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20 Nov 2008
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PostedFeb 16, 2012 7:34 pm


Ok for some reason Im playing it on Xbox which isnt the best controller to use for fighting games being that the D-pad has a tendency to input unintended commands so I honestly feel that you have to practice just a bit more on the xbox just to get your command input the way you want it. I still feel like that random up input messes up my low parry's haha, just me though
. so I was playing online and i noticed that the players on there are like a 50/50, what i mean by that is I usually get a really excellent player or a really crappy one. and Im no longer fooled by the high ranks, I watch the percents now. anything higher then a 70% is good to me. anything lower isn't that good unless they have over 1 thousand wins idc about there loses.
jsut as long as there percent is over 70(ok maybe 65 and up haha). also I learned to not play a match were the connectivity is less then a 3 bar, even 3 is kinda pushing it. and i only do 3 and lower if im in a good mood and when i have total confidence that im going to win. usually when im in a good mood I have a good streak. But i wonder if anyone in aeria is on or is willing to practice with me online for the upcoming Tekken tag 2.

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