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13 Jul 2009
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PostedFeb 19, 2012 8:26 am

Buying weapons with debuffs.

Just a heads up.
Don't know if there was a post about this yet , but here we go.

A lot of people are getting scammed lately, people buying weapons with expensive debuffs in it, and end up with some crappy ones.
Please be carefull when you are buying weapons with debuffs linked in it.

What to do when you are buying a weapon with debuff lapis linked in it?
- Try to get a [GS] to help you with this trade (or a trustworthy player from that server), but please remember [GS]ses are busy aswell, so they might not always have time. And also [GS]ers are not obligated to do trades.

Why a GS? ( Or someone else that is known on server for being trustworthy and both parties agree on )
- Because a GS can take the weapon, (if seller agrees, if not then its's kinda suspicious anyway) and check the debuffs for you, at the BlackSmith.

Most of you will say yea yea I allready know that , but you'd be surprised on the amount of scams this way.
If you do not have time to wait or search for a GS or someone else trustworthy, you might end up with some crappy debuffs.

Please be carefull with your stuff, and don't let scammers get their way.

Resigned! Thanks everyone <3


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14 Aug 2011
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PostedFeb 19, 2012 9:21 am
Someone i know had a problem with this recently, and havent seen a post either. good idea<3


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05 Feb 2011
Portsaid Egypt
PostedMar 08, 2012 2:15 pm
Great post, good that someone finally put it out there. Another way you can check for legitimacy is by asking for a screenshot of the weapon's debuff in the blacksmith, and make sure that the weapon's yellow stats and OJ stats are the exact same when coming to do the trade. But like sunny said, best way is a GS or trusted player, although they can be bust sometimes.

T'was my pie got stolen Q.Q
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