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Aeria Points (AP)

Official FAQ

Aeria prides itself on being one of the leading free-to-play (f2p) game distributors on the Internet. This means that, under no circumstances, will players be required to pay a single cent to play their wide variety of games. However, in order to stay in business, many of the games adopt a pay-to-play (p2p) system, where players can pay real money for a chance to improve their game play experience or make the games easier to win.

Aeria Points are the real-money currency of Aeria Games (AGE), and are universally used in every Aeria game. AP can be spent in any Aeria game, be traded for other currencies, but cannot be bought for any other currency or gained in any trading system. This provides AGE with a uni-directional profit and players with an advantage from their standard game play. One United States Dollar (USD) is equal to 100 AP. Here is a simple and effective site to translate world currencies for comparison.

Many AGE games feature in-game item malls with AP purchasing capabilities. These will direct the user to the website.

First, read this entire post. Then if you still have a billing question, concern, or if your AP isn't purchasing/accessible, etc. you should send a ticket through the Contact Us page.

AP and Item Purchase History

Your complete history of AP purchases, prizes, rewards, etc. can be found here.
Likewise, your complete game item purchase history can be found here. This also includes gifted items, in addition to items purchased in game and in the web malls. This does not include non-AP based purchased or gifted items.

Currency Transfer

IJJI, another major gaming company, is currently (2/13/2012) being assimilated into the AGE gaming company. The IJJI currency, G-Coins, which are the IJJI version of AP, will each be worth 10 AP. After the transition to Aeria is completed, the G-Coins will be gone, and each player will have 10 AP for every G-Coin they had while playing with IJJI.

Reward Points

On the Purchase History page you can also view your Reward Points history. Reward Points are similar to Bonus Cash; they are Extra AP points that you receive at no additional cost. However, you cannot use your Reward Points until 90 days after you received them with an AP purchase.
At the bottom of the Reward Point history screen, you will see the dates when you purchased AP, the status of those Reward Points, and the date when you will be able to use them. Once the 90 days have passed, you will be able to click in the highlighted column to activate your Reward Points.


How to Purchase AP
1. Go to the Main Aeria Games Website -

2. Click the Buy AP button located at the top of the page on the drop-down that appears when you hover over your current AP amount.

3. You then will be able to choose from a vast variety of Payment Options. Choose the Payment Option that is best for you.
Please keep in mind that each Payment Option is different, and it may take longer to get your AP using some of them compared to others.

4. Select the Amount you'd like.
Amounts you can choose from will vary from Option to Option.

5. Click the Proceed button once you have chosen your Amount.

6. The Confirmation is the final step before receiving your AP. You will notice the Amount Purchased, the Default AP obtained, as well as any additional Bonus amount. Click the Proceed button once you have confirmed that your purchase info is correct.

7. You will be directed to the website of the company handling the transaction (for example, PayPal) and prompted to give some information to complete your purchase.

Some Payment Options award your AP faster than others and can take from 10 minutes to 7 days.  

Purchase Options
While AP is usually purchased with real money, there are multiple options to choose from. AP purchases are non-refundable, with the exception of a technical error. AP cannot be transferred from one account to another under any circumstances. Note that AP may take a few minutes, or even hours before appearing on your account.

If you experience AP Recharge Center issues, try clearing your browser history, deleting all cookies, logging out, closing the browser and then logging back in. That will fix most issues. If not, try using a different browser.

You can compare purchase options between different countries here.

Credit Card

The available credit card payment options accept most major credit cards, and provide additional savings which are displayed in red. "PayPal Recurring" is the recommended type of credit card payment, currently with a 75% savings and a repeating payment plan. Each payment option provides slightly different services which will appear when you hover the mouse over a payment plan.

Cash & E-Wallet

Cash-based payment options are able to avoid using credit cards, often by using Gift Cards.


