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I can't edit my post >->
But here is my story
Notes: Medica Hut - Bascially a hospital
Light Blue - means a flashback and/or dream.
This is a three part story, this is part one. (the other parts are stories about the other races.)

Eli : The Wanted

~“Eli! Eli! Wake up!!” The little girl smiled as she got her brother up. Eli slowly lifted his head and opened his sleepy eyes.
He groaned “What do you want?”
She laughed “C’mon silly! It’s time for breakfast! How about you make us some tea?” He laughed at her simple request.
Eli shook his head “No… I have to keep moving.” He was in a gigantic forest with a winter wonderland all around. He knew Lucy would love it here. Eli wore a snow cloak and disguised himself as a Cultist. A few years back, the Turgan race started to target all Priests, such as himself.
~Lucy sat up in her bed, coughing violently. “Eli… will I be okay?” He sat next to her in silence. “Eli! Please tell –cough cough– me what’s wrong!”
He stood up quickly and shouted “You’re sick and dying!” He stood there, motionless.
“But… Eli… can’t you just heal me? Or maybe make me some healing tea?” she cried.
“No… This sickness is un-curable. You know that. This sickness is the reason our lives have become Hard! The reason why mom and dad died! Why we lost all our friends and family…”~
Eli fell to his knees in the snow, crying. Right before the Turgans started attacking villages that contained Priests, a disease spread across Blue Coral, killing every Human that came into contact with it. Not even the highest healing magic or the best of potions could get rid of this disease. The only way to save the entire Human race is to find the Lime, and create some sort of potion out of it. Luckily, for the Turgans and Muris at least, this disease didn’t affect the Turgans or the Muris. The Turgans found the Humans weak and would attack all of the Human villages. This causes Chaos all throughout Orta.
~Eli heard the Turgans coming. He knew his town was next. Life in Trubaun would soon cease to exist. Eli got on his Priest robes and called upon his town’s Cultists, Berserker Clan, and Assassin Guild to prepare for battle. Unfortunately, Eli was the only Priest left in Orta. He was wanted. He had a reward of one thousand gold pieces to anyone who finds and kills him. Trubaun was doomed to be destroyed. Eli hid Lucy in the basement of their local Medica Huts and told her to stay quiet and still no matter what. He heard news from Stephanie, the leader of the Assassin’s Guild, that the Turgans are on the horizon. Eli casted Sanctus on all of the Berserkers and Defenders, while leaving the Assassins and Cultists to fend for themselves. The Turgans were on the Battlefield. Spells were flying from our side, while Turgan thieves were already behind our lines killing our Cultists. I protected the main Cultist from being targeted, while quickly using Blind Omen, showing all of the hidden thieves. “There are… too many…” he thought, losing all hope. The leader Cultist quickly casted a Death’s Gate, Arcane Force, Meteor Strike, Ebon Blaze, and finished with a Absolute Zero. “I can’t believe it!” Eli thought. They were all frozen, on the blood-stained grass.
Eli saw a small Muris behind enemy lines screaming “Stop! Stop! Please stop this fighting!” The Muris finally made it to Eli and said “Hi! –pant pant- My name is Corn! Please stop this fighting!”
Eli quickly snapped “Why should we! These horrible Turgas were attacking us!”
Corn turned to the Turgas and shouted “STOP THIS FIGHTING!” Corn quickly used a Ebon Blaze and freed the Turgas.
The leader of the Turgas stood and shouted to Eli “Fine! Keep your pity town, but we’ll be back.” The Turgas retreated, back to wherever they came from.
“Thank you Corn!” Eli screamed with excitement.
“No prob’” Corn said as he disappeared.
“What a strange mouse” Eli thought.
Eli kept moving, trying to forget the past. As Eli walked, he heard something grumble. Eli became alert and slammed his face to the ground, hiding himself with his cloak. He heard the grumble again and realized it was his stomach. Eli laughed at his stupidity, but stopped himself for fear of being noticed. The only reason Eli was looking through the woods was because he overheard some Turgans talking about a rumor of Lime within the Snowcap Forest. It’s the only thing he had, so he had to do something. He knew others, especially the Turgans, would be searching for it. Eli sat himself down on a bed of snow and conjured some seasoned soup from the herbs he brought with him. Luckily, Eli was smart enough to pack some bread also. He would be dumb of him to make a fire, especially with Turgans searching the forest. Eli quickly ate his soup and made a small hut of snow, hidden by a small patch of Limeberry bushes. Eli fell soundly asleep wrapped in his intricate snow colored blankets, made by Lucy, still protected by his Holy Prayers.
~Lucy was crying. Eli was sitting next to Lucy, comforting her. “It’s going to be okay Lucy… I’m sure they will survive!” Their parents lay in the Medica Huts, being healed by the Local Priests.
The Head Priest said to Lucy and Eli “They will not survive the disease. I think it’s time you two said your final words.”
Lucy kissed her parents and whispered “Goodbye…” She left their beds, sobbing louder than before.
Eli, with tears in his eyes, walked up to his parents and whispered “I will never forget you two.” Cathleen and Art smiled being content with their lives.
The Head Priest walks to their deathbeds and announces “They have died. May their souls be blessed.”
Eli woke up, with sweat on his forehead and tears in his eyes. “I have to move” thought Eli. He walked miles and miles, hoping for some sign. There were footsteps, and Eli quickly fell to the floor, hiding himself. A large figure stood about three feet in front of him.
“Hey! Where is that Lime!?”
“Maybe if you paid me, boss, I would actually tell ya!” The large figure pulled out 100 gold pieces and gave it to the man.
“Here ya go, now tell me where the Lime is!”
The man shouts “It’s five miles to the West…” as he says under his breath “It’s actually to the East, stupid animal.” Luckily the Turga was too excited about the news he didn’t hear the Lime is actually to the East!
“It’s my lucky day!” Eli thought. The Turga quickly ran off to the West dropping the bag of gold into the snow, for the Human to take. The Human quickly ran off, clutching his new gold. Eli got up and wiped off all the snow on his pants and cloak, readying himself for the trip. Eli quickly ate some leftover bread from his backpack and ran off to the East. After a long journey, Eli finally saw it! The Lime! It was right there! Floating in a pillar of light. Eli slowly walked up to the Lime with tears in his eyes. “I can finally save Lucy!” He picked up the green fruit and rubbed it’s outer skin. It was beautiful. A perfect fruit, nothing could beat it’s glorious shine, beautiful color, and fantastic taste. He was just about to place it in his bag when he heard a noise. A Turga appeared behind him. Eli felt immense pain in his back as he fell onto the cold ground. It’s the same Turga from before, the one who was heading West. Eli was baffled, and was watching the blood seap from his wound.
The Turga whispered in his ear “Any last words?”
Eli could only say “Bring a piece of the Lime to Lucy… in Traubaun”
The large Turga whispered “Fine, I will respect your last request.” Eli felt immense pain, as the world grew black.



