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[Guide] Basic Game Contents

Get to Know the Basics!


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Interface Introduction

System Settings – Sound settings, game effects, attack settings and other game play options.

Guild (G) – Guild information, announcements, resources, declaration and member list.

Party (P) –The parties in current map, create, join, leave and disband party.

Friends (O) – Add and remove friends, ignore list and marriages.

AFK Mode (.) – Bot-mode. Use this to farm items and equipment.

Toolbar – Place skills and potions for easy access (Up to 3 bars.)

Quest (T) – Check current quest and available quests.

Skills (V) – Skill and talents based on class.

Bag (B) – Your inventory.

Mount (N) – View all mounts and their properties. (Obtain at lvl 15)

Character (C) – Your character.

Viewing – Show or hide magic effects and/or players.

Wings (J) – View your battle wings and their properties. (Obtain at lvl 20)

Map (M) – Area Map

World Map (,) – World Map

Item Mall (Y) – Purchase powerful items and materials.

Daily Bonus – Apply for daily bonuses.

Ranking – There are five ranking categories: Character, Gold, PK, Honor and Ladder.

Events – There are a number of events, activities and bosses available.


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Knight - Tank, Melee DPS. With a sturdy physique and the ability to equip the heaviest of armor, Knights have no qualms about standing on the first lines to protest their allies.

Retribution: Area physical damage

Protection: Defense, threat and armor  


Rogue - Stealth, Melee DPS. There are one moment, gone the next. Taking advantage of stealth and devastating close range attacks, the rogue's enemies often never knew what hit them.

Shadow: Quick single-target physical damage and invisibility

Combat: Stamina and hit-and-run control  


Priest - Healer, Support. Known for valuing the wellbeing of allies over their own lives, priests harness spiritual energies to protest and revitalize their companions.

Holy: Healing, support and resurrection

Blood: DoT and area control  


Ranger - Control, Ranged DPS. Preferring to keep their enemies at a distance, skilled rangers utilize bows and traps to overcome opposition before reaching arm's length.

Anti-Mage: Ranged physical DPS and magic resistance

Nature: Ranged magic DPS and traps  


Mage - Magic DPS, AoE. Masters of fire and ice, mages are able to use their magical abilities to wipe out packs of enemies with little effort.

Fire: Magic damage and AoE Control

Ice: AoE and single-target control  


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Gameplay Basics

Learning Skills
  • One skill point is gained with every two levels.
  • Click Skill (V) to view your class skills. Click + besides a skill icon to acquire the skill.
  • Drag skills to the toolbar for easy access.
  • Passive skills cannot be dragged to the toolbar.

Add someone as a friend
  • Click Friend (O)
  • Input friend's in-game name. Click Add Friend.
  • Once confirmed, the player will be shown in your buddy list.

Note: Only online players can be added as friends.

Repairing your equipment
Over a period of time, your equipment will deteriorate. Reparations may be done by any NPC vendor. Click Repair to repair an individual item. Click Repair All to repair all items.

Hover your mouse over a monster or enemy. Your cursor will change into a sword. Click once (or double click if you have modified your settings) to attack.
  • Pressing ~ will target the nearest monster.
  • Shift + left click will target a player/monster without attacking.

Once you have captured a pet successfully, it will join you for battles. There are a number of options and features for pets. For more details, click Pet (X). Pets will receive the highest amount of experience if the monster is within ten levels of its level.

First, you may acquire pets through quests. Secondly, you may also obtain pets by visiting Monster Island and taming nearby animals using Pet Taming Scroll. Lastly, all players may buy rare and unique pets from the Item Mall.

To view your mounts, click Mounts (N). Once you have reached Level 15, you will receive your first free mount through a string of quests. Players may feed and transform mounts to increase movement speed and additional properties. All mounts are transformable. You will receive additional mounts through various quests at Level 30 and Level 45.

Quest Mounts:
  • Level 15 – Turtle
  • Level 30 – Fox
  • Level 43 – Horse

Battle Wings
Once you reach Level 20, you will receive your first Battle Wings by accepting and completing a quest from Monikov, The Dream Master.

How do upgrade my Wings?
You use the item Heroic Wings from the item mall to upgrade your wings. Press "J" to open the wings interface.
Once your Wings reached level 60+ you will need Ethereal Wings for further upgrades.

Quest Pathfinding
A number of quests implement our pathfinding feature. Either click Quests (T) or view the Quest Tracking module. Underlined NPCs or items have the pathfinding feature. Pathfinding will automatically direct you to the quest location. If the quest does not have pathfinding, simply open the map, click a destination and you will automatically move there.

Creating and joining a party
  • Click Party (P).
  • You will now see a list of every group in your current area.
  • To join a party, select the party and click Join Party.
  • To create a party, simply click Create Party.
  • To invite a player to your party, target the player, click their avatar and click Invite to Party.