Prepaid cards are available in a multitude of gaming stores, shops, and markets around the world, and act similar to gift cards. They have prepaid amounts of AP on them, as well as codes on the backs. To use them, locate the code, and proceed to this page. Select your prepaid card type, and proceed to the payment amount page. You should see the following code input fields:

Enter the code(s) from the back of the card (if codes are already visible and have previously been activated purchase will not work), and click proceed. Confirm the code is correct and proceed to complete purchase.

Charge to Mobile

AP is also able to be purchased from mobile (cell) phones and related devices. This allows increased security and avoids using credit cards, but also produces the lowest savings.  

Ways to Earn AP

AGE provides players with several different ways to gain AP for free, the most common being on the Offers page. All of the offers on this page are free, but some may require you to subscribe to a service, try a product, etc. A vast number of offers are available, but some offers report a delay or may not work for all players. Note, there are absolutely, positively, no free AP sites except the Aeria Offers page. Any player claiming otherwise is lying, and any site claiming otherwise is a scam site, and is to be avoided.


The Offers page includes a long list of Sponsors, each supporting different ways to earn AP. If you don't like the offers one sponsor presents, click another one for a different range of offers. A sponsor is an associate of AGE who provides an advertisement or service and grants you AP for completing it, benefiting their business and your AP balance.

Types of Offers

Under each sponsor, there are several main types of offers, organizable by factors like "free", "video", "survey", "download", etc. Here are how each major offer group works (in order of overall experience):

Video Offers

Video offers are the newest type of offer, and act very much like a commercial. They each show a video player, and the viewer needs to follow the viewing requirements, such as watching the whole video, repeating a code or phrase which appears in the video, or clicking a button which appears when the video is finished. If the viewer fails to meet the requirements, that individual offer may become unavailable to them. Some videos can be repeated multiple times. New videos are constantly being added, often on a daily basis, and the majority of them are very short (around 30 seconds on average). However, since these offers are so common and easy, they each provide only a small amount of AP (1-5 AP per video on average), and must be completed in bulk for the rewards to amount to much.

Download Offers

Download offers usually provide the most AP (Hundreds of AP per offer), making them one of the most favored, but under-used offer types. Most of the download offers work, provided that the end user follows the steps as intended. Fear not, none of the download files have viruses, or will harm your computer in any way. Most are quick and direct, and will give the end user generous amounts of AP. These offers are only available once each, and may disappear if they are not completed correctly.

Survey Offers

Survey offers require the player to complete a questionnaire or survey, and usually provide substantial AP, often hundreds of AP per survey offer. These offers may take up to an hour to complete each, and will require genuine and accurate input. They may also require an e-mail address, and ask the player to subscribe to non-Aeria based product offers. These offers usually require a cell-phone number so they can send you the survey results.

Trial Offers

Trial offers ask the user to participate in a product trial, often in the world outside of the internet. The offers will provide a product to the player and the player must engage with said product until the individual offer requirements are met.  


Occasionally, Product Managers or Game Masters may host events with AP prizes. These events are almost always forum-based, and test players creativity. For these events, the prize method will usually consist of a redeemable code being sent to the winners via private message to their forum inbox. This code can be redeemed here, after which the reward AP should be transferred to your account.

E-Mail Prizes

Aeria has occasionally sent out free AP rewards to players via their account e-mail. This is sometimes done for a holiday or corporate take-over, something fun for all, where they can show appreciation to players. The e-mails usually include step-by-step instructions on how to redeem the rewards, and may not only apply to AP. Aeria often sends out e-mails for item-related rewards. Note, these e-mails often get sent to the 'spam' folder by mistake, but players should always verify that the e-mail is legitimate before using it. Not everybody will receive these e-mails, but for your change to get them, go to your profile, go to 'Edit Profile' at the top left, go to 'Notifications', check the box under 'Aeria Games Communications', input any verification text which may be required, and click 'Submit', from which point you should receive e-mails from Aeria.