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Oh! I forgot to blue something
But the stupid edit wont work...
Anyways, ~ is where the dreams/flashbacks are, so since I missed a spot just keep that in mind.


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30 Jan 2010
Leeching in your party ^^ Solomon Islands
PostedJan 17, 2012 8:13 pm
The start of the adventure (You never said it had to take place in the game Razz)
Days past months years a young boy has been waiting to play Lime Odyssey. The boy checked aeria games for details every day for the CBT to open. Suddenly the post came up and he quickly checked the website and found out it was going to be open in two weeks. The boy quickly prepared himself and finished all his work from school and cleared out his schedule for playing Lime.

Thus it began aeria games had released the CBT of Lime!
The boy created his first character and named it Sylth and made Sylth a human male, class fighter, profession black smith. The boy watched all the introduction and understand that his ultimate goal is to find the Lime Seed Very Happy

When he entered the game the boy felt like one with the character Sylth the character he created. The feelings of the character and the player are one. Their only goal in their mind to find out about the legend of the lime seed

He spent hours and days until he felt like he is inside the game he felt that Sylth is one with him he is Sylth. Sylth wandered through towns and villages brought up his level until he is maxed out followed all the clues about the legend until in front of him .. The lime tree

The boy woke up he quickly checked aeria games website and understood that it was all a dream since there is still no news about opening CBT of lime =(
Still the boy confident he would be able to follow the legend and become a legend himself

Fin Razz


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30 Jan 2010
Leeching in your party ^^ Solomon Islands
PostedJan 18, 2012 3:12 am
Sometimes people waiting too long for something they really want to play gets delusional xD


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Lee wiped the sweat off his brow then hammered the sword again. The sword was coming along well but there were still a few kinks in it. He hammered it once again then examined it. Satisfied with it for now, he put the sword and hammer down on the anvil. He put out the fire in the furnace then walked over to his workbench, taking off his gloves. He placed them on the bench then walked over to the entrance and took off his apron. He placed it on its hook then opened the door and closed it as he walked out.

"Lee! Time for lunch!"

He looked over at the house and saw Mom standing at the back door. "Coming!"He called.

As he walked to the door, he brushed some of his blonde hair out of his green eyes and they glinted in the sun. He entered the house and sat down to eat.

"So what are you going to do for the rest of the day?"She asked.

He thought for a moment then answered,"I guess I'll go take a walk in the forest."

She nodded. "Alright. Just be careful."

A fox ran into the room and ran over to Lee, bouncing up and down. "Can I come, Lee? Can I?"

Lee smiled at his little brother. "Sure, George." George smiled then walked over to a bowl and started eating the food in it.

Lee sighed to himself, watching George. It was all his fault that George was a fox... He looked down at his food as he remembered the day. He and George had been exploring the forest behind their house that day. They got bored with exploring that area so they went past the boundary line their parents had set.

"Look, George! Let's explore that cave!"Lee yelled, pointing it out. George frowned. "But Lee...We're not even supposed to be this far into the forest..."

Lee smiled at him. "We'll be fine or are ya too chicken?"

George glared at him and his nostrils flared. "I am not too chicken!"

Lee motioned to the entrance. "Then go in." George looked at the entrance and gulped but walked into the cave. Lee watched as he disappeared inside then his eyes widened as he heard a scream. "George!"

He rushed inside and looked around. He didn't see George but he saw a man in a red cloak. "What did you do with my brother!"

The man scowled and pointed over to a corner. "He's over there."

Lee looked at where the man pointed then froze. What he saw wasn't his brother. It was a fox! "G-george?"

The fox groaned and slowly got to his feet. He looked over at Lee. "Yea?"

George blinked. "Lee, did you get taller?" Lee shook his head. "No....You got smaller..."

"How could I get smaller?" He looked at himself then started yelling. "I'm a fox! How the heck did I get turned into a fox?!" He looked over at the man, glaring. "You did it! Turn me back!"

The man laughed then looked at George. "I don't think so. This is what you get for trespassing."

George growled at the man but the man laughed again and disappeared in a flash of smoke.

After that, they had gone home and told their parents. Mom and Dad scolded them then Dad went to the cave to find the man but only found things that looked like the man had lived there.

Lee sighed again and Mom looked over at him. "You okay, Lee?"

Lee didn't answer but finished eating then got up. "I'm going to the forest now."

