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Beckoning Lime

a little "tail" for the Muris story time...
Hey everyone!

I'm a Grand Fantasia player, and I'm excited about Lime Odyssey. This is the first time I've posted on an Aeria forum, so forgive me if I'm a bit wobbly and don't know what I'm doing.

It's kind of funny to me that most everyone ended up doing the coming-of-age/no-mom-I'm-going-on-this-journey kind of story, but I think it definitely fits. Kudos to everyone who has been wordsmithing!

For my story, I tried to incorporate lots of bits of the Lime lore and jargon as well as some game dynamics. Thanks for this fun little game, but mostly I just hope you enjoy the story!



Oh, how the little Muris Bai hoped that the tea garden’s rusty muscovite gate wouldn’t squeak. He knew how keen Father and Mother’s big, twitching ears were, and he’d already made it down the creaky stairs by creeping on his paws, through his parents quaint, sweet-smelling tea shop below their rooms, and quietly out the door. It would be such a shame to give up now, and on such a mysterious, beckoning night. Crouching behind some the garden’s herbs destined for the life-giving brews sold in the shop, Bai remembered the stories his sister, Wai, had told him about the land and life beyond their little town of Pripet, beyond their floating island continent. Stories of mining, cruel monsters, guilds, quests… and Lime.

Bai knew the penalty for sneaking out: more work in the tea garden and shop -- more and more and more. In a city famous for its tea, in a garden still more famous for its tea, Bai’s parents were even more famous master tea crafters even among master tea crafters. Their teas could make a Muris stronger than a Turga warrior – or bring the injured back from the brink of death. It was simply understood that young Bai would follow in his parents’ footsteps, in the family tradition, and carry on their work of tea crafting. He had the talent, skill, upbringing. It was expected of him, and Bai could certainly do it. He was to behave responsibly.

But that is exactly why Bai could not accept it. He could not quietly pass through a predictable life of gardening and brewing. Not when the mystery of Lime was the hushed whisper of every gossiper, which of course meant almost every Muris.

Not even a full sun-cycle had passed since Wai had run away from home with the family grimoire tucked under her cloak to pursue adventures beyond home and to discover Lime. She had returned home penniless, starved, sick, missing two fingers on her left paw, and nearly dead. She was the only survivor among a band of guild mates questing to defeat the brutal monster Sekhmet. Perhaps even worse than losing a few fingers, in her escape Wai had lost the family’s most precious heirloom, that grimoire passed down from their ancestors, the old ones.

Even while skillfully using their potions to save Wai’s life, their parents’ compassion was mixed with disappointment and anger. Meaning to make an example out of her for Bai, they shunned Wai and openly resented her for losing the grimoire. Despite grieving fallen friends and dealing with this punishment, Wai never regretted her decision to leave. That is why, when they were alone in the tea garden, she had recounted to her brother the love of the open country and the beautiful night sky as a roof. Out there, her guild worked together as a unit to sustain each other and pursue Lime. She used her tea gardening skills to gather and prepare wonderful foods and teas to support her team. In battle she bent the elements to bring down heavy damage upon foes, alongside healing clerics and behind the ranks of sneaky thieves and protecting warriors.

It was tales of those warriors that Bai dreamed about at night. Wai had told him about one independent warrior in particular who was also a blacksmith; he mined cold rocks and turned them into powerful weapons in his bare paws. Bai had even gotten his own paws on a Pikin Jewel and, to his amazement, had been able to some crude solvent and jewel extract to fashion a rather decent Adventurer’s Sword. He did this with no training at all. Was it the will of Nysis that Bai become a blacksmith and warrior? His young imagination was filled with flashing armor, glinting in the hot Ortan sun, easily deflecting the claws, teeth and horns of savage beasts.

But now Bai cowered in the night’s inviting shadows, peeping out from behind a row of shrubs, craning his eyes to just make out the meadow beyond Pripet’s towering windmills and quaint houses. Beyond the meadow was the end of the continent, and the way to the world below.

For a moment, he wished that he could just use some kind of magical alchemy to open the gate, like the powers wielded by “sprites” in a book he had read. Such a ridiculous thought forced Bai to slap his paws over his mouth to choke back a burst of a laugher that surely would have woken his parents. No, there would be no little helpers speaking poorly-translated English on this journey! Bai couldn’t help but snicker to himself at the absurdity…

Gathering his focus again, Bai slowly pulled his handmade dagger from his belt and used it to pry the gate’s latch open with a click so faint even the best Muris ears would not have heard it from inside the tea house. From his backpack he took crude solvent he had stashed and applied it to the gate’s hinges. With a gentle push, the door opened freely and easily. Most importantly, it opened quietly.

