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05 Jul 2011
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PostedMar 02, 2012 8:32 pm

IMPORTANT: Avoid having your account stolen!

Information on avoiding phishing websites and how to recognize a Game Master.
It has been brought to our attention that some users are sending out in-game messages advertising free AP promotions on third-party websites or pretending to be Game Masters promising you prizes.

These websites are not sponsored by us! Please do not visit them or provide your personal information to them!! Remember, a Game Master will never ask for your password.

  • All Game Masters or Game Sages will have brackets [ ] in their name!
    Good: [GM]Obspho
    Bad: GMAdmin

  • All official promotions are announced on the Eden Eternal (or Aeria Games) website.
    If you do not see any information on our website, then it is most likely not sponsored by us!

  • NEVER give away your username and password unless you are sure that it is part of the Aeria Games website.
    When in doubt, please look at the domain name and make sure it ENDS with ""!

  • If you suspect you are a victim of phishing, please change your password IMMEDIATELY and contact us with as much information as possible.
    Please note, however, that we are not responsible for the transactions between you and any third-party website, and you may not be able to recover the items/gold you lost as a result. (See Section 8 of our Terms of Service.)
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