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Psychotic Tendencies #8

Psychotic Tendencies

“Traveling Sisters”

After repairing the damages from the battle against the golems, many took to celebrating as others began to cope with the losses they suffered. As Claire visited the grave of Malcolm Steel Blade, Lucifer met up with her with questions of her possible past with Steel Blade. Lucifer too had questions of if she’d ever truly figure out her own past, but Claire could only tell her that when and if the time was right it would come back to her. Curious about Lucifer as well as the realization that it was time for her to move on from Limestone, Claire asked Lucifer if she could join her on her journey out of Limestone. Eager at the chance of having a traveling companion, Lucifer accepted the request, referring to them as “sisters”. As Claire continued to morn her loss of her beloved throughout the night, Lucifer sought comfort in the company of an unconscious guardian; whom she snuggled up to and fell asleep. Elsewhere, in an undisclosed location, Zander had no comfort at all. Undergoing a horrendous recover process at the hands of a white zumi under the watchful eyes of Lady Graves, while outside the laboratory, in the hallways another mysterious person looks on from the shadows.

It has been hours since sunrise and after a decent breakfast, the two; Lucifer and Claire, head out on their journey. Bidding farewell to the people they met in Limestone as they reach the gateway portal leading to Tranquil Hill. A group of warriors pass by the two, heading downhill coming from the Tranquil Hill portal. Lucifer and Claire pay little mind to them as they walk through the portal. Inside they are thrown countless miles away from Limestone Mountain and arrive on the other side of the portal in Tranquil Hill. Upon their arrival they are greeted by three small children;

“That was fast.”

The small rabbit eared boy says to them, confusing Lucifer and Claire instantly;

“Take it Justin Allspore wasn’t there after all?”

The slightly older girl says as Lucifer just becomes more and more confused. The oldest of the three stands up and looks up at Lucifer and Claire;

“You two have no idea what they’re talking about, do you?”

Excited about a question she knows an answer to; Lucifer eagerly answers the boy’s question;

“Absolutely NOT!”

The three children are left staring at Lucifer and suddenly fall on their backs in exhaustion of understanding her. Claire steps up and leans down to the children with a caring smile on her face;

“I’m sorry for the misunderstanding and confusion. We just arrived from Limestone Mountain and this is our first time here. So we’re at a loss as to who this Justin Allspore you speak of is.”

Rubbing the back of his head, the older boy looks up and smiles at Claire;

“Oh, guess that does make sense then.”

“Sorry to have bothered you ma’ams!”

As the youngest of the children enters through the portal heading to Limestone Mountain. The older child rushes to his feet and takes off after him as the second oldest remains behind;

“I’m sorry, they get like that more often than not. Always rushing into trouble.”

“Boys will be boys, right?”

As Claire helps the young girl up and dusts her off, she says to herself;

“Sogeki and Inu, I swear.”


Claire responds as she stands up;

“I assume those are the boys’ names.”

“Yeah, but I have to go. If you follow this road up the way a bit, you’ll find the town Seabell up there.”

Before Claire can thank the girl, she runs through the portal after the other two. Claire looks back at Lucifer;

“Pfft, children, I swear.”

“Aw, not a kid person Lucy?”

As the two walk down the road to sea Bell;

“Not to say I’m not a kid person. I just can’t really stand children sometimes.”

“Um, that kind of does mean you’re not a kid person.”


As Lucifer looks to Claire and smiles;

“I guess it does.”

Passing a small, dying corn field, the two make their way to the stoned entrance to Seabell. The two are then greeted by the weary voice of the armored officer stand guard;

“Welcome to Seabell, may I ask what brings you here today ladies?”

“The portal thingy from Limestone kind of zapped us here.”

Claire quickly replies over Lucifer’s comment;

“We’re simply passing by.”

As Claire continues talking to the officer, Lucifer looks off to the right and notices a few bandits hanging around the end of the wall. She then looks into the town from the entrance and sees the chief officer Rolf; who seems well dressed and comfortably relaxed in his chair outside the officer headquarters. Claire finished her conversation with the officer and walks next to Lucifer; who was looking at the napping chief.

“Come on Lucy, don’t worry about him.”

“Not really concerned about him.”

Lucifer then catches the smell of ham steaks in the air and her stomach begins to growl. She then blushes and holds her stomach as she makes an embarrassing smile, Claire first gives Lucifer a blank stare and the smiles and laughs;

“You’re still hungry? We just left Limestone Mountain a couple of hours ago.”

Lucifer’s stomach growls a bit more as she gets silent and blushes a bit more;

“It’s okay, we’re good money-wise.”

The two head towards the local restaurant only be amazed at the outrageous prices for food.

“300 silver for ham steak?”

Claire continues to look up at the prices and speaks to Lucifer;

“I don’t think we’ll have enough for much Lucy, I’m sorry.”

Claire digs into her coin purse for the money needed, when Lucifer puts her hand on Claire’s to stop her;

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll manage.”