Bai slipped through the gate. Closing it behind himself, he took a final gaze at home, but there was no returning to its dark doorway now. From his big ears to his furry feat, Bai could hear the call of adventure, curiosity and a more meaningful life. He could feel the call of Lime.


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06 Nov 2011
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astrofirefox9 wrote:
The Muris Detective

Sally bent over to examine the tracks on the ground and brushed a piece of her blonde hair away.

"Hmm....They look like fox tracks...." Sally straightened up and turned to look at her assistant and best friend, Henry. "We know what the culprit is. We just need to catch him or her in the act."

Henry nodded and asked, "How will we do that, Sally?"

Sally adjusted her leather cap and thought for a moment then answered, "We'll lay a trap."

Henry nodded once more. "Good idea."

Sally had brown fur and green eyes. She was dressed in a red shirt, brown trousers, and a pair of brown shoes. There was a slit in the back of her trousers for her tail and there were 2 slits in her brown cap where her ears stuck out.

Henry had brown fur, black hair, and blue eyes. He wore a green shirt, blue trousers, and a pair of black shoes. His trousers had the same slit in the back that Sally's had for her tail.

Henry's ears twitched. "How will we trap the fox?"

Sally thought for a few minutes then responded, "Well, he or she has been stealing noodles lately so I assume they will again. We'll just leave some noodles out and wait for the theif then catch them with a net."

Henry smiled. "Sounds good. When is it going to happen?"

Sally looked up at the sky. "Tonight. Just get permission from your parents first. I'll have to ask mine too."

Henry nodded. "Alright. Hey, Sally. If we solve this case tonight, this will be our tenth case we've solved in a row. Isn't that awesome?

Sally smiled. "Yea." She turned and looked back at him. "I'll go get the supplies we'll need. I'll meet you behind the general store in a hour."

Henry saluted her then turned and ran off in the direction of his house.

Sally faced forward and started walking toward her hourse. She was sure her parents would say yes. They were used to her solving cases now and this one wasn't dangerous at all.

She started thinking of each thing that she would need when suddenly a blue burst of light shot up into the sky. Her eyes widened and because of her curious nature, she started running toward the source of the blue light.

Once she reached it, she walked up to it and the light started talking. "The Lime has returned. Any adventurer willing to search for it, go out and seek it. Spread the word."

Other people had arrived as it had started talking and they started whispering to each other.

"Could it be true? Has the Lime really returned?" "The Lime hasn't been seen for thousands of years." "Is this some kind of trick?"

Sally's curiousty peaked even more. What was this Lime?

Henry ran up to her. "Sally, are you okay?"

She nodded and looked at him. "Did you hear what it said?"

He nodded. "Yea. I ran over here when I saw it."

Sally's eyes were wide. "This is could be the ultimate case...We could go on an adventure and search for it, Henry!"

Henry smiled a little. "That sounds cool, but would our parents even let us go?"

Sally sighed. "We would have to ask...."

Her and Henry's parents walked up. Sally's mom said, "So you want to go searching for the Lime?"

Henry and Sally looked up, unaware that their parents had heard them.

Sally spoke up, "Yes, but we won't do it without your permission."

Their parents looked at each other. Sally's dad said, "Well, they are both fifteen."

Henry's dad responded, "Supplies won't be too much of a hassle."

Henry's mom spoke up, "But how will they defend themselves?"

Sally's dad grinned. "They can each choose a battle class and we can afford the weapons and armor they'll need."

Sally's mom glanced at Henry and Sally. "They can also learn the beginning of a trade before they start off."

Sally looked at Henry then back at their parents. "So the answer is?...."

Sally's dad smiled. "The asnwer is yes." Sally's mom and Henry's parents nodded.

Sally started jumping up and down with excitement. "This will be the most challenging case yet!"

Henry smiled at her. "But don't forget about trapping that fox tonight."

Sally stopped. "Oh yea..." She turned to their parents once more. "May we go out tonight and trap a fox?"

Sally's dad asnwered, "Of course." Sally's mom responded, "Just be careful."

Sally nodded. "We will." She turned to Henry. "I'll hurry and get the supples then meet you at the back of the general store."

Henry nodded. "Okay."