AP Wheel

Recently, Aeria has tried several events regarding an AP-based wheel of fortune. The concept is simple, players can either purchase 1 or 10 spins for a fixed amount of AP, like a loot wheel. Then the wheel spins and lands on different AP values like maybe 10 AP or 25 AP, with a large grand prize like 10,000 AP.  

FunCard Trading
Superman0X wrote:
What can we SELL these AP Codes for?
Aeria Games will allow the sale of these codes for in game items in our games. We will NOT allow the sale of these codes for real money, aeria accounts, or item/accounts from other games. Advertising any of these prohibited transactions will result in loss of service to the account.  

What does this mean? It means that if you get scammed, your money/AP will not be refunded. The GMs do not condone this method but they do not prohibit it either. If you decide to do it, it is at your own risk.

Note: GSs and GMs can not assist you in trades involving FunCards.

Sellers of Fun Cards can be scammed too. Please remember that a player can always claim the number doesn't work thus getting their items back and pocketing your AP. This is why GM's don't condone this type of trade. There is always a chance of getting scammed. This is also why it's best to only trade with well known players. Do your research before taking this risk. Frequent your server's Barter section and lurk topics that have to do with buying/selling AP. You'll soon be able to gather who is well known and who isn't.  


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Profile Editing

Media is how you express yourself. It can reflect your personality, tell something personal about yourself, or just organize your favorite songs. There are many ways other than karma icons, cursors, and signatures for you to tell the Aeria community what you're all about, such as music players, pictures, funny videos, and lots of other forms of entertainment which can be added to your profile.

To get started, I will explain how to add media to your blurb and flash/media.
Go to your profile, then click "Edit Profile" near the top. This will take you to your basic information page, and from here you can navigate to all the settings pages.

Click "About Me" to access your main media center. Here, you can add content to your blurb and flash/media (as well as your signature). These two media displays are compatible with most web-based media, such as videos, music players, pictures, text, widgets, flash games, etc. Any content you add to one of the above will appear on your profile.

After you are done adding media to your blurb and/or flash/media (and any other fields), scroll down to the bottom of the page, and enter the two lines of text in the captcha image, then click "Submit" to save the changes to your profile. This method of saving information applies to all the settings pages.


Visual: Visual media can include, but is not limited to, pictures, photos, GIFs, JPGs, PNGs, flash material, media players, widgets, games, text, etc. It includes all media in your blurb, flash/media, avatar, signature, personal/contact information, blogs, background image, karma icons, etc. If it is visible, it is visual media.

Video: Video media includes all video players, and it is most commonly embedded content acquired from YouTube. To add video(s) to your profile go to YouTube, find a video you want, click "Share", click "Embed", select any specific size or features (Note, you may need to select "Use old embedded code"), copy the embedded code, and add it to either "Blurb About Me" or flash/media.

Audio: Audio media includes playlists, sound files, and any audio content. If you can hear it, then it is audio media. Audio media comes in two varieties; automated and manual. Automated audio is an audio program/file/function which plays by default. Manual audio is an audio program/file/function which needs interaction from the viewer to start. You can also create high-quality playlists for free here.


Visual media cannot contain nudity or adult themes. If a member takes offense to such material, the material may be subject to removal and the player may be subject to a ban. This rule would most often apply if the user intentionally added such material for nefarious purposes. No visual/video media can have racism/sexism or similar offensive content. Such media is also subject to deletion, and the poster may be banned. A limited degree of gore is allowed in profile media, animated or cartoon gore included. If a profile has too much visual media which contains gore, some or all of said media may be subject to deletion.

Rules regarding manual audio media are very lenient, allowing almost any type of audio media. Again, this rule may not apply if the member is intentionally trying to offend other members. Additionally, most music playlists are excluded from removal, regardless of song content. However, if automated audio media contains an unreasonable degree of offending language or offensive concepts, it may be subject to deletion. Automated audio media is restricted to profiles only. If a member tries to include automated audio media in a forum post or signature, it will be subject to deletion.  

