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Psychotic Tendencies #11

Psychotic Tendencies

“Evening things out”

Filled with grief and hatred over the loss of her daughter; Syncrocity, Slay takes matters into her own hands after being told of a potential way to dismantling the Eagle Gang, destroying it once and for all. Upon the information from the orc; K’Lar, she also discovers something about the orc she never knew, but keeps to herself as she leaves to assault the gang single handedly. Slay makes short work of a few bandits before Lucifer with her tiger step in to assist at the last minute. The meeting turns up hope as Lucifer reveals her confusion as to why they been thinking the little girl was burned alive in the house when she herself never smelled the burning flesh of anything, but tuskar. With this in mind, Slay is given hope of her daughter’s well being.

Elsewhere; Lady Graves, her ursun servants and a mysterious group of five hooded figures, one of which being a child are in the presence of Ketak; the Eagle Gang leader. The meeting quickly turns hostile as Ketak is not interested in Lady Graves’ promise of power and glory. Things turn violent as Lady Graves departs with her group leaving Ketak with the words not so pleasing to him. Enraged, he charges at them with the intent to strike them with is massively large hammer, but they vanish before he can strike.

Outside the fort, in a distance a lone figure receives orders from an unseen messenger. Pleased with what is secretly said, the figure responds with glee over the fun they intend to have and whatever fun it is, it involves Lucifer, Slay, and Claire.

The three stand about, discussing Lucifer’s comment of the possible well being of Slay’s daughter; Syncrocity. They are suddenly interrupted by a loud voice;

“Ha, just you three!?”

Lucifer and Claire look up as Slay turns to look up as the large red skinned orc; Hakar approaches them. Lucifer steps forward with her tiger beside her as Slay turns completely to face him. Hakar stops and stands before them, heavily breathing, with his large axe in his hand over his shoulder. He turns to look at each of the three before eyeing Claire who stands behind them with shield and mace in hand;

“You, you seem out of place here. Surely you did not take action here. Did you cleric?”

Hakar pays no attention to the other two, as the one on one attention between him and Claire begin to make her nervous. He sniffs for a bit and smiles at her with his crooked sharp teeth;

“That a girl, unlike these two, you’re fearful of me. Don’t let it get to you, just means you’re smarter than these two. I couldn’t begin to-”

“Oh for the love of all that is, would you please spare us the diabolical; ‘I’ve done this and that so many times’ speech?”

Lucifer interrupts with slight irritation, Slay smirks a bit as Claire giggles for a moment, breaking her of the fear she had of Hakar. Irritated by the smart mouthed remark, Hakar lets out a loud thunderous roar that is cut short when a arrow flies by the side of his face, leaving a small scar where the blade of Lucifer’s arrow hit. Hakar stands still for a moment, his eyes look down as Lucifer has another arrow aimed at his face and Slay has the handle of her sword gripped. Hakar attention is turned back to Lucifer as she makes a kissing sound to gain it;

“There we go hideously red and ugly, I have a question for you.”

Hakar stares down at Lucifer;

“Why should I answer to you? Bad enough you’re all humans, but you’re all of the female species.”

Slay stands closer to Lucifer as she looks up at him and then glances back at her before looking back up at him;

“Was it me or did that sound a little sexist?”

Lucifer keeps her eyes on Hakar;

“I don’t know, I didn’t find it attractive at all.”

Suddenly the sound of giggling comes from behind her, Slay looks back to see Claire laughing again. Lucifer gets confused for a moment;

“What’s so funny? I don’t get it. I say something wrong?”

A stress drop grows on the back of Hakar’s head as he stands there. Lucifer then asks her question;

“Anyway, we’re looking for a little girl with cat ears. Your guys burned down her house earlier today. Know where she may be?”

Hakar looks down and says nothing at first until Lucifer reminds him of an important bit of information;

“Please keep in mind of one tiny bit of info, I’m missing on purpose.”

Hakar’s eyes open wide as he realizes she isn’t bluffing;

“So all this is for that little runt? Yeah, I know where she’s at. She’s in the fort, can’t say if she’s still alive, but she was alive when she went in.”

Slay takes the picture out of her pocket and shows it to Hakar;

“Was this the girl?”

Hakar looks at the picture and smirks for a second before answering;

“Yeah, that’s the little runt. She actually managed to kill one of my men, better off if you ask me. Any bandit that can be bested by a child deserves to die and like I said, I can’t promise her condition hasn’t changed for the worst.”

Hakar then lets go of his axe, causing it to hit the ground. As it hits the ground it causes a small vibration, ruining Lucifer’s aim. Misfiring the arrow as Hakar moves out the way of the shot. Realizing the situation unfolding before them, everyone struggles to regain their footing. Lucifer tries to grab an arrow, but is hit in the face by Hakar’s massive fist. As the reaction happens lightning fast in real time. Lucifer takes it in slowly as she manages to say in a muffled tone as the force of the blow crushes her face;

“Doesn’t quite hurt as much as I…never mind, it still hurts.”