Sally turned and ran off toward her house to collect the supplies as the blue column of light still shot up into the sky. It would be sometime before Henry and her could start on their adventure but it would truely be the most challenging case of their lives.  

Great dialogue!


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Into the Sea of Fate

The Adventure of the Chosen Muris
Fate had brought a child to Ellana, the chosen one. For one thing fate knew, this child was mystically unique—difference shades the very nature of her soul.

Over the years, children kept their distance to Ellana. Perhaps, it was her spotted skin shown through the sun’s rays. One thing you can see in the figure of Ellana is her radiance—the ever-glowing light that pierces through the eyes of others; a beam that serenades tears from the sky and the fluxing of the river of Orta. Her eyes was shaped in the figure of the moon—perfectly placed through the likeness of the gods and goddesses. Her face was glimmering with diamonds carefully mined from every rich mountains of the world. Her body is like sculpted by the Apollonian realm—perfectly able to dazzle the dance hall and perform numerous jives and kicks through an amusement replay.

Fond of many tricks, Ellana would spend her time doing naughty things that would bring irritation to the Village of Menorca. But, the irritation runs only like how a sakura, a cherry blossom, fall at a centimeter speed. Her puppy eyes are unavoidably charming that spellbinds each and every person a smile on their faces.

Why are the children avoiding Ellana? Perhaps, this question is mysterious—the answer is evident but consequent in its nature. Ellana is of a Muris; the others were humans. Ellana is different for she is not human. The children believed that Ellana might bring bad luck to them for she is not how a common human would appear—though she is not hated or loathed, the children preferred a distance from her. Her stepmother would only tell her, “Ellana, my little goddess, the children are just envious of you; you are the deliverer of delights, master of happiness; they—they are just humans who are so common you can attach a general statement to them. Hush, my daughter. Hush, my little goddess.”

Ellana had her happiest day when she and her mother hiked Mt. Caroline to pluck Getwell Flowers and Helti Plants. She met a human: a child with a satchel, a dagger, and some health tonics to name some. The boy had a mud on his face, some scratches behind his arms and some visible wounds around his body. Ellana, lover of questions, expectant of answers, started a banter exchange with the boy. The conversation revolved into many topics: name, origin, age, purpose, reason, and…why he is not avoiding Ellana.

“Whoa, many questions ‘thur mi lady! The name’s Bess. Age…well it doesn’t matter, right? I’m from a continent far away; had to holler with seamen for a free ridin’ and surfin’. Am here at whatchamacallit Mountains for some goody ‘dventure. Why should I avoid you, lady, I holler? ‘Yar a Muris—I have lived with them fo quite some time.”

“You lived with them…with my co-Muris? Where are they? What can I do to find them? I need to see them! I wanna stop being different…stop being different.” Ellana retorted.

“Hah! You dontcha know what-yer-sayin’! Embarking on quite an adventure would be hard, missy. Quite hard you will be needin’ some weapn’s and armors.”

“Adventure? What kind of adventure? Would we cross rivers and oceans? Would be go hiking from mountains to mountains? Would we be feeling the love of nature through forests and streams? Weapons? We have lots—knife, stone, pots, wooden sticks! Ah, armors—“

“Ecstatic, are we milady? Hold yer holler and calm down! Ye’ have your adoptive fam’ly here you see? Am a lone traveller, didn’t have someone to take care of me. Grew up in woods and hunted down animals. You can’t manage to survive, you see?” interrupted Bess.

“Wow! Why don’t you have a family? And…you lived in woods? I want to see it! Please, let me join you! I’m grown up now and have been waiting to set on a journey to find my co-Muris! My mother, a human, also permitted me once I am able to find a man who would help me to start my quest…”

“Well, well, well, why don’t we go to ‘yer house and start equippin’ those gears for an adventure, missy? The search would be hard and we might need to embark on live-threat’ning situations.”

“I don’t mind! I’m strong! I can manage to defeat every monsters with tricks upon my sleeves…perhaps?”

The two went back to the village to discuss the adventure with the family and the tribe. The children kept running around in circles—perhaps for joy. The people swarmed the house of Ellana and gave their farewell presents and heartwarming messages. Ellana’s mother kept quiet. Agony is flowing through her veins, cutting it blood by blood.

For she knew, Ellana is her daughter—though not biological, she knew, as always, that she was born from her ever-loving heart.


