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12 Apr 2009
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PostedJul 14, 2012 2:00 am
AriaSaitcho wrote:
You know what makes this post all the more sad? I deleted my healer because I got tired of being the easy target and made a rogue. And whadda ya know, I'm L31 and not one person has bothered me. Not even when I went afk (not afk mode, just afk) for an hour+ in a pvp open zone!

So when you people complain about lack of healers at certain levels, there is a reason for that.  

Soooo~ +1 on that one x.x lol I'd try other class but I'm a total failure at anything but healing classes ^^'

Hope/Pray for my Grandma to make it home to my family and I guyz we love her so much and she's in Surgery </3(6/18/2014 at 5pm still hoping)


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24 Jun 2012
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PostedJul 14, 2012 6:07 pm
Im a L30 rogue and I have yet to even encounter anyone ever try to kill me, well except for today a guy tried stinging me with his scorpion after coming in through a portal but I guess it was just an accident and he wasn't trying to kill me. Until today I didn't even know people can Pk anywhere. But I guess it would be different with a Healer considering how easy of a target they would be.
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