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03 Nov 2011
PostedJan 15, 2012 12:18 am

pirite galaxy

lack of any sort of support
ok so i been here almost a year now and what i have to say aint kind words
u have neglected this game in a way that upsets me to say the least u should have full client downloadable version a full home page and more people fixing the constant bugs that appear in the game
there r no post about game issues and what seems to be a total lack of cear to the games cleints that can actualy play the game
i played for 5 days get booted all the time have planets that refuse to load and yes i have latest version of java and all the other bull crap excusses that r made for this game
im at the poitn where i am going to join the other providers that have a stable full screen version of this game and giving them my monie instead of u in this games case
normally u provide a great service but since new years u have droped the ball not in a small way but like a slege hammer into a watermelon
but cos its pirete galaxy we talking about and from the post i have read in the forum there u guys wont give a crap any way
not a good way to welcome new players from the sites u took over that most likly worked proplery untill now lol seems the hamsters r powering the servers again and the monie is being spent on crap u dont need like hoildays and nice hotels


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10 Sep 2008
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PostedJan 15, 2012 8:35 am
just don't give your money out ? >.>

and, aeria games is a publisher. it's the responsibility of the devs to fix the bugs. It's best to post in a correct forum section instead of here where the GM's which is responsible for browser games (maybe) barely checks this section

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28 Oct 2008
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PostedJan 15, 2012 12:10 pm
the people from Pirate Galaxy wont see your post in Aeria general.
(this should of been posted in the Pirate Galaxy forum)

and this is the person you want to talk to about Pirate Galaxy problems.
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