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13 Mar 2012
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ijji to Aeria Games transfer process

What to expect and how to prepare for the transfer process
Dear ijji players,

As you know, we are preparing to transfer Soldier Front to We hope to be able to announce the date for moving these games soon. For now, we do not have a firm date to announce. When we have the date, we will announce by forum post and on facebook.

Here are a couple of important points to keep in mind for the upcoming transfer:

- You will be able to transfer your ijji account to Aeria by following a simple two-step procedure:

(1) Sign up for an Aeria account (if you don’t already have one), then
(2) Login to or Reactor and enter your Aeria account username and password when prompted.

You do not need to sign up for an Aeria account yet, although you are welcome to do so.

- Your G-Coin balances will convert to Aeria’s currency, Aeria Points (or AP). Each G-Coin will be worth 10 Aeria Points.

- Your Soldier Front characters and game gear will transfer to the Aeria versions of the games.

- Customer service is in transition from ijji to Aeria at this time.

We encourage you to forward your issues to the Aeria Games ticketing system found at this link:

- More details and instructions will be announced closer to the transition date... but don't worry, it will be easy and fast."


GM Orion
Action Team
Aeria Games
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