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04 Apr 2012
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Demolition tips

These are some tips for demolition games including clanwar. Ill start off basic and then go more indepth.

-Do not run alot because good players can hear you from across the map when you run.
-You can run until you reach the first area (such as warehouse in blackscent going to 1, gen at blackscent 2) but dont run if you are camping an area.
- Most players know nade spots so dont sit in an obvious spot but dont stant out in the open either. Remember, non-obvious spots are good because people check obvious spots first.
- When you go into a site do not go one at a time, have everyone push in at the same time.
- If you and a teammate are covering an area, or entering a site then do not look the same direction. Look where he is looking and watch the opposite direction.
- Do not line up when you go into an area with a teammate. Go off to the side and give yourself room
- Quickswitching and turning off nightvision does NOT speed up defusing time
- Binos are given to the highest ranked player and can be accessed by pressing 5. Binos need to be used when the enemy smokes an entrance or when at longer ranges
- Do not try to kill a sniper long range with a rifle
- Watch your back when your waiting to push into a site. Usually a team has someone flank you from behind
- Do not call out a site unless you are sure of the site
- Ask your teammates if they are sure it is the other site before rotating
-Check for c4 when you kill an enemy and if a teammate has c4 go help him
- Turn on 2nd cam in options so you can see enemies you kill long range with a grenade, it can reveal the c4 if they had c4
- Get a microphone and a good gaming headset. Join a clan that uses microphones

- Try to limit the amount of items you pick up as they cause noise. This includes c4, binos, and weapons
- Aim at headshot level area by aiming at a teammate's head or pre-set levels on walls. This means you are already aiming at someones head because all you have to do is move your crosshair left and right, not up and down.
- When you are reloading dont stand in the open, back up and jump behind a wall while reloading
- Be ready to shoot as soon as you get out of reload because you will probably get rushed while reloading
- Go around corners looking at an angle because you see part of the hallway before you come in. Going straight into a door lets the enemy see you first
- Do not rush in with c4, let c4 be the last person or someone in the middle
- If an enemy is around a corner prefire around the corner if you can kill them, if not peek around the corner take a few shots, go back behind the corner, wait then go out again.
- If you are a sniper try to keep moving no matter what direction when an enemy has seen you, and try brake shotting him.
- If you see a sniper wait till he misses a shot before rushing him
- If the bomb is planted do not try to kill the enemy try to stall them and make them chase you instead of defusing
- If a teammate is defusing cover him by watching and listening for the enemy

- Quickswitch while on c4 to draw a camping enemy out (they usually wait until you are defusing)
- Pick up a weapon or binos to make the enemy think you have picked up c4 a teammate dropped
- Learn grenade spots to help your team get picks (especially on snipers)
- If you are reloading but still have some ammo (example - 10) quickswitch back to your gun (press 2 then 1) and shoot him
- In 1v1 situations or when you are the last one alive shift unless you are running from an enemy or know that you are safe
- You can shoot through some walls, learn which ones and then you can use them to your advantage if you know the enemy is in the spot
- Stall an enemy from defusing by pulling the pin of your grenade and standing over c4 (when he kills you your grenade will drop on c4 and he has to wait for it to blow up before defusing or die)
- Think of what the enemy is thinking and then do something to change the way they think. For example- i know the enemy thinks im in warehouse and he knows i know that he is in office. Run to make noise that you are rotating to 2, then shift back to 1. Depending on what the enemy does you know what he will do next time. Example- Later you are in gen room and he is in 2. You make noise like you are rotating to 1. Now assume he will do what he has done in the past and throw a nade, or shift to the site he wont be at. Becareful though, you cant be sure he will do the same thing so still check your corners and camping spots
(needs space here)
- Conversely do not do the same exact camping spots or tactics every round. If you camped left of a door camp right of the door, etc. If you rotated fast then rotate slow if it is possible. Always try to understand the opponents thinking and make your playstyle unpredictable.
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