As the force of the punch sends Lucifer flying into a tree, Slay quickly pulls out her sword making a single slash at Hakar. The attack is blocked by his gauntlet as he rams into her, knocking her into the ground. Lucifer’s saber-toothed tiger leaps at Hakar, he catches the large feline by its bottom and top jaw. As the tiger franticly claws at Hakar to break free, he slams the tiger on the ground repeatedly until it stops struggling. Letting out a laugh, Hakar prepares to rip apart the tiger’s jaw when suddenly a golden aura engulfs the tiger. The aura is blinding as Hakar lets go to cover is eyes. Once the light goes away, Hakar struggles to see as the growling sound of a familiar beast catches his attention. The tiger leaps on Hakar and sinks its saber-tooth fangs into his armored shoulder pad. With its hind legs clawing away at him, the tiger causes deep scratches into Hakar. He then reaches to grab the tiger as suddenly an arrow hits Hakar in the arm, through his funny bone.

Hakar looks towards the source of the shot and sees Lucifer as her face regenerates back to normal. Lucifer then lets out a whistle as the tiger gets off of Hakar, Slay stands before him and makes an attack with her katana at the armored shoulder pad, cutting it in half. Before she can make another, Hakar kicks Slay with his big foot. Using her arm for defense, the attack breaks her arm in two as she falls on her back in pain. As Slay struggles to move off the ground, Hakar grabs his axe and charges at her, waving it in the air. Bursts of light shine over Slay, after five bursts the bone in her arm slowly begins to piece itself back together. Lucifer calls forth her tiger to attack Hakar as he’s charging, rushing to Hakar the tiger leaps at him. While charging at Slay, Hakar sees the tiger leaping at him from the corner of his eye and instantly turns to face the tiger. Gripping tightly to his axe he spins around, touching the ground with the blade of his axe, then unleashing a thunderous three strikes at the tiger. The vicious attack explodes the tiger in a massive pool of blood as it’s torn to pieces in mid air. Hakar returns his attention to Slay, who has completely healed and getting to her feet. Slay looks up as Hakar’s axe is coming down at her in full speed, she rolls out of the way as it hits the ground. Instantly she is forced to roll again as Hakar makes another strikes at her, missing yet again. As the cycle of Slay dodging Hakar’s attacks continue, it shakes the very ground they all are on.

Lucifer looks on at the remains of her tiger as the blood soon soaks into the ground and flesh quickly decays and turns to dust. Claire builds up a golden aura and releases an energy blast at Hakar, but the blast does nothing to him. Claire then charges, shield first at Hakar and as he lifts his axe up to attempt to hit Slay once more. Claire makes her way to them, taps the bottom of her handle on the ground, creating a gust of wind that begins circling around them, and as she raises her mace into the air a large tornado forms; powerful enough to lift Hakar into the air and slamming him back down. As the tornado disappears and the dust settles, Hakar is face down in a crater made from the force of impact of hitting the ground. Claire turns to help Slay get up;

“Impressive attack, I never had doubt of your healing strengths, but to do that right there was a surprise.”

Slay says to Claire as she puts hand on her shoulder. Lucifer runs to the two, passing by the dead Hakar. When suddenly she hears;

“Don’t worry boss, we’re coming!!”

Lucifer turns look back as a large group of Eagle Gang members are heading towards them, armed and ready for war. Lucifer readies herself with bow and arrow when the ground beneath her begins to tremble violently. In slow motion; Hakar bursts back to life as he explodes out of the ground, overwhelmed with rage. His sights set on Claire, he charges at her in full speed. Everything moves slowly as Slay sees the charging orc, Claire turns to the him coming right at her. She lifts up her shield in a defensive stance, Lucifer turns back to see who Hakar is after and sees Claire prepared to stand her ground. Realizing the magnitude of the impending strike, Lucifer reaches out in effort to signal Claire to move to safety. Slay is quick to see the signal before Claire and tries to make her way to push Claire out of Hakar‘s path, but with one heavy stomp of Hakar’s foot, Slay loses balance. With a loud, enraged roar, Hakar swings with all his might and strength at Claire’s shield. Bracing herself for impact, Claire covers herself with her shield and closes her eyes, her heart pounding so hard that it blocks out all other sounds. It isn’t until it’s far too that she hears;

“Claire no!! He’ll break your shield!!”

Opening her eyes, but too fearful of looking over her shield does she realize its too late. The axe slams into the shield and like tearing through wood; it breaks through the shield, the blade of the axe cuts clean through over half Claire’s arm, and into her chest under her collarbone. The axe runs deep enough to attach itself to Claire as she bleed profusely out of her chest wound onto Hakar’s axe. Lucifer can do nothing, but watch is horror as her first friend is dying before her very eyes. Suddenly Lucifer is tackled to the ground by a group of Eagle Gang bandits. Slay quickly gets to her feet with katana in hand and attempts to release Claire from Hakar, but is suddenly surrounded and left with no choice but to fight them instead. Hakar pays attention only to Claire, as he rips his axe from her chest, spilling lots of blood in the process. The pain of it all suddenly turns numbing and Claire goes into shock as her eyes fill with tears. As the bandits restrain Lucifer, she witnesses the whole ordeal and is overcome with emotion. As she struggles to break free from her captors, the group begins to have a difficult time holding her. While fighting off her enemies, Slay senses an ever growing darkness, looking for the source she sees a blackened aura growing from Lucifer.