Code Snippets
Karma Icons

Customized karma icons are a newer addition to personalized pages. They are available in PNG and GIF formats with the following code pasted into your Flash/Media on your profile:

<style text="text/css">#hasStars .hasStar, #hasStars.hasEmpty .hasStar {
background:url(empty karma link) !important;}.show1 #star1,.show2 #star1,.show3 #star1,.show4 #star1,.show5 #star1{background:url(first mouseover karma link) !important;}.show2 #star2,.show3 #star2,.show4 #star2,.show5 #star2{background:url(second mouseover karma link) !important;}.show3 #star3,.show4 #star3,.show5 #star3{background:url(third mouseover karma link) !important;}.show4 #star4,.show5 #star4{background:url(forth mouseover karma link) !important;}.show5 #star5,.starvenuya e{background:url(fifth mouseover karma link) !important;}.has1 #hasStar1,.has15 #hasStar1,.has2 #hasStar1,.has2 #hasStar2,.has25 #hasStar1,.has25 #hasStar2,.has3 #hasStar1,.has3 #hasStar2,.has3 #hasStar3,.has35 #hasStar1,.has35 #hasStar2,.has35 #hasStar3,.has4
#hasStar1,.has4 #hasStar2,.has4 #hasStar3,.has4 #hasStar4,.has45 #hasStar1,.has45 #hasStar2,.has45 #hasStar3,.has45 #hasStar4,.has5 #hasStar1,.has5 #hasStar2,.has5 #hasStar3,.has5 #hasStar4,.has5 #hasStar5{background:url(full karma link) !important;}.has05 #hasStar1,.has15 #hasStar2,.has25 #hasStar3,.has35 #hasStar4,.has45 #hasStar5{background:url(half karma link) !important;}</style>

Note, the (karma link) spaces will need to be filled by the direct links to the PNG/GIF files. To get these links, upload the files to Photobucket, click "Share", click "Get link code", and copy the links for each image, found under "Direct link for layout pages".


PNG images: These are immobile, with transparency enabled. They are fairly quick to make with GIMP, a free image manipulation program which is capable of creating and saving most image formats. Please keep in mind while making them that you will need multiple images, one for each of the following; full karma, half karma, empty karma, and 1-5 images for mouseover karma (karma icons which are displayed when you move the mouse over the karma icons). Similar image formats may work in place of PNG, but PNG format is the most effective for the Aeria site. Also keep in mind that images should be 35x35 pixels, and that not adhering to that size may hinder the images.

GIF images: GIFs can be created by taking multiple images and combing them into a single moving image. There are numerous programs which can be used online or which can be downloaded to create such images, such as THIS easy and popular site. GIFs usually take 3 times as long to create as PNG images, so please keep this in mind if you are requesting a GIF or want to make one yourself.
*Note* The mouseover images need to cover the ones they are overlapping. To do this, I recommend either using the same image outline, or making larger mouseover images, or filling the backgrounds of the mouseover images with solid color.


Deceptive or automated methods of acquiring karma ARE frowned upon, and may result in a warning or mild punishment. Karma icons which do not openly distinguish between full karma and empty/half karma values are NOT frowned upon. Do not try to eat karma. Doing so may damage said karma and/or your mouth. Karma is a free commodity, and should only be used for entertainment purposes.  

Cursor Icons
Cursors are the mouse pointers which appear on your profile. While these do not translate to other Aeria pages, both you and visitors can see any specialized cursor which you have on your profile. Cursors can be animated, however, there are often browser restrictions, and the animations may not appear on every browser. This site offers a wide range of free cursors, animated and immobile.

Find a cursor that suits you, scroll down to find "Option #1 - Universal CSS/HTML Code", copy the code, and paste the code into your flash/media. Other free cursor sites also provide a compatible code:

<style type="text/css">body, a:hover {cursor: url(, progress !important;}</style>


Cursors should be ideally be easily visible to the user. Cursors should also ideally be limited to a reasonable size, such as 32x32 pixels, although additional sizes may be compatible and appropriate.  