He grabbed his sword and a backpack then walked out with George following behind.

George looked up at him. "It's okay, Lee..."

Lee looked down at him. "No, it's not. If I hadn't taunted you, you wouldn't have gone in."

George rubbed against his brother's leg to comfort him. Lee smiled a little.

"I will find a way to turn you back to normal, George...Even if I have to go on a quest to find the Lime."

George looked up at him. "If you do, can I come?"

Lee laughed at him. "Sure, buddy."

They resumed walking as the sun shone overhead and birds chirped in the trees. Even if they hadn't started on their journey yet, they would always be brothers and that's all that mattered.


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astrofirefox9 wrote:

Wow! Fantastic story!
I should of used italics
So original though :)
Great job! :DD


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Don't forget me!

My turn to write
Sebastian looked out his window, his blues eyes half open. Why did he have to cook breakfast? Sonika could easily do it better. Sebastian grumbled because he knew his sister Sonika was out at a friends house after spending the night there. He sighed. His parents were so busy working that he barely saw them. His father Leif, named after the ship that landed at Blue Coral, was a blacksmith and was busy making tools all day. His mother, Emily, help his father by collecting materials and she also was a tailor. He was effeciant at neither. He flipped the pancakes he was making.
"I'm not good at anything," he mumbled to himself, cracking four eggs at once.
"Sebastian?" called his mother down the stairs.
"Yes?" he called back, stirring more pancake batter in a bowl.
"Can you go over to the neighbors and walk your sister home at noon?"
"Yes," He answered. His mother walked down fully dressed, brown hair bouncing, and he handed her a plate of steaming pancakes.
"Thank you," she said smiling, her blue eyes twinkling. She left for her clothing store, closing the door behind her. Sebastian heard his father stirring upstairs.
"Dad! Time to get up!" he yelled. He heard a groan and a thud, as his father fell onto the floor. Sebastian laughed, his jet black hair shaking gently. He flipped more pancakes onto a plate. His father walked down the stairs slowly. He yawned.
"Whatcha making Seb?" Asked Leif blinking sleep out of his brown eyes. He patted Sebastian on the head and grabbed a plate with his other hand.
"Careful, those are hot," warned Sebastian, adding a log to the stone stove. His father fanned his mouth after taking a bite.
"Told ya." grinned Sebastian. His father smiled, scratching his jet black hair.
"I'll be late home today," Leif informed "Ok, I'll put Sonika to bed at a decent time." He said, pouring himself a glass of milk from the glass bottle on the table.
"Boy your getting tall," commented his father smiling. He hugged Sebastian.
"You know we love you, right?" He asked Sebastian.
"I know," Sebastian smiled.
"Good, I have to go, your mother will kill me if I'm late again." He said finishing his pancakes. He ran out the door and Sebastian closed it for him.

"Welcome Seb!" greeted his grandfather as Sebastian walked in.
"Hey Grandpa," He hugged his grandfather. His grandfather had grayed hair but had retained his deep blue eyes. He was the father of Sebastian's mother. He was one of the first settlers of Blue Coral as a young man. His name was Grant Halven, and he had married Sebastian's grandmother Joy Galven.
"How nice of you to visit," said Sebastian's grandmother as she walked in to the hallway. Sebastian walked into their living room and sat in a chair. His grandparents sat down next to each other on a couch.
"I have to pick up Sonika over on this part of town, so I thought i would visit," Sebastian said.
"How is your sister?" asked his grandfather.
"She is quiet. I think it's because mom and dad are so busy." frowned Sebastian.
"That will do it," sighed his grandmother.
"How are you two?" asked Sebastian, changing the subject.
"Oh, we are fine." The both smiled.
"Well i have to go get Sonika." Sebastian said standing up.
"Say 'Hi' for us," Said his grandmother.
"I will," He replied, walking out the door.
"Visit anytime!" his grandfather called after him. Sebastian walked down the road, taking in the mid-day sun. He walked up to a house and knocked.
"Yes?" asked a woman, opening the door, "Oh hello Sebastian, Sonika will be right out." Sonika walked out, stone-faced. Sebastian sighed.
"What's wrong?" he asked his twelve-year-old sister.
"Nothing." she replied.
"Really? Then why are you frowning?" he asked.
"Because," He repeated, "Because what?"
"Mom and Dad hate us." She mumbled.
"You know that's not true."
"Then why don't they see us often?" she asked, looking at him.
"Mom and Dad are very busy with work." He replied looking back at her.
"Will you carry me on you back?" She asked.
"Aren't you a little old for that?" He said smiling.
Sebastian knelt infront of her.
"Get on," He sighed.
"YAY!" she cheered, clambering onto his back.
"Ready?" asked Sebastian.
"Ready!" yelled Sonika. Sebastian ran off. Sonika clung to his back, her arms hugging his neck. She looked up into the sky ahead. A pillar of blue light came from far inland.
"Seb, what's that?" asked Sonika. Sebastian stopped running and looked up.
"I don't know."

"The Lime has returned." said Sebastian's grandfather.
"The Lime? That children's tale?" asked Sebastian, remembering the story his mother would tell.

There once was a goddess Nysis who created a fruit, distilled from her rays of glory. She then gave this fruit to Orta, so the land would prosper under its power. The people used this power greatly. The Muris people even lived on a floating island powered by Lime. Then one day, an evil tyrant started hoarding the Lime. He killed thousands innocent people to obtain it. Then suddenly, he dissapeared.