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Sky high once more
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Lime: The hope of a nation

A tale to give hope to people, so that they may believe and set out to realize a bright new future
I am the librarian, I work in the library of our capital city. I am tasked with gathering all the information I can find about Lime so that one day we can stop the descent of our beautiful floating city, before it’s too late. Over the years I’ve collected many tales and rumors about this mystical fruit, but now that the beacon has been light and is covering our city in its blue glow, I am reassured there is still hope, now more than ever.

Because of all these events, I would like to tell you a story. It’s a story about one of the closest encounters with Lime recorded in decades.

It all started on a sunny warm day. In the middle of town, at the town square, the weekly market was held. Men and women were walking around, doing their daily work and buying groceries. There were the normal noises of chatter and laughter. A white puppy was lazily sleeping in the sun while a turtle was floating in the pond. Underneath the big tree was a boy sitting, reading a thick book, seemingly cut off from the world. A group of teenagers was playing there as usual.

“Let’s go play in the forest” one of the teenagers said. “That’s so boring” said Sinan while shaking his head. “We’ve been there so many times, I want to go somewhere more exciting”.
“Well, I’m sure you haven’t been to the Forbidden Forest yet, so how about that?” said Lila.
“We do have a good reason for that, it’s dangerous” said the rest of the group “if you go there you might get hurt”. “Yes, yes, I know” said Lila “We’re not allowed in there because rocks that crumble from the floating island crash there. But I haven’t heard of anything coming down lately, so it should be ok”. “Or are you scared Mr. Run-to-my-mommy-adventurer?”
“No>.<,not at all, it just seems pointless to go there knowing we could get hurt” Sinan said.
“Don’t be such a baby, come on, let’s go” the girl said while running off.


And that’s how the group arrived at the Forbidden Forest. They stopped at an open spot and looked around. “Well, this forest looks just as boring as the regular one. I think we should go back” said Sinan. “Hold on, not so fast, let’s explore for a bit” said Lila while walking around. Sinan sat down and scuffed “Suit yourself, I’ll be here once you’re done boring yourself”.

Then, about a minute later, there was a scream coming from the direction Lila went. The group was startled by it and jumped up, wildly looking around. “What was that, what was that?!” one person yelled. “That sounded like Lila, maybe she got hurt” said Sinan. The rest of the group looked around scared, “What if it was a monster? Let’s run” said someone. But Sinan replied “But what about Lila? We have to go find her” and he walked into the direction the scream had come from. Reluctantly the rest of the group followed.
About a hundred meter further they encountered a cave, tucked away between some rocks. “This is probably the place where Lila”. Sinan turned around to the group and said “Listen up everyone. I’ll have a quick look inside to see what’s up. If it’s a monster I’ll have a better chance to run away than if we go in as a group”. But before I go in, I think someone should run back to the town and get an adult. If Lila is hurt, she might have to be carried”. He pointed at the tall boy in the group who then ran away. And so Sinan stepped into the cave.

It seemed dark and damp, Sinan stood still to give his eyes a chance to get used to it. When he looked around he saw Lila laying on the floor, and in front of her a huge shadow. “Lila, are you ok?” Sinan said while shaking her shoulders. She moaned a bit but seemed to come to, “What happened…..oh yeah…the MONSTER?!” she said frightened. “What are you talking about?”. Lila replied and said “In the cave, when I came in I saw it, I panicked, I tripped and I must’ve hit my head”. Sinan stood up and had a look around. Indeed, in front of him was a huge giant-like creature, silently staring at them. “You mean this statue, Lila?” said Sinan while laughing. “Oh, is that what it is? Seems I panicked for no reason. But what is it doing here?”. “Beats me” said Sinan “But let’s explore some more”.
When they went deeper into the cave they found some crude furniture which indicated someone used to live there a long time ago. There was also a desk with some strange figurines on it, a bed, chairs, a table, a drawer and a closet. Sinan opened the drawer and took out a book. “Let’s see what this has to tell us”. Using some of the sparse light that was able to enter the cave he started to read. After a while he closed the book and put it in his backpack. He turned around to Lila and said “It seems that his cave was inhabited by some kind of servant creature. But get this, he was actually serving that tyrant that took all the Lime fruits centuries ago”. “Wow, that’s pretty cool” said Lila, “But come over here and help me with this chest I found”.
Together they were able to pull the chest into a beam of light. Attached to the lid was a big lock, but they hadn’t come across any key during their search. Luckily the lock was really old, so by now it was all rusted and easy to break. A few kicks later the lock gave up and fell apart into pieces. Kneeling down, Lila and Sinan slowly opened the chest. Hovering their heads above the chest they saw a fruit lying there. It slowly started to glow brighter and brighter, making it hard to see anything. Then it suddenly flew up and seemed to pass right through the both of them, flying out of the cave and disappearing into the clouds.

