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06 Feb 2012
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PostedFeb 09, 2012 12:40 pm

Change password (problems)

Aeria's password change for security messes up cannot do anything
I'm having problems with the changing my password, I've already done it. But Aeria is making me do it Again. And I can't change it at all.

Alright so, I know that Aeria has been dealing with some hacking accounts problems and stuff. But it's becoming a problem now..for me anyways. I was told to change my password on here, and I did. A week later, Aeria is asking for me to change my password AGAIN! Which wouldn't be too much trouble. But, I can't. For some reason In the first box it has in a password that has eight stars(letters). It's asking for my current password, which has more than eight letters. I've tried putting in my old password, and my current now. Each, don't work.

I can't change whatever's in the first box either. Is it possible somebody changed my password? I can still login into that account wit my current password. How do I fix this?

Also I have no idea how forums work so if I did something wrong, please kindly inform me, thank you.
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