"Seb, this is an opportunity of a lifetime!" exclaimed Sebastian's grandfather.
"What do you mean?" asked Sebastian confused.
"You can go on an adventure to find the Lime!" continued Sebastian's grandfather.
"Grandpa, that's insane! What about my parents? What about my sister?" Sebastian shook his head.
"Your right, I'm just an oldman that is rambling." He sighed.
"I'll be going then, thanks for the talk," said Sebastian standing up.
"No, no, the pleasure is mine for my grandchild to come to his oldman for advice," replied Sebastian's grandfather smiling.

"Time for bed," said Sebastian to Sonika.
"Aww," whined Sonika. Sebastian led her to her bed and tucked her in.
"Goodnight," Sebastian whispered.
"Goodnight..." yawned Sonika drifting off into sleep. Sebastian walked back downstairs. He sat and ate his dinner, glancing out the window every five seconds, as if expecting another blue pillar of light to appear. Sebastian laughed. He was thinking of an insane possibility. Sebastian finished his food and went to bed. He would worry in the morning.

"Ugh!" yelled Sonika.
"I told you already, you can't go over to your friend's house when its pouring outside!" replied Sebastian. Their parents had already run through the rain to work and Sebastian was in charge of babysitting his sister.
"Fine!" Whined Sonika picking up one of her dolls. Sonika had become louder and more outgoing. Sebastian was busy making sure the house wasn't leaking. Luckily, they had just retiled the roof and it was holding. Sebastian looked outside. Water was coming down hard and it could be heard loudly on the roof and windows.
"Open up!" Yelled a voice form the door. Sebastian ran to the door. He opened it and a girl ran inside.
"Whew! Thanks!" A soaked girl stood in front of him, dripping water from her clothing.
"Are you okay?" asked Sebastian startled by their surprise visitor.
"Yeah, I was walking until the rain started. Then I couldn't see anything except a light. I followed it to here. I'm Cecilia by the way." Cecilia smiled.
"I'm Sebastian, but you can call me Seb. Why don't I get you some dry clothing for you to wear?" He asked. Sebastian got a dress and towel from his mother's room and gave them to Cecilia.
"Thanks!" Cecilia said, taking the items.
"You can change in my room." Sebastian guided her to his neat room and closed the door.
"Who are you talking to?" asked Sonika, walking up to Sebastian.
"A visitor named Cecilia." he replied.
"Where is she?" asked Sonika.
"In my room, changing into dry clothing," replied Sebastian.
"So she can go outside, but I can't?" whined Sonika.
"Oh quiet you," Sebastian replied. The door opened. Cecilia walked out in a blue dress, carrying her wet clothing. Her wet brown hair drooped around her head.
"How do I look?" Cecilia asked.
"Your very pretty," smiled Sonika, "Isn't she Seb?"
"Yeah, very," Sebastian blushed. "Why don't you come by the fire Cecilia?"
"I'd love to!" Cecilia exclaimed. The trio walked over to the fireplace and sat down. Sebastian sat thinking as Sonika questioned Cecilia.
"So your fifteen? My brothers fifteen too!" Sonika exclaimed.
"That's so cool!" Cecilia smiled at Sebastian, her green eyes twinkling. Sebastian stood up.
"I'm going to make some snacks." He said, walking towards the kitchen. He walked to the cupboard and took out some flour. He stopped. He had heard something. He looked outside. The rain washed against the window. He saw a red-orange glow from outside. He stepped toward the window to get a closer look. The house next door was on fire. How did that make sense? It was raining torrents. How could there be fire. He saw movement. It was unhuman. It walked on four legs and had horns. It breathed fire onto the house. Sebastian ran into his room. He grabbed his backpack and his tools. He packed some food and ran into the living room.
"What's up?" asked Sonika. He grabbed her and stood Cecilia up.
"Let's go," Sebastian ordered, opening the door. Both girls stood still.
"What are you waiting for?" Sebastian said turning towards the wet doorway. He went silent. A horned monster stood sniffing the air and growling. Sebastian stepped back. He unsheathed the sword his father had made for him. He ran at the monster and slashed. It jumped back. He yelled to Sonika and Cecilia to run. They ran out the door, Cecilia leading Sonika through the wet sheets of rain. Sebastian sighed. He turned to the beast and got into a fighting position. He yelled as he ran at it.

"Seb!" Sonika yelled to her brother as Cecilia took her hand and pulled her through the rain. There were hundreds of the monsters, burning houses and buildings. People screamed and ran around, their voices drowned out by the sound of the rain. Sonika cried as they ran. Cecilia tried to comfort her as they ran to the outskirts of town. They reached the gate and stopped. It was quieter here. There were no more monsters. They both sat down under a tree, soaked from head to toe.
"What will happen to Seb?" cried Sonika.
"I don't know." replied Cecilia quietly.
"He's probably dead." Cried Sonika into Cecilia's shoulder.
"Don't say that." consoled Cecilia. "Your brother is a good person. He's smart. He'll make it through." Cecilia didn't know if she was trying to convince Sonika or herself. She hugged Sonika. What a cruel world. She heard muddy footsteps. She hugged Sonika close and quieted herself. The footsteps got closer and closer.
"Cecilia?" asked a weak voice.
"Sebastian?" She asked standing up. Sebastian walked over, covered in blood and mud. He fell against the tree, panting for breath.
"Oh my- Your bleeding!" exclaimed Cecilia, pointing at the wound on his left arm.
"It bit me." He replied, clenching his teeth at the pain.
"Your arm is all black." Sonika cried.
"Hey, I'll be alright, okay?" He consoled Sonika. Sonika hugged him. He hugged her with his good arm. He stood up.
"Let's get out of here." He grunted.
"You can't be serious!" exclaimed Cecilia, "You'll kill your self by moving!"
"We have to get out of here." Sebastian started walking down the road, his backpack hanging low on his back. Sonika ran after him and Cecilia reluctantly followed them both. They walked for hours and the rain slowly let up. Sonika slowly trudged next to Sebastian who walked determinedly leading the group. They spotted a cottage. They walked up to it and Cecilia knocked on the door. An old woman answered it. She gladly motioned them in and sat them down. Seeing Sebastian, she led him to a bed and examined his arm.
"What did this to you?" she asked.
"Some horned, fire-breathing monster," He said gritting his teeth.
"A Goblin Cat will do that. Did it cut you with its claws?" She continued.
"No, it bit me." Sebastian replied. The woman stepped back.
"It BIT you?" She asked urgently.
"Yes..." Sebastian replied worried. "What is it?"
"It has poisonous saliva that will slowly kill you if you don't get treated within three months."
"Can you treat me?" Sebastian asked.
"Sadly, no. You need the juice of a lime to do that. In the meantime, drink this to reduce the pain." The woman said handing him a glass.
"May I ask your name?" Sebastian asked.
"My name is Life." Said the woman as she left the room. Sebastian drank the liquid. It was bitter, but he expected as much. He fell asleep thinking about what happened.