To add a signature first find an image, right click it, then click "copy image location", paste the image location into the "Signature" textbox on your "About Me" page, add [img] before the link and [/img] after it. You can also center it by adding [center] before the image and [/center] after it. You can also set up a signature rotator with this site.


Signatures cannot exceed a 700x200 pixel limit, as illustrated here:
| 2
| 0
| 0

Additionally, signatures cannot exceed 120KB in size. Both pixel height/width and file size include any additional content, such as having multiple images or additional text. For example: I could have 2 signatures that have a combined height of 200 pixels, but I could not have three signatures which are each 100 pixels in height. You can have GIF signatures, signatures with links, and similar content within your signature. Flash signatures are also allowed.  


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Media Gathering

Taking & Uploading Screenshots
Taking a Screenshot

1. While in game, all you must do is hit the Print Screen button on your keyboard. You may need to hold it down for a second. If you are taking a screenshot to report an issue, adjust the camera angle so that all the information can be seen clearly. Make sure that the name and action are clearly visible and also as large as you can fit it on the screen.

You will see an in-game notification in the chat window if the screen capture is successful.

2. To view your screenshot go to the default Aeria folder.
This is generally accessed by:
My Computer -> C: -> AeriaGames -> Lime Odyssey
Then just double click on the Screenshots folder and the last one in the list should be the most recent.

Uploading a Screenshot

After you have found the image on your computer, you can go to a variety of image hosting websites. A common one being ImageShack. Just click Browse and locate the image on your computer. Once found, select the image and click Open. Then you will need to click the Upload Now button below. You can then click View Full Size to get a direct link to the image.  

Recording & Uploading Videos
Recording a Video

This guide will explain how to record a video using CamStudio, which is a completely free video recording program.

System Requirements

Video recording requires some pretty hefty specs, depending on what you desire to do. A note for older video cards: If you desire to work with 1080p, your card must accept VGA at least. Some cards however will not output widescreen through VGA.

For NVIDIA on 3D Applications @ 1080p

 FPS Desired      RAM      CPU Speed      Graphics Card      CPU Cores*
     60           4 GB     3.0+ Ghz       NVIDIA GTS 250+       2~3
     30           4 GB     2.5+ GHz       NVIDIA GTS 250+       2~3
    >20           2 GB     2.1+ GHz       NVIDIA GeForce 6k+    1~3

* Note: Cores Needed is at the CPU Speed. Turbo does not count.
  Threads are not cores.

For ATI/AMD Radeon* on 3D Applications @ 1080p

 FPS Desired      RAM      CPU Speed      Graphics Card      CPU Cores
     60           4 GB     3.0+ Ghz       AMD Radeon HD 6k+     2~4
     30           4 GB     2.5+ GHz       AMD Radeon HD 4k+     2~4
    >20           2 GB     2.1+ GHz       ATI Rage/Voodoo+**    1~4

* Note: ATI / AMD may cause some fonts to look garbled on ffdshow.
** Rage/Voodoo must have 3D Capabilities. Not all do.

Video Settings

In CamStudio, you will need to set specific settings for the game you desire to record. The above specifications are generalized things, and some computers will perform better at recording with lower specifications depending on the codec you use, and what the codec's settings are.

In CamStudio's settings dropdown, go to video settings. A new dialog will appear, and in the top drop down, you will need to select ffdshow. If you do not have the codec for ffdshow, read Appendix A below for more information. After you have ffdshow selected, make sure you click the Configure button near the dropdown. Another dialog will appear.

In the ffdshow configuration dialog, make sure the codec/encoder you choose (Top left dropdown on the right side of the dialog. The left side of the dialog has the settings tree for each encoder/codec.) is MSMPEG4. You may play with other ones later, but MSMPEG4 will perform the best. If you do not have MSMPEG4, but ffdshow is a codec option in video settings, you must read Appendix A below. The FOURCC should stay the default. Make sure to change from average bitrate / quantizer / whatever to quality instead, and change the slider to 100. If you set the average bitrate / quantizer instead, it may look blocky.