How can I link items into chat?
You can simply hold down CRLT (Control) on your keyboard, and left click the item.

How can I link my coo-ordinates in chat?
You can see a mini map in the to right corner. Inside this map, in the left bottom corner you can see the coordinates. To link the coordinates simply klick them.


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Honor Badges

"I got these Honor Badges...what are they for and how do I use them?"

Glad you asked! Follow these steps to gain some great rewards!

1. Visit General Krahn at Starglade(X:38 Y:75)

2. Choose Honor Equipment Exchange

3. There are 5 options to choose from:

  • Daily Exchange:

  • Insignia Exchange opens a new window with a drop down box. Choose which Insignia you want based on your current Nobility ranking:

  • Consumables Exchange also opens a new window with 3 choices:

  • Savage PVP Armor Sets will have different choices based on what class you are:

  • Slayer PVP Armor Sets have the same options as Savage, but for level 80*:
    (* - This set also requires you to have the same quality of the Savage Set completed)


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Frageron Forge

What is the Celestial Fragarach?
The Celestial Fragarach is a legendary weapon, offering unique attributes and skills when forged/upgraded.

How to receive the Celestial Fragarach?
Three main components are required in obtaining the Celestial Fragarach:
  1. One Fragarach Mold – Purchased from Starglade's Weapons Vendor, Remmington, OR obtained by completing "The Obedient Soldier" - a main quest initially received at level 30. (The quest will be confirmed by the Developers.)
  2. Five Frageron Soul Essence – Drops from Revenant’s Vault (Nightmare) bosses.
  3. One Ice Shard – Drops from Vega the Mad in Revenant's Vault.

Once you have obtained the above required items, receive the Celestial Fragarach by selecting the Frageron Forge tab, located in your Inventory.

How to forge/upgrade the Celestial Fragarach?
First, each level of the Celestial Fragarach requires a certain enchantment level. To enchant the Celestial Fragarach, open the Enchantment panel in the Inventory.

Second, various Soul Essences are required in forging the various Celestial Fragarach. There are four separate types of Soul Essences that are required:
  1. Frageron Soul Essence – Dropped from various bosses in Revenant’s Vault (Nightmare).
  2. Bloodelar Soul Essence – Dropped from various bosses in Sacrificial Relics (Nightmare).
  3. Wraith Soul Essence – Dropped from Hitomi in Psychodelica (Nightmare).
  4. Rueful Soul Essence – More details to be released soon - Stay tuned!

Third, Fragarach Shards are also required, which can be obtained through Item Synthesis. Materials required to synthesize Fragarach Shards include various Rubies, Topazes and Purified Crystals.

Note: Weapon enchantment levels are NOT kept once upgrading your Celestial Fragarach.

Once you have obtained the above required items, forge/upgrade the Celestial Fragarach by selecting the Frageron Forge tab, located in your Inventory.


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Logging In
1) Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash and Shockwave Player installed.
2) If you are using Internet Explorer, please use version 7+, however we suggest you use Mozilla Firefox.
3) If the game is stuck at the loading screen, clear your browser's cookies, cache, history and temporary files.
4) If you receive a connection error, please refresh your browser and if the problem still persists, repair or reset your internet connection.
5) When experiencing connection issues, regularly check your current internet speed. You may check it at
6) If you have a firewall, make sure all ports are open and will allow all connections.

Character Creation and Deletion
Once choosing a server, you will see the following page. If you just registered, click the "Create" button to create a new character. If you would like to delete a character, click "Delete." Please be careful when deleting characters – We will not be able to retrieve your deleted character(s).

First, click on the character you would like to trade with. Next, click on the avatar at the top of the screen. Click "Trade." Drag items into the trade window, then click "Ready." Once both have agreed, click "Confirm."

How do I open up a Private Shop?
Once you reach level 30, you may open a Private Shop to sell equipment and items. First, you must stay in Starglade City to set up shop. Open up your inventory (B), and click "Private Shop." Drag your items into the "Private Shop" window, input the amount you would like to sell it at, write down your shop name and open your own shop!

I want to level up fast and efficiently!
Before level 20, the fastest way to level up is following the various quests. Once you reach level 20, there will be various interactive activities waiting for you. Find a party or guild. You will also be able to join a number of battlegrounds and dungeons. You can also find torches while training/from players. Torches will give you free experience over time for a short period.

What to do if you don't want to farm?
Besides battle grounds and dungeons, there are various daily quests and activities, including: Blessed Bath, Redemption, The Training, and Seed of Life.

I am tired of killing monsters
You may activate AFK mode, allowing you to kill surrounding monsters and enemies automatically.