"Wake up Seb," whispered Sonika. Sebastian opened his eyes. He looked at her. She smiled.
"How are you?" He asked her.
"I could ask you the same," She replied.
"I asked first," smiled Sebastian.
"I'm fine," answered Sonika.
"Me too." Sebastian said. He sat up.
"Let's go," Sonika said standing up.
"What?" Sebastian asked.
"We gotta go find a Lime to fix you!" exclaimed Sonika. "Mrs. Life told me and Cecilia about it."
"Where is Cecilia?" asked Sebastian looking around.
"She off taking a bath in the river." replied Sonika casually.
"Alone?" asked Sebastian.
"Yeah... Why?" asked Sonika.
"You should go with her." He replied.
"Why don't you?" asked Sonika.
"I can't take a bath with a girl!" Sebastian said blushing.
"You taken baths with me before!" Sonika yelled.
"That's completely different!" yelled Sebastian.
"Well you can go get her then!" yelled Sonika.
"Ugh!" sighed Sebastian putting on his fully-dried shoes. He ran off towards the river. He came upon a clearing in the path that opened into the river.
"Cecilia! Are you here?" He yelled.
"What are you doing!" yelled Cecilia. Her voice came from behind a rock, Her clothes drying on top.
"Where are you?" Sebastian yelled.
"Hiding behind this rock!" she yelled back. "Go away!"
"Sorry but I'm staying for your own safety." He replied.
"Well turn around then! I'm going to get dressed now!" She yelled back. Sebastian sat on a rock facing the forest. He heard a splash as she climbed out of the water.
"Don't you dare turn around!" She yelled. Sebastian sighed and waited. Why was Sonika so idiotic? He sighed again. A hand was on his shoulder. He turned around. Cecilia was fully dressed and dry.
"Geez! Didn't your parents teach you manners?" she scolded.
"Let's go back." he replied ignoring her question. They followed the trail back to the cottage. They sat down and Sonika hopped on Sebastian's lap.
"I can't wait to find the Lime!" Sonika yelled.
"I doubt it'll be that easy." replied Sebastian.
"Then let's start now!" said Sonika jumping from his lap. "You want to come Cecilia?"
"I guess I have no choice." she replied smiling.
"Yay!" Sonika yelled. She pulled them both out the door and started walking down the road. Life waved to them from the doorway. They waved back and ran after Sonika. They all smiled as they started their journey.

Good luck to all!


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The beginning

"Hey!" the boy screamed as he ran up the hill. "Haven't seen you in a while!" I turned as he ran up to me, a book in his hand like always. I put away my sword, as I had no further use to it now that I was done training. "Yeah, glad you're back." I replied glad to see my old childhood friend. His glasses were in disarray after running so far so quickly. He bent over panting for a second before standing up with a smile on his face holding out his fist. Our not-so-secret secret greeting. I reached out and tapped it with my own fist before talking. "What have you been up to these past few years?" He had gone out to research some of the recent monsters and other races. "Oh, not much. but hey, we need to get to somewhere private. I have something INSANE you'd love to hear." This almost creeped me out, my old friend had never been excited about anything. He loved creatures other than humans and would get a glow in his eye while studying them, but his face would never change from it's still calm demeanor. "Come on, I have dinner waiting for me in the oven anyway." I said, dragging him off to my house. When we got there I pulled the soup off the oven and poured it into two bowls. "Okay, shoot, what's this you have to tell me that is so secret we have to hide in my little house." "gurg erm thir rim frt and-" he started taking while pouring his soup down his throat, spoon untouched. Upon finishing I replied "Okay man, now how bout teling me, in a way I can understand." And that's when he started talking faster and mor excited than ever before. He cleared the table and set down his book opening it to the page he needed. A map of the land. "Okay, so you see these four spots here?" he said placing blue thumb tacks on the map. "yeah, that's where those pillars of light were." I replied, unsure of why he was so excited. "Well, as I travel I hear alot of interesting things, we've all heard the stories about the legendary lime fruit, correct?" I nodded still unclear of where this was going. "well, it turns out, these aren't just legends." As he sai this he took a rolled up paper out of his hand. He started reading it. "You have been chosen to go seek the fruit of lime, you must hurry though, for two other heroes of other races have been chosen as well. I have supplied you with a small sample of this to prove this is no lie. You may keep all the lime you discover. And with that he reached into his pocket and pulled out a slice of fruit about the size of a large bug. It shined green as the most quality grass and seemed to sparkle with gold. It was defenitly real. "You see? I was chosen! And I'd like you to help me find it! We can split the spoils, fifty fifty, deal?" I sat for a second, I had never leaved this small village and was a bit apprehensive..... I stared at te piece of lime in my hand. Sticking out my fist I smiled slightly "Let's get ready." He tapped my fist and with that, our journey began.

