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18 Apr 2011
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PostedMay 02, 2012 8:02 pm

Eden Eternal Monster Arena: Guess that Monster...week 3!

Guess the name correct to win AP! WINNERS POSTED!
Hello everyone!

Everyone loves prizes right? Right! So for the next four, yes, FOUR weeks, we'll be posting monsters from Eden Eternal: Monster Arena, and asking you to guess their name!

Please do NOT post your guess here! Any guesses here WILL be disqualified! Please PM (private message) your guess to me, gmmaru, on the forums. You can do that easily by clicking my picture to head on over to my profile.

Winners will be chosen in chronological order of submission.

The weekly prizes will be:

1st. 500 AP
2nd. 250 AP
3rd. 250 AP
4th. 100 AP
5th. 100 AP

Without further adieu, here is your monster!

Guess that monster's name! Is it...

A. Rockshell Bull
B. Appacka
C. <War Herald> Gore Render
D. Major Horn Bison

Remember, DO NOT post your guess in here! Thanks, and happy guessing!


The winning answer is B. Appacka!

The winners are as follows!

1. sang06
2. Rainbowblasts
3. ChibiViolet
4. SapphieSkye

Unfortunately there was no 5th winner! Please allow up to 7 days for your payout! Thanks to everyone who participated! Very Happy
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