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A General Guide for new players.

This Guide is not officially mine. Belongs to my alliance leader.
Here's a little guide for the days you have protection. I'm not saying to follow this exactly (Nor is this guide officially mine) I decided to format this for the Aeria website for newbies that are a bit confused at how to start. Once you get a good feel for the game, feel free to do as you please. For those completely confused at the game and want to play it. This guide is for you!

Day 1
  • Build your maximum amount of lvl 1 production facilities of woodcutter’s huts and quarries. Wood and stone are your primary resources needed for building up your buildings.
  • Be sure to maximize placement next to resource fields like stones and forests for huge bonuses.
  • Upgrade your town Hall a few levels (aim for lvl 4 or so) to increase your maximum building cap.
  • At squares connected to 3, 4, 5, or 6 resource fields, begin upgrading the woodcutter’s huts and quarries to level 2, 3, and possibly 4.
  • Depending on how often you will log in, build up to 2 warehouses (upgrade a little if necessary) so your resource capacity will not be reached before the next time you log in.
  • Note that upgrading your Town Hall also increases your resource capacity considerably.
    Be sure to visit the “Quests” tab, there are some quests that will be easily completed that give you extra bonuses.

  • Build 1-2 Iron mines at the best locations, no more.

Day 2
  • Upgrade your Town Hall 1 or 2 levels with the resources you have saved up
  • Build a single farm, barracks, training ground. Start recruiting up to about 100 berserkers if you plan to play fairly often (multiple times a day). You can get a nice resource bonus by raiding dungeons with them. If you only plan to play once every 1-2 days, do not bother with army units yet.
  • Be sure to keep building resource buildings. Again focus only on stone and wood at this point. You should always be at your maximum building cap; lvl 1 buildings are cheap and fast to build.
  • Upgrade most, if not all, of your lvl 1 Woodcutter’s Huts and Quarries to lvl 2, and the best situated to lvl 3.
  • If you have any super-great spots, with 4-6 forests/stones touching them, upgrade those further to level 4.
  • By the end of day 2 your Town Hall should be about level 6. If you plan to raid, your barracks should be level 4-5 and you should have about 50 – 75 berserkers. You should have a ton of lvl 2 quarries and lvl 2 woodcutter’s huts, and a few at level 3, maybe 4. Your income should be around 2000 wood/h and 1500 stone/h
  • Raiding: send 10-20 berserkers (more gives diminishing returns) to nearby dungeons to gather extra resources. Do this whenever you can, a raid should take any where from 1 to 3 hours round trip. Unless you upgrade, you’ll only be able to send out 5 waves at a time, which is okay for now.

Day 3
  • Upgrade all of your lvl 2 resources to lvl 3 immediately, if they aren’t there already.
    Keep enough resources to then upgrade your Town Hall to lvl 7 (requires 15,000 wood and 10,000 stone). This will take about 5 hours.

  • Build more lvl 3 production (wood and stone) everywhere possible, up to your maximum building count.
  • Start building cottages in ideal locations (4+), upgrade them to level 4-5 max, otherwise it is too expensive for now.
  • Start placing Sawmills or Stonemasons when you are able to build these (requires Town Hall 7 – o r 8?). Place them so they touch the corresponding resource production places. For now you’ll want about 2 of each, but a few more later.
    Before you stop playing for the day, upgrade your Town Hall to level 7 or 8.

Day 4
  • You should have the maximum buildings built always. You get 10 for every level of Town Hall. At this point, most should be woodcutter’s huts or quarries (roughly 4 WC to 3 quarry ratio). All of your WC and quarries should be at least lvl 3, many level 4, and ideal location ones at level 5.
  • Continue to send out raids to close dungeons if you have time. 5 waves of 20 berserkers should be fine for lvl 1 dungeons.
  • Start utilizing cottages to increase your construction speed, aim for at least 200-300% construction speed around this time.
  • You should be hitting 4500+/hr wood and 3500+/hr stone at this point.
  • Don’t bother building other buildings right now. No Trinsic Temple, Castle, Marketplace, Towers, Moonglow Tower, etc. They won’t be of use until after your 7 day grace period is up.
  • Upgrade to Town Hall lvl 9 overnight. This should take around 10 hours with the cottage bonus.

Day 5
  • Build up to your maximum limit of buildings again. Look around you on the region map to see if there are any lvl 3 dungeons within 2-4 hours travel time. If so, you will probably want to recruit more berserkers — 200+ total. This will require upgrading the barracks or building another barracks. Keep sending berserkers out to these lvl 3 dungeons, the rewards begin to be worth it at this point.
  • Again have all your resource buildings at lvl 3 at least, and start upgrading to lvl 4.
    Start utilizing cottages more to increase construction time (now that almost everything will take 2+ hours otherwise). Upgrade a bunch of cottages to about lvl 6 or 7 for now for a good bonus without spending too much time or resources. Note that a cottage built anywhere gives a construction speed bonus for everything, not just the surrounding squares. However, cottages act like forests to boost resource production, so place them so woodcutter’s huts and quarries will benefit. You can see your overall construction speed bonus in your building queue. Aim for at least 400% or so for now, maybe more.

  • You should aim to have lvl 4 resource buildings by the end of the day
  • Start upgrading a Moonglow tower, go for lvl 5 or so today
  • Upgrade Town Hall to lvl 10 at the end of the day if possible, otherwise on the next day.

Day 6
  • By now you’ll want to be looking at having well over 500% construction speed (ideally 600-700%, possibly more). Be sure to place the cottages so they border and boost resource production. Try to find a sweet spot where you are able to build fast enough to constantly spend your resources.
  • Begin to build some iron mines (you should have only needed 1 until now). Iron is needed to build up your armies.
  • Start building and upgrading barracks.
  • Continue upgrading your Moonglow tower (requires lvl 10 to get a baron).
  • Be sure to upgrade to Town Hall lvl 10 today.
  • Continue raiding whenever possible. Again, depending on how often you play, close dungeons can be ideal.

Day 7
  • Your last day of protection. Use today to build up defenses so you don’t become an easy target.
  • Important defenses: Towers and Traps (can easily and cheaply cut invading army strength in half and boost the defense of your own troops).
  • Defense Troops – city guards are cheap and recruit very quickly, but are fairly weak. You will want defense of all kinds: infantry, cavalry, magic, artillery. The tooltips of units in the recruit tab will tell you the defense power of each unit to each type. Generally, you will want a lot of infantry and cavalry defense and a much lesser amount of magic and artillery defense.
  • Wall upgrades – fairly cheap way to raise defense % of your entire army.
  • Continue upgrading your moonglow tower, aim to be able to make a baron in 2-3 days to start a new city.
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