"Words are beasts. Chains can be used for more than tying down. They can be used to connect, and tie together. Looking forward and speaking positively makes all the difference."


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Ezekiel the Proud
by ZenFishy

“Uncle Zekie, will oo tell me a stowy?”

Ezekiel’s laughter shook the rafters. With a great deal of relish, he slammed the tankard on the bar and swiveled himself in his bar stool. Ezekiel peered down at the small girl, an amused smile stretching from ear to ear. “So, my little darling wants a story?”

The little girl toed the ground, and then looked up shyly at her uncle, her dark liquid eyes full of hope. She nodded hesitantly, and treated Ezikiel to one of those priceless smiles.

Ezekiel’s chuckling tumbled out of him like a waterfall. Reaching down, he plucked that little girl from the ground and tossed her high into the air, catching her on the way down with his thick, brawny arms. He was awarded with a shower of giggles, which in turn earned the little girl one of her uncle’s giant bear hugs.

Ezekiel raised his voice over the din of the crow. “My little sweetheart here wants a story, so a story she shall have!” At this, he was met with a carousing roar of approval from the tavern’s patrons, and a look of utter adoration from the girl camped out on his lap.

Their enthusiasm wasn’t feigned. For all of his act as the doting uncle, both patron and regular alike knew this man for who he really was.

His name was Ezekiel the Cloud Walker, master storyteller, and the reason I had come to Blue Coral.

When Ezekiel relaxed his embrace, he acknowledged my existence for the first time that night. He looked at me, and for a moment, I saw him for who he really was. It was the eyes, now that I think back on it. Eyes that were, so… so impossibly deep. They were the eyes of a man who had known great happiness and suffered great hardship; a man that had lost everything and loved the innocence of children all the more for it.

He stared at me without reservation, and I felt as if he simply saw right through me. He shook his head, sighed deeply, and then spoke, “You’ve been very patient with me, my lady. The barkeep tells me you’ve been waiting here all day for a chance to hear one of my tales.”

I nodded once. It was a half-truth, and we both knew it. I took the statement for what it was; sensing that now was the time to listen, and not the time to speak.

Ezekiel hesitated. “You know I usually don’t entertain requests for stories anymore. Too many young fools with heads full of adventure and not enough brains to live through them.”

Ezekiel looked to his niece, and then looked at me. Something in his expression softened, and I could tell he had made his decision. “Honestly, I’m a little wary of your motives. But my darling niece has asked me to tell her a story, and I could never say no to her. If you would like to stay and listen, I won’t object.”

I nodded once more, still silent, not wanting to say anything that would change this man’s mind. People the world over had spoken of this man, Ezekiel the Cloud Walker, Keeper of a Thousand Tales. I had been waiting here for weeks, waiting for the chance to hear one of his tales. He had watched me, and I had watched him, and night after night we had tested the other’s resolve. And finally, this night, all my waiting would be worth it.

Ezikiel’s eyes softened, for his niece was staring at him concern, so rarely did she see her uncle as anything but the adoring, doting man that he always was. He smiled at her, and shook the sadness from his eyes. “Now, my darling, I think I will tell you a new story this night. It is a story passed down through my family for generations. It is the tale of my namesake, Ezekiel the Proud, oathbreaker and god curser, hater of the Lime, and captain of the Green Leaf. It is the story of a man, a woman, a ship, a storm, and the promise of a better life…”


“Storm’s comin’, Cap’n.”

Captain Ezekiel Winters leaned over the railing of the crow’s nest, brooding silently and purposely unresponsive. His angry gaze was locked on to the distant, ocean-filled horizon, and the speaker’s statement fell on seemingly deaf ears.

Reuben, first mate aboard the good ship Green Leaf, cleared his throat and spoke again. “Cap’n Winters, there’s a storm headed directly toward us. Should hit us before nightfall.”

After several long, tense moments, Ezekiel tore his eyes from the sea and glanced at the first mate. “Do you take me for a fool Reuben?”

Expression unreadable, Reuben shook his head. “Belay that cap’n, by the goddess herself, you know s’not like that.”

Ezekiel treated the man to a snort of contempt. “Then why do you bother to tell me things any sailor worth his salt would already know?” Ezekiel shook his head and turned his back to the man, intently studying the sky. “That cloud formation. There. After seven years of sailing, even a landsman like me can read the **** clouds enough to spot a storm.”

Reuben, a hopelessly patient man, shook his head again. “S’not like that Cap’n,” He repeated dutifully.

At that, Ezekiel paused and considered his first mate more carefully. “What are you on about, Reuben? What aren’t you telling me?”

Reuben eyed the distant cloud formation nervously. “I knows you don’t believe in such things, but it be a Storm of Reckoning, cap’n. Ocean don’t smell the way it’s spose to. Wind be blowin’ from places it have no right to be blowin’ from. Even the fish be runnin’ scared. It’s a Reckoning alright Cap’n, stake me life on it. I’d never forget one. Last one we had was right before yous came aboard.”

Ezekiel glared at his first mate with his hard, steely eyes. His first mate was about as much a man of the sea as you could possibly imagine. Reuben was born on the deck of a storm tossed ship; he had brine for blood and the ocean for a soul. Hard, Ezekiel was sure that Reuben had never stopped on dry land in his life. That besides, Reuben was a clever man, with a good head on his shoulders, not one likely to take to every sea-spawned legend and sailor’s myth that came out of men’s mouths. And yet…

The doubt was evident on Ezekiel’s face. He turned away again, dismissive of the man’s claims. “Take whatever extra precautions you and the crew deem necessary. Storm of Reckoning or not, it’ll be a big one, and I’ll not lose any of the crew if I can help it. This will be like any other storm as far as I’m concerned.”

