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[Info] Call of Gods In-Game Conduct & Rules

Updated 07.2016
The in-game rules are not limited to this list and it is not all inclusive. This list may change at any time without prior notice. If you need to contact a GM or would like to report an abuse of these rules, Click Here.

Account Sharing
Account sharing is where more than one person has access of an account. It is a violation of our Terms of Service.

Account sharing creates liability and security issues. If a report comes to us and we determine that the base cause of the issue is account sharing, all accounts involved will be permanently banned. Prevent this by never giving out your password to anyone.

Use of Multiple Accounts
Players in Call of Gods may use multiple accounts in Call of Gods and play on multiple servers of Call of Gods. However there are a few restrictions players need to abide by if they wish to have multiple accounts/characters on the same server.

    Players may not:
  • Have alternate accounts in other alliances or use alternates to control/lead other alliances.
  • Use alternate accounts to attack a single player more than would be allowed with a single account.
  • Use alternate accounts to verbally harass players.

Please note that you may choose to keep an alternate account without an alliance. These rules only apply to alternate accounts you actively play on and use. Inactive accounts can be left alone as long as you do not use them to break any of the above rules.

If evidence is found of the above actions, both the alternate and main accounts may be banned without notice.

We do not tolerate "flamewars" in our game. Calling out players and guilds may be considered a form of harassment. This includes insulting players, taunting them, or defaming another player or guild's character.  

GM Castles
GM Castles in Call of Gods are not marked as such, as GMs are essentially normal players in Call of Gods. There are no special rules. You may plunder these cities at will.  

Understanding Spam

Terms of Use of Aeria Games
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