How comes the gear and items have different colors?
The color of the items and gear indicates how good it is.
The ranking of the quality is as follows:
(worst) White -> Green -> Blue -> Gold -> Purple -> Orange (best)

What do the different modes stand for?
Peace Mode: You can not attack anyone but you can get attacked by other players
Evil Mode: You can attack anyone and your name turns red if you kill other players
Justice Mode: You can attack people with red names
Guild Mode: You can attack other players that are in Guild Mode
Party Mode: You can attack everyone who is not in your party

Oh no! My name turned red!
You killed a player while in "Evil Mode" and you gain a PK level. Each PK level lasts for one hour.

What is the Crystal Essence for?
You need Crystal Essence to upgrade your Soul Development.

What are torches used for?
An activated torch grands you EXP every 3 seconds.

What are the Ancient Coins for?
You may transform the Ancient Coins to Lucky Coins (costs 15 silver).
You can use the Lucky Coins for the Wishing Well in Starglade [X: 156, Y: 96].

Why can I not spend any more Crystals?
Crystal Saga has the following limits for Crystal spending:
Level 1 - 9 - You are not able to spend any Crystals
Level 10 - 24 - The Crystal limit is 2000
Level 25 - 34 - The Crystal limit is 10,000
If you are above level 35 you may spend as many Crystals as you wish.

I just accepted a quest and don't know where to go next
Don't know how to find a NPC? Simply click on the name in the Quest Log. The system will create a path that will lead you to your target. Additionally, once you open the map and click anywhere on the map, the system create the path for you.

I'm stuck! How do I get out?
Sometimes you may move into a place you shouldn't be. If you are stuck, try to re-login. Using a Town Portal scroll will also solve this issue. If the problem still exists, please file at ticket and we will assist you.

I accidentally clicked the wrong skill. Is there any way to change it?
You will receive an item called Sand of Time to reset your skills by finishing a quest once you reach level 50, however this may also be purchased from the Item Mall at any time.

What to do if there are to many people on my screen?
Click "?" to hide players. Additionally, you may click "Show/hide effects" at the bottom of the mini map to hide magic effects.

Where can I get more potions?
There is a Potion vendor in each city – You may buy potions here. Also, you may farm monsters to receive potions. If you do not want to go back to the city, you may buy them from Item Mall.

I am really laggy, what can I do?
There are several options. You can turn off player effects and other players on your map by pushing the respective buttons on the mini map. (See "Viewing" above) You can also turn down the maximum number of players that appear on your screen through the "System Settings" button at the bottom right of the screen near the volume control.


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Avernal Realm

The gates of h-ell are opened once again! Brave warriors, venture deep inside the hot and treacherous bowels of the Avernal Realm and stop the evil forces from escaping! In the Avernal Realm, damage dealt is everything. The more damage you deal to monsters, the more rewards you will receive.

How to Play:
In the Avernal Realm, damage dealt is everything. Players will be ranked according to the total amount of damage they deal to enemies. The more damage you deal, the more points you will receive. Point totals must be registered by the Imperial Warrior once the battle ground is complete if you wish to save these points for later use. These points can then be exchanged for various Avernal Packs. In this battleground, players’ attack modes are automatically set to peace mode and cannot be changed. When dying, you will face a 10 second penalty, in which you may not move or attack. You will, however, be immune to all damage.

Event Time:
1:30 PM – 2:00 PM PDT
9:00 PM – 9:30 PM PDT

Event Rules:
• You will not receive a balancer buff upon entering the Avernal Realm; however you may obtain stat potions by collecting rare plants within the Avernal Realm.
• Once the event begins, monsters (including two bosses) will spawn on each of the outer platforms. Monsters will respawn once killed.
• Once the event is over, head over to the Imperial Warrior to register your point total. By registering your point total, you are saving your points for later use. You may then exchange these points for Avernal Packs. If you fail to register your points, you will lose them!
Level Requirements: Players must be at least level 40.

Points: The more damage you deal, the higher your rank. The higher your rank, the more points you receive.

• 1st – 100 Points
• 2nd – 60 Points
• 3rd – 50 Points
• 4th to 7th – 45 Points
• 8th to 10th – 40 Points
• 11th to 30th – 25 Points

Rewards: Exchange your points for various Avernal Packs.

• Avernal Pack I (60 Points) - Randomly receive ONE item in the Avernal Pack.
• Avernal Pack II (110 Points) - Randomly receive TWO items in the Avernal Pack.
• Avernal Pack III (150 Points) - Randomly receive THREE items in the Avernal Pack
• Avernal Pack IV (225 Points) - Randomly receive FIVE items in the Avernal Pack.

Inside the Avernal Pack...
• Gold Honor Badge x 1
• Pixie Upgrade Crystal x 2
• Health Orb (Bound) x 2
• Mana Orb (Bound) x 2
• Purified Crystal x 10
• Soul Shard x 5
• Ethereal Wings x 5
• 1 Hour AFK Card (Bound) x 5
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