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Level 65 Heroic Trial FAQs

Branda Root and Malice Palace!
Heroic Trials FAQs

What are Heroic Trials?
Heroic Trials are enhanced versions of earlier dungeons to provide more of a challenge for our level 65+ players. These trials include stronger monsters and far better items for players to pick up.

Where do I go to start the Heroic Trials?
To start the Heroic Trials you will need to visit Diana in Aven. Elem. Expeditionary Baroness Diana is located at X480, Y397 near Guild Quest Officer Kaiser.

What are the Requirements?
Trial: Branda Root - 5-Player
  • Players will need to be in a Party.
  • Players wanting to join the dungeon need to be at least level 65.
  • Players joining need to have already completed the main quest line "Branda Root" in Wetlands.

Trial: Malice Palace - 8-Player
  • Players will need to be part of a Raid.
  • Players wanting to join the dungeon need to be at least level 65.
  • Players joining need to have already completed the main quest line "Malice Palace" in Wetlands.

Please note that you will not be able to enter these trials if you are currently queued for Arena.

Are there any special drops from these Heroic Trials?
Sacred Scar Heart, Flawless Ash, Fear Core, Evolution Blood, Lv 63 - 65 White Equipment, Yellow Blueprints for Lv 65 Equipment, Lv 65 Yellow Equipment and Lv 65 Trophies.

Which Trophies are available?
The following trophies are available from bosses in the trial versions of Branda Root and Malice Palace.

How many times can I run the Heroic Trials in a day?
You can run the Heroic Trials up to 10 times a day. This means each run, no matter which one you run, counts towards the total for the day. (8 Tasos and 2 Baltaroi would be an example of 10 runs.)

The counter does not count a 24 hour period from when you first run but counts down until 12am server time (EDT). When the server hits 12am the counter is reset allowing you to run 10 more trials.

Can I get any Trophy Fusion Scrolls from these Heroic Trials?
Sorry guys, No new Trophy Fusion Scrolls this time. There are a few Orange Lv2 Enchantments though.

Where is the Final Boss in Trial: Malice Palace?
After defeating Doubledoor's Soul you should receive a message saying that Doubledoor has appeared in the Corridor (X157, Y136). Speak to Doubledoor and he will tell you of an even greater evil. Escort Doubledoor safely to the Entrance of Malice Palace and confront Sagharra the netherworld demon wolf!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this, if you have additional questions or concerns feel free to post them in this thread or via the Contact Us.

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