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[Important] Call of Gods In-Game Conduct & Rules

Read and review!
Game Rules
All players of Aeria Games, including partnered and AeriaNow games are bound by the Terms of Service and Rules listed on our website. This pertains to rules and restrictions on exploiting, bug usage, spam, macroing/botting, discrimination, and account sharing. The following rules are addendum in addition to the Terms of Service and Rules, and made specific towards Call of Gods:

Multiple Accounts / Alternate Accounts
Players in Call of Gods may use multiple accounts in Call of Gods and play on multiple servers of Call of Gods. However there are a few restrictions players need to abide by if they wish to have multiple accounts/characters on the same server.

    Players may not:
  • Have alternate accounts in other alliances or use alternates to control/lead other alliances.
  • Use alternate accounts to attack a single player more than would be allowed with a single account.
  • Use alternate accounts to verbally harass players.

Please note that you may choose to keep an alternate account without an alliance. These rules only apply to alternate accounts you actively play on and use. Inactive accounts can be left alone as long as you do not use them to break any of the above rules.

If evidence is found of the above actions, both the alternate and main accounts may be banned without notice.  

Account Sharing
Sharing your account information (password) with other players and letting other people play on your account is strictly prohibited.
Attempting to sell, buy or trade an Aeria account or Call of Gods character is strictly prohibited.

If evidence is found of account sharing, the account may be banned without notice.  

Harassment, as specified by our terms of service, includes the repeated attempt to interrupt the gameplay or game experience of another player beyond the normal mechanics of gameplay.

Harassment may be considered:

  • Continually spamming another player via PM, World or Alliance
  • Sending messages or mails to another player of a vulgar, derogatory, or threatening manner (excluding threats of castle plundering of a non-persistent or spam-like nature)

When Reporting Harassment

  • The burden of proof is on the person reporting. Take screenshots of chats, mails, and any conversations that occur.
  • Harassment is typically only constituted as such when the behavior is persistent. (IE, several messages, not just one)
  • If another player is bothering you, ask them to stop before reporting them. If it’s a conversation and you’re simply uncomfortable with it, ask the other player to stop. If you do not inform the other player that they are making you uncomfortable and the conversation is ambiguous (meaning it can be construed as being inappropriate but is commonly not considered as such) then it is not harassment.

It is important to note that the language limits of both the forums and Call of Gods are PG-13. The word filters are there to establish that certain words are not allowed to be used.

You may not:

  • Purposely alter a word in order to escape the filter. Example: d*og.
  • Use foul language towards or against another player in a derogatory or offensive manner, even if it is hidden by the filter.
  • Excessive use of foul language even if it is hidden by the filter.

Please note that the severity of language use is based on the discretion of the GM team and must be adhered to.  

GM Castles
GM Castles in Call of Gods are not marked as such, as GMs are essentially normal players in Call of Gods. There are no special rules. You may plunder these cities at will.  

Forum Rules
Our forums are subject to the basic rules listed here.

    In addition, please be aware of the following:
  • If a topic or section has a GUIDELINES post, please read it first, as it may contain specific posting rules.
  • Topics not following specific posting rules in forums where there are required guidelines may be locked.
  • If you are reporting a bug, or reporting the behavior of a player, please use the specific guidelines and formats provided to you in each section.
  • Please note that the forums are the primary method of communication towards other players. If you would like to directly notify the GM team for any reason, please use Contact Us.
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