game type.

  • Select Game Support as your category
  • Select subcategory with your inquiry type
  • Select “Aeria Ignite” as your specific game
  • Fill out the rest of the form as necessary

Once again, please be sure to provide us with your feedback. In order to provide the best gaming experience possible it is important that we know what your current issues are, or what you currently enjoy about the Ignite client.

Technical Support
We understand that there may be issues that occur with the Ignite client in its early stages of release. To help those having issues, we want to provide some simple troubleshooting tips that will allow you to get on your way! We will cover the simple installation fixes as well as how to manage the client while playing any Aeria game.

    Client crashes may be caused by the following:
  • Other open applications in the background
  • Antivirus software closing Ignite application
  • Firewall Settings
  • Corrupted Download/Installation of client

  • Close all open and unnecessary applications when playing
  • Add Ignite as exception on Antivirus software
  • Allow open firewall settings to allow connection
  • Download a fresh client file from our website and reinstall client:

    Client Adjustments for Latency/Lag Issues when playing
  • Adjust Ignite settings in client under the settings tab (gear)
  • Close all open and unnecessary applications when playing

Please Note: If you are currently experiencing issues that are not mentioned on this thread, please be sure to contact our customer support team in order to have your problem investigated:
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