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06 May 2011
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PostedApr 02, 2012 8:22 am

Transmutation Table

It's a Google spreadsheet, available online, but you can also download it for offline reference. No log-in required to view it. Currently the table is sorted according to Class > Level > Gear Name. Transmutation materials are also separated into columns according to their colors (white, green, blue, purple, orange, and red). The farthest column is for the diagrams. The names of all the gears are also color-coded according to their in-game colors.

Here's a preview:

This is in no way meant to undermine Saveric's list, but I've posted this as an additional, more detailed, and updated transmutation reference.

I made this table for personal use, but thought it would be nice to share it. Hope you find it useful too. :]


NB. If there's a gear I missed, or if you have suggestions/comments/excess AP you're itching to unload, feel free to send me a PM either here or in-game (Lancaeron.s2 @ m1). ;]
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