Reuben’s frown deepened. “Does that mean…?”


“Very well, Cap’n.” Reuben replied simply, and then slipped onto the ladder then down the mast.

Reuben looked at the approaching storm clouds and smiled.


Lightning clashed and thunder boomed, for the fury of nature had unleashed upon the world a chaotic crescendo of flashing light, buffeting rain, piercing wind, and deafening sound. The great galleon Green Leaf pitched back and forth on the waves like a piece of driftwood, a toy subject to the whims of fate and chance. The rain came down in torrents; the wind tore and strained at the rigging, tearing off chunks of wood and rope with the force of a gale.

And Ezekiel’s laughter shook the heavens. Standing fiercely atop the crow’s nest, Ezekiel stared into the face of that raging storm and challenged it to do its worst. Lightning flashed, and the captain smiled in defiance. Thunder boomed, and he roared back with pride. The wind threatened to snatch him from the crow’s nest and send him spiraling to the sea, but that fierce man would not be budged.

“COME!” Ezekiel howled at the storm. “Are you listening Nysis!? Here stands a man who denies you and your precious Lime! COME! STRIKE ME DOWN! You’ve never seen fit to hold back your fury before! Why start now!? Show me the terrible rage that the gods can muster! Prove me wrong, and tear my soul from this world if you can!”

Reuben looked upwards towards his captain shook his head with disbelief. During times like this, he could see why his captain found it hard to believe in anything. Reuben returned his attention to the deck and resumed barking orders at the crew, who went about their tasks with all the practiced skill of men who had been weathering storms since the day they could walk. For them, the storm, even a storm as fierce as this one, was almost surreal. If their captain, a landsman, could stand on the most dangerous part of the vessel and curse the gods during a Storm of Reckoning, then what could the rest of them possibly have to fear?

Lightning crashed, thunder roared, and the good ship Green Leaf sailed proudly on.


It was the morning following the storm, and the crew was hard at work repairing the damage that had resulted from the weather. The slamming waves had breached the hull, causing the ship to list, and the ships carpenters toiled to repair the hole in the hull while the rest of the sailors bailed out the water that had seeped into the hull. Things were progressing nicely, and despite the delays the storm had caused, the crew was in good spirits.


Reuben leaned over the ship’s railing and eyed the ship in the distant horizon. Several of the crew crowded around him, and a murmur of curiosity soon spread throughout the ship. After a few moments of staring, Reuben turned to his captain. “It looks like they’re missin’ a mast Cap’n Winters. They may’ve been hit by the storm. “

Ezekiel stared impassively at the far away vessel, and then nodded slightly. “Set the course.”

Reuben nodded and turned to the crew, “You heard the Cap’n, hop to it!”

Ezikiel’s eyes never left the ship.


“Dead or dyin’ cap’n. Even before the Reckonin’. Starvation by the look of its. The storm didn’t even have the good manners to finish most of ‘em off.”

Ezekiel stood on the floating wreck that was the remains of the Red Spirit. He crouched over the spot where the main mast had been ripped from the deck, surveying the extent of the damage. With a sad sigh he rose to his feet and eyed the bodies littering the deck. “Get the ship surgeon,” he ordered tartly, “Haul aboard anyone he says will live through the night. I want you leading the team to scavenge the vessel for supplies. I want you to inventory everything useful you find. Anything goes missing, I want to hear about it.”

Before Reuben could reply, Ezekiel felt a sharp pull on his leg. He spun, only to see one of the surviving crewmen looking up at him. It was a boy, barely out of manhood. And he was dying. “The hold.” The man gasped, clearly near his end. “Women. Children. Innocents. Flovoa. Destroyed. Please.” A tear fell down his cheek.

Ezekiel looked meaningfully to Reuben, who was already bolting towards the ladder leading below deck. Ezekiel bent down to examine the young man’s condition. His eyes full of cautious sympathy, he eased the young man’s grip from his leg. “Peace little brother. If there’s anyone alive down there, they’re safe now. We’ll take any survivors onto our ship, I promise.”

The young man hesitated a moment, then smiled with relief. With a smile of content, he murmured his gratitude and closed his eyes.

Ezekiel stayed by the young man’s side until the breath left his body.

“CAPTAIN! DOWN BELOW! You have to see this…”


“Who’s in charge here!?”

Reuben glanced up from his inventory, at the shrill, fiery eyed woman who was now inches away from his face. He took a step back. “That’d be the cap’n, little miss. I’m afraid he’s busy at the moment-”

“Where is he!?” The woman demanded.

“His cabin, but-“

“Good.” With a huff, she spun on her heel and marched straight towards the captain’s cabin. Without bothering to knock, she swung open the door to the sight of Ezekiel poring over a desk full of sea charts. Ezekiel glanced upwards almost immediately; anger in his eyes and ready to chew out whoever had disturbed him. To desecrate the sanctity of the captain’s cabin without knocking was unheard of.

“Blankets!” She demanded.

Ezekiel blinked, the initial shock and outrage he had felt rapidly morphing into confusion. “Blankets?” He echoed.

“Blankets,” She huffed. “Your men took all our blankets from the ship. The children are cold.”

“And Miss, you would be…?”

“Sister,” she clarified. “Sister Adelle. Priestess of Nysis.”

Ezekiel snorted at that, “Sister then. As you can plainly see, I have no blankets here.”
“Then where are they?”