It’s hard to say what exactly happened there, but ever since that day, they both seemed a bit different. Not extraordinary in any way, but gifted. Like whatever they did, they were a bit faster or better than average, whatever they made was sturdier or cuter. If they set out to master something new and complicated, they were able to achieve in weeks what others needed years for. Some say they were just lucky, but I know better, I’ve seen it, they’ve been touched by Lime. When that fruit passed through them to escape, it must’ve left something behind for them…..

I know it is true because I was that boy underneath the tree, I followed them into the forest and peeked from the bushes. I saw it all happening.

It is time. Let’s raise the city once again and rule the skies!


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The lost city of Laputa...

The lone Muris tries to save his home
Kaito had always loved his floating city.

With its magnificent gardens, breathtaking architecture, and its endless libraries.

As old as the sun, but not a speck of dust, not a single cobweb.

Kaito had read in a book that this was because his city was respected even by the animals and microscopic particles.

He thought it was just because spiders and dust couldn't get this high in the air.

He loved looking through his window in the tallest tower and watching the clouds fly far below.

He always walked through the orchard in the morning to grab a nice breakfast and stopped by the spring to have a drink of water.

He had also read that the city retained water that came from the clouds below.

He loved to read. There was always a new book to read in the vast libraries and he was always learning.

This morning Kaito woke up with the sun peeking through his window.

He sat up and rubbed his hazel eyes. He scratched his large white furred left ear.

He got out of bed and put on his shoes. He started the long walk to the orchard.

He felt the nice morning air as he walked across the grass. He walked up to a tree and took a red fruit.

He had read in a book that the fruit was an "apple". He took a bite. It was very sweet and he grabbed a couple more

. He walked, eating his apples. He came to the great library. He sniffed in the smell of paper and walked towards the nearest shelf.

He picked out a book. The title was "Muris, Humans, and Turga". Kaito open the cover.

He was greeted by a illustration of a person like him, a person like him without ears, and a large furry man.

He laughed. The earless man looked quite funny with small holes where his ears should be.

The furry man looked scary and had small ears. Kaito started to read intently.

Kaito sighed, putting the book down. Humans were quite weird. They lived on something called Orta.

They also had giant springs called "oceans". Kaito stood up, replacing the book.

He was hungry. He walked back to the orchard. Suddenly the ground shook.

Fruits fell off their trees. Kaito fell to the ground. He was quickly surrounded by clouds.

Clouds? How was this possible? They were below him? He ran through the fog to the main palace.

It was clear here. He sat in a amazingly decorated chair on the top of a pedestal.

Supposedly a person called a "King" would sit here. As Kaito sat, he heard a click.

He stood up. A secret compartment opened next to him. He looked inside. Inside was a old looking book. He picked it up.

The title read "The Lime". Kaito opened the cover. He was greeted by a picture of a fruit he had never seen before. He read:

"If you are reading this my king, our home of Laputa is in great trouble.
I had designed this island to float endlessly on the power of the lime, separate from the rest of our kind.
Sadly, this cannot be.
The Lime can only power the island for a millennium.
This is an extremely long time, but it is still and amount.
I leave it to you to find a new lime to keep the island flying.
It will drop to the ground in one year, so you must send every man that is able, to search out a lime and bring it back.
Good luck and godspeed."

Kaito closed the back cover. What was going on? In trouble? He felt something.

On the back of the book was a envelope. He opened it. Inside was a map to a room.

Also included were instructions on how to use a "kite". Kaito brought the book and papers to the room.

Inside we tons of gigantic baskets with kites attached to the top. He stepped into one.

He saw a lever next to the back. He pulled it. Immediately the floor dropped and so did he.

The papers fluttered, but he held onto them. The kite on top caught the wind.

He started to soar. He looked back at his city. He had a year to save his home.

He cried, saying goodbye to the only thing he knew.

He would be back.


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Well, I'd like to know who are fabulous winners are -- how about you?


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I apologize. I will poke Nyago to get my post edited as soon as I can (hopefully tomorrow since Ny isn't in the office today).


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Yay! Thankyou! <3


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I can't believe it.
OMG. Thank you so much to Nyago and FaeryBryn and everyone. There were so many good stories... Thank you; thank you!!! (Already plotting what to do with AP...)
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