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29 Aug 2011
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PostedJan 17, 2012 3:01 pm

Introducing Play4Free Funds

Introducing Play4Free Funds
On January 18, 2012, your Battlefunds were converted into a new common currency - called Play4Free Funds. So from now on, you will use the same funds in Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free and Lord of Ultima. Below you'll find an FAQ that we hope will answer all questions or concerns you might have.

Why one unified currency?
One single currency was created when we noticed that many of our players enjoyed several of the Play4Free games and a conversion would therefore greatly simplify their experience when purchasing currency.

What is the name of the unified currency?
The new currency will be called Play4Free Funds (commonly referred to as Funds).

Which games will be affected by the currency change?
The following games will have their currency converted to Funds:
- Battlefield Play4Free
- Battlefield Heroes
- Lord of Ultima

When will the conversion take place?
The conversion will take place on January 18 for all three games.

How will the conversion affect me?
If you have currency in any of the games above you will receive a message upon logging in informing you about the change after it have taken place. The total of your account will then have been converted into Funds.

Will I not be able to buy Battlefunds/Diamonds anymore?
No, the new currency will be Play4Free Funds.

How do I buy currency in the game?
Buying currency in the game is easy and quick. Just login to the game of your choice, click on the Store, click "Get Funds" and then follow the instructions.

Which purchasing methods are available?
You can use a variety of payment methods to buy Funds. These vary from country to country, and from game to game, but at a minimum you can use a Credit Card and Paypal.

Will the purchasing methods change in my game?
The purchasing methods will not change, you will still be able to purchase in game currency as you've always done before, using the same payment methods as always.

What is the conversion rate for the different games?
The conversion rate for the different Play4Free games is as follows:
Battlefield Heroes: 1 Battlefund = 6 Play4Free Funds

Will you change prices of items in the store when doing the conversion?
Yes, some price changes will be made in the games, however these will only be minor tweaks and not entire pricing scale changes.

Will code redemption be affected by the currency change?
Code redemption will not be affected by the currency change. Any active codes that you have received, for real currency, will work after the launch as well.

I’ve registered to a new game but I can’t see my Funds on that account?
If you have Funds that are not visible on your new account, log in to the website where you had your currency prior to the change and then login to your newly registered website again. For example – you had Diamonds in Lord of Ultima prior to the conversion and have, post conversion, registered to Battlefield Heroes but don’t see any Funds on your account. Log in to your Lord of Ultima account and then proceed to login again on Battlefield Heroes – Funds should now be visible on that account as well.

Will you be contacting players to let them know about the change?
Before the change we will be informing players about it using banners on the site, writing about it on our forums, have this FAQ available for everyone to read and we will also be sending out an email to all our existing players.

Who can I talk to about the change?
If you still have questions after reading the above then you can always post in our Forums asking our Community team, they will be happy to answer you.
If you wish to contact our Customer Support please visit the Help section and click “Need more assistance to find a solution?”.
We hope you will enjoy, and explore, the new possibilities with the unified currency.
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