After you have these settings, press OK on the ffdshow configuration dialog. Now, if you want to post-edit your video, keep the video settings for CamStudio open, and change the bottom slider from 200 to 60, then after that, make sure that the slider cannot be used by unchecking/using a dropdown so that you have to change it manually from now on, rather than via the slider automatically. (Leaving CamStudio to auto-adjust it may cause the recorder to auto-lower the frames per second.) Set keyframes to 60 when you have it at 60 (first textbox below the codec dropdown).

Sound Settings

There are three ways you can record sound: Microphone only, Game sound only (Vista Newer, only) and both Microphone and Game sound (Vista, Newer only).

Microphone Only
If you only want to talk, and not have your voice mulled over by the game sounds, make sure that in the settings drop-down on CamStudio's main interface is set to Record Audio from Microphone.

When Record Audio from Microphone is checked, go to Configure Audio Settings in the settings dropdown. On the new audio settings dialog, make sure that MCI Recording is checked at the bottom. Make sure that the audio compression is set to PCM, Mono, 16-bit, 22000 Hz at the most. Even if you set to stereo, your voice will not be stereo. Mono inputs can only accept mono sound in windows.

The default recording device should be set to Microphone. Press OK after this.

Game Sound Only
In the record audio from settings, make sure it is set to Microphone. On the configure audio dialog as mentioned in the above section, make sure Stereo Mix is selected. If it does not show, right-click the speaker icon in your notification tray (left of the clock normally) and go to recording devices. On the recording devices dialog, right-click a white, blank part of the listing of devices, make sure Disabled Devices is checked.

Now, right-click microphone, and disable it. Right-click stereo-mix and enable it. Close recording devices, and go back to the audio config dialog and close it. Re-open the audio config dialog from before, and choose Stereo Mix, which should now show. This only works in Vista and newer.

Game Sounds AND Microphone
This option may cause your microphone to be routed through the speakers, so you may echo when talking, as the speakers will have your voice. Be wary of feedback loops.

Like in the previous two sections, make sure Record Audio from Microphone is checked. Also, make sure Stereo Mix is enabled, from the last section. However, before you go disabling your microphone, make sure the Mic Boost is up to a good level, then disable it.

After disabling your microphone, on the sound devices dialog at the top, you will notice a bunch of tabs: Playback, Recording, etc. Click Playback to show Playback devices. Now, for your speakers, or whatever your output is, right-click it, and go to properties / options / whatever. On the first tab, there should be a bunch of sliders near the mid-bottom, one of them shows Mic or Microphone. Un-check the speaker icon to the right of it (making it show it isn't muted). This will allow the speakers to hear your microphone, in turn allowing stereo mix to hear it.

Now, in the audio config dialog, like last section, make sure stereo mix is your default recording device. Press OK and close the sound devices dialog and CamStudio's audio settings dialog (make sure MCI Recording is on). This only works on Vista and newer.

Size of Video

If you need a smaller video recording area, you can set auto-follow / panning to true on the settings dropdown from the CamStudio's main interface, then set auto-pan speed to 80.

To auto-pan properly, have a fixed video area of 1280 x 720 (720p), 856 x 480 (480p), and 640 x 360 (360p) and do not have "fixed top-left" checked. When you start recording, it will show a strange border with a new mouse cursor (this is asking you to select a place to start recording).

When you want to make a smaller file size, or wish to focus more on smaller things, I suggest 480p always, or 360p.

Appendix A

If you have codec packages already installed, remove them all! Instead, install the combined community codec pack:

If the CCCP still does not allow you to select MSMPEG4, you may need to search google for an older version of ffdshow. Regardless, the best performing recording codec is, currently, msmpeg4.  

Uploading a Video

This is pretty simple. After recording your video, just go to YouTube and upload your video.
You can then share your link with friends, use it to back up a report, or embed or on your profile page.  


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