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Wheel of Fortune

How to spin the wheel.
Call of Gods ~ Wheel of Fortune ~ Basic Information
The Wheel of Fortune is added for players to start using beginning at level 7.

The wheel has 3 Forms:
1. Free Wheel
2. Normal Wheel
3. Advanced Wheel

Every time you open the Wheel of Fortune window, you will default to the Normal Wheel of Fortune. If you want to spin on the Free or Advanced Wheel of Fortune, you will have to change the tab by clicking on them up top

Free Wheel:

If you are out of Free Spins you will see the message above.

On the free wheel you get 1 free a day and additional free spins are acquired by Free Wheel Spin Cards.  


Normal Wheel:

Before you spin in the Normal Wheel of Fortune, it will show the note below. If you select the box for “Don’t remind me again” you will not receive any additional messages from the wheel until the next time you log into the game.

Normal Wheel costs 5g per spin and has better items on it then the Free wheel.


Advanced Wheel:

Advanced Wheel costs 50g per spin and has superior items on it then the other wheel. It has Red Gems, Red Heroes, Red Gear, Zodiac Heroes, and an assortment of other items.

Test your luck. Spin the wheel.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that players check the tabs on the top of the wheels in order to avoid choosing the wrong wheel.
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