Suddenly a different aura distracts Slay as it rushes in their direction, looking towards it a woman with a strange large hat, odd clothing, and a guitar runs past. Her presence is followed by the sound of her guitar as she plays a metal guitar solo, the music distracts all the bandits except for Hakar, who is hold Claire by her hair. Instantly strings of fire trace through the ground, making their way to all the bandits, including Hakar, before erupting into massive explosions of fire. Burning only the bandits, Hakar remains unfazed by the flames as lifts his axe with one hand, prepared to cut down Claire before she bleeds to death. Even in the midst of all the sudden chaos, Slay never loses sight of Lucifer, who is now free from the bandits’ grip. The sky above them turns black as night, Lucifer’s aura; only seen by Slay, is extraordinarily power. Lucifer instantly vanishes from her sight, Hakar’s axe comes down, but hits nothing as Claire slips from his fingers in a fraction of a second. Still surrounded in flames from the mysterious bard’s attack, Hakar looks before him as a female figure stands with her back to him, carrying Claire.

Hakar charges at the figure and strikes it with his axe, as it supposedly hits the figure, the axe catches fire and within seconds burns to ashes. Hakar looks at what is now only a handle of his once large axe, lowering his hand with the handle down he sees before him something he has never seen before. Carrying a dying Claire in her arms is a pinkish-red skinned pointy-eared female demon, long thin horns on her head, with black demonic wing on the sides of her head, black hair with blood red highlights. She turns, unfazed by anything, and looks at Hakar with blackened void eyes piercing through Hakar’s eyes like daggers through flesh. A feeling overcomes him, none the likes he’s ever felt, but often gave; fear. Mere seconds seem like hours until a voice is heard that echoes in Hakar’s mind and soul;

“I’ll burn this world, one insignificant soul at a time.”

The words echo over and over again as Hakar steps back from her, the voice continues on until new words are said;

“It’s time to pay the tab on your sins, Hakar. It’s long past due for you.”

Hakar’s arms burst into flames, unlike the flames from the bard’s attack, these hurt Hakar in a measure unimaginable. His legs soon catch fire too, causing him to drop to his knees as the pain only increases countless folds, burning the flesh from his limbs. With every ounce of pain bestowed upon Hakar, Claire’s wounds begin to heal. Hakar screams of pain eventually turn into tears as he actually cries. Dropping to the ground the pain suddenly stops and Hakar is surrounded in darkness. The voice is heard in the darkness;

“For all the countless lives you stole, simply because you could.”

As images of past victims begin to emerge out of the darkness, from warriors, to men, women, and children of all races appear before him as far the eyes can see. Hakar shouts in a loud roar;

“Yes!! Yes!! I killed them, I killed them all!! I’d do it again if I could!! I’d kill y-”

All the victims vanish instantly and the female demon is suddenly in Hakar’s face as he is silenced by his own fear. Her eyes turn from black to golden as they shine in his eyes. She smiles at him as her lips are barely away from his;

“But you can’t, you won’t, and you never will.”

Hakar is frozen still as the immeasurable pain of his soul being ripped from his body takes place. Slowly leaving his body through his lips and into hers as his eyes fill up with tears before rolling into the back of his head. Hakar’s body slowly shrivels up and decays on the spot. Suddenly everything turns back to normal as Hakar’s body burns in the fire, Lucifer lies on the ground unconscious, and Claire slowly wakes up.

The flames die down as Slay and the female bard make their way to them. Slay is surprised to see Claire and is quick to check if she’s truly okay. Claire calms Slay’s concern;

“I’m okay, I’m fine.”

“But, I saw what he did to you.”

“I know…I don’t understand it.”

The bard looks down at Lucifer;

“Think your friend here had anything to do with it?”

Slay looks down at Lucifer and walks over to pick her up. Lucifer lets out a snore as she’s moved, startling Slay at first before she proceeds on. Claire looks at the bard and introduces to her;

“My name is Claire, and yours?”

The bard makes a big smile on her face and replies;

“Just a humble musician passing by, name’s Bekka.”

Claire smiles back;

“We thank you for your help, I don’t know what would’ve became of us if not for you stepping in.”

Claire then offers Bekka a chance to join them back in Seabell, accepting the invitation she follows behind thinking to herself;

“A demon eh? This is going to be far more awesome than I even dreamed it’d be. Now I see I made the right choice letting that ship wreck here.”

As Bekka giggles with excitement to herself.

To Be Continued…

"Being psychotic allows me to have an entirely different view of the world around me, makes everything a bit more interesting. So although either way you are a sorry sack of sht. In my mind, you're a more interesting sorry sack of sht" -Lucifer
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