“Did you try the quartermaster, perhaps?”


Ezekiel waited for her to continue, and then replied when she didn’t. “Perhaps you should try there?”

“Fine.” She returned. And, with a whirl of skirts, she was gone.

Ezekiel stared on blankly.


“What be the plan, Cap’n?” Rueben asked, leaning slightly against the wall in the captain’s cabin.

Ezekiel sighed exasperatedly, his voiced full of irritation. “I don’t know. Flovoa is gone. The last of our great floating cities has been washed beneath the waves. All that’s left of our race are living aboard galleons like this one or in hiding, scattered on the mainland. I can’t think of a place…”

Ezekiel froze then, and Reuben started, for the first mate saw something he had never seen in his captain’s eyes: pain. It lasted only an instant; and just as quickly all had returned to normal. The captain snatched up a pen and worriedly returned to his charts, sketching out a heading with broad strokes of his pen.

Reuben shifted uncomfortably, “You have an idea then?”

Ezekiel glanced up at Reuben, silently considering. “Aye,” he replied, returning to his maps. “That I do. It’ll only work if you trust me though. Do you trust me?”

Reuben straightened, and it occurred to him that it was probably the first time the captain has asked anyone something like that. He hesitated, not because he didn’t trust the man sitting before him, but because he wondered what course of action would require such trust.

Either way, the answer was clear. “Aye captain… I trust ye. With me life.”

Ezekiel’s eyes met Rueben’s, and he nodded once. “Then into the storm we go.”


“Where is that **** man!?”

Reuben groaned audibly, and he turned around to see Sister Adelle stalking him with all the grace of a bull charging down its target. “Can I be of service to ye, sister?” he asked, mustering every polite bone in his body.

“You can tell me where that insufferable, blasphemous captain of yours is hiding.”

Reuben sighed. “The cap’n is not hidin’ from you Sister. He’s in his cabin, same as always.”

“Do you know what he’s done now!?”

“I don’t sister, Sister. What has he done now?”

“He’s forbidden me from holding the morning prayer! The nerve! How am I supposed to ensure the moral integrity of those aboard if I can’t conduct the Rites of Nysis!? The oaf doesn’t even have a proper shrine anywhere on this ship. I’m going to give him a piece of my mind!”

“I wouldn’t do that if I was you, Sister. The Cap’n s’not exactly the most agreeable of men when it comes to that sort of thing.”

Adelle snorted and crossed her arms. “I’d heard rumors of “Oathbreaker Ezekiel,” she spat with malice, and Reuben tensed. “Rumors of the so-called scum who hates the Lime and spits at the ideologies of Nysis, but I figured they were just rumors. I can see now that the rumors were accurate.” She turned on her heel, and started on her way.

Reuben hesitated, and then called after her. “I’m sorry sister, but I can’t let that pass.”
Adelle turned again, eyeing the first mate suspiciously.

“I suppose it’ll sound like I’m makin’ excuses. But for the sake of the captain’s honor, I’ll tell you anyway.”

Adelle faced the first mate squarely, arms crossed, waiting for him to continue.

“I was born on the deck of the Green Leaf. Worked this ship all me life. Seen the world without stepping a single foot off its deck. The ship has had many captains, but they were all men of the sea like meself, men born and bred out here on the ocean. When I was 17, the captain then sold the vessel to Captain Winters. He’s a man of the land you see, not like the rest of us. At first the crew was outraged that they would have to sale under a landsman. And back then, I was inclined to agree with them.”

Reuben paused, and continued his story. “But durin’ the course of our first voyage, we had a change of heart. We saw that Cap’n Winters was a man with callouses in his hands as deep as the ones in our own. That he’d earned the money to buy this ship with the sweat from his back and not from some piddling inheritance. We saw that despite all his bluster and anger, Cap’n Winters was the kind of man who respected another man’s craft. He knew that he didn’t know a ship’s bow from its stern, so he left such things to the men who did until he knew enough to do it himself.”

Reuben straightened, his momentum building, “That first voyage spanned nearly 2 and-a-half years. And when we was through, we had brought back a cargo the likes of which had never been seen. But voyage cost dearly, cost us the lives of 17 good men. And under the bloomin’ charter, the pay that those men would have earned was forfeit back to the company, and none of it would be going to their families.”

Reuben’s nostrils flared. “So the captain, fool that he is, he storms into their offices and threatens to make their lives of living Hard if they don’t rewrite the charter and give thems families their pay. At firsts, they laughs at hims. But Cap’n Winters would’nt take nay for an answer, and make their lives a living Hard he did. So those fat men in their offices, they rewrites their contracts, spitting and hissing all the while, callin’ the Cap’n a “cheat” and a “swindler” and an “oathbreaker.” So the captain, he swells up, looks ‘em dead in the eye, and he tells them ‘Aye, that’d be me alright. Call me Oathbreaker until your tounges fall out of your rotten skulls, but my men’s families will have the pay their loved ones spent their lives earning.’

Reuben spat, angrier then he’d ever been. “So aye, the world calls him Oathbreaker, and a slew of other names besides. I don’t rightly know why the captain don’t hold well with gods, and I don’t rightly care. If the captain told us we were sailin’ off to the kill the gods themselves, then we’d follow him with pride in our hearts and glory in the wind. You’d better remember if you’re gonna go around speaking ill of the cap’n.” With that, he stormed off, mumbling curses under his breath.
And Sister Adelle stared after him, her expression soft and wondering.


End of Part I


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The story started to get kind of long, so I decided to cut it in half. I'll post the second half in the fanfiction section of the forum when it's finished. If people even like the first half that is...

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