Claire looks back at Lucifer with concern, but all Lucifer does is smile back to ease her concerning heart. Lucifer then walks away;

“We’ll fine a way to make some money and eat then.”

“If you say so, but with all these guardians already here. It may prove harder than you make it out to be.”

As Claire begins to walk away from the restaurant, a burly voice catches her attention;

“You said something about needing some work?”

Claire turns as the chef of the restaurant makes his way from around the kitchen counter while wiping his hands on a rag from his apron pocket. The chef stands before her, introducing himself;

“Name’s Eyern.”

The chef then turns around and with a wave of his hand towards the small local restaurant;

“This here is my proud restaurant; “Eyern’s Eatery”, my pride and joy.”

“It looks…great.”

Claire says in the kindest way she can think of. Eyern turns to look at Claire and suddenly erupts with loud laughter, making Claire feel a bit awkward. Eyern stops after a few seconds and starts talking to Claire;

“I haven’t laughed like that in ages, love.”

“I’m happy for you?”

“I couldn’t help, but overhear your conversation with your friend over there about needing some money. I just so happen to be in need of new hunters.”

The chef says to Claire, as she looks back, seeing Lucy walking back over to her. Claire looks back at Eyern as Lucy now stands next to her. After re-introducing himself to Lucifer, she in turns introduces herself to him;

“My name is Lucy and this is my sister; Claire.”

“Nice meeting you both. So, I was just offering your sister here a job. I’m in need of hunters for my restaurant.”

Lucifer raises an eyebrow to the job offer;

“Why would you need hunters for a restaurant?”

Eyern chuckles for a second and replies;

“Can’t really run a restaurant without meat to grill and sell, can I?”

Claire then asks;

“What exactly would we be hunting?”

Eyern points back with his thumb as he explains;

“Out back there’s a pasture filled with wild hogs. Darn things not really a threat until you spook them, then they become a handful to deal with. I make my money off those hogs of course.”

“How many of them do you need?”

Claire asks with concern, Eyern thinks to himself for a moment when a deep growling voice from deep within the kitchen in the back answers for him;

“Kill 30 of Iron Hide boars and 30 Steel Tooth boars in the pasture and it should last us a good week!”

The voice catches the attention of both Claire and Lucifer, but Eyern is quick to divert their attention;

“Don’t mind him, he’s my butcher and apprentice cook.”

Claire continues talking to Eyern as Lucifer just looks on towards the kitchen. Eyern looks at Lucifer as he notices her still staring;

“I tell you what, you two hungry?”

Lucifer’s stomach growls again and in the process, her attention is distracted and she looks down at her stomach, holding it. Eyern makes a loud laugh again as he walks past them and towards the kitchen. Passing by some table and chairs and signals for them to take a seat;

“I’ll fix you two up something to eat!”

“But we’re a little short on money.”

Eyern laughs again for a moment and responds;

“Not a problem, consider it an employee discount! Now that I have hunters to run out and get me some fresh pork for my shop, I can afford to give you guys a free meal!”

Eyern enters the kitchen as an large tattooed orc places a couple of slabs of pork steaks on the hot grill. The orc turns to Eyern;

“Employee discount, eh? Don’t have the heart to tell them the truth I take it.”

“Not like I enjoy this, but what choice do I have? I lost so much already and my prices are too high for the locals these days. I can’t even keep our heads over water with the high taxes.”

The orc seasons the meat as he carries on his conversation;

“Well they are guardians, right?”

“Appears that way, but I’m not certain. They seem a lot kinder than the last ones I sent out there.”

Eyern watches them as Claire and Lucifer sit at the table talking amongst themselves;

“Would it be strange to say that I feel horrible about what I’m doing?”

“Just means you’re human, I’d be worried about you when the day comes that you stop caring.”

“Me too K’Lar, me too.”

Once Eyern gives the two their food he returns to the kitchen. As Claire prepares herself to eat by placing a napkin on her lap and on into the collar of her robe, Lucifer grabs a fork and knife, then begins to chow down. Claire cuts a piece of her ham steak and puts it in her mouth as she turns to look at Lucifer viciously rushing through her ham steak. Claire can’t help but giggle a bit as she watches Lucifer eat, while from the kitchen Eyern and K’Lar watch in amazement. K’Lar then asks Eyern;

“You sure she’s a guardian? Think she may be half orc if you ask me.”

“Never seen a woman eat like that before. I don’t think I ever seen a man eat like that before.”

After their meal, Eyern explains to the two about being a hunter. Claire understands it right away, but after a bit of confusion on Lucifer’s end she’s quick to act as if it all makes sense to her and takes off to buy the proper equipment needed. After carefully listening to Eyern, Claire heads off to catch up with Lucifer. At the weapons and armor merchants, Lucifer buys her bow and arrows along with light armor. While turning the corner to head to the merchants, Claire accidentally bumps into a little girl with dark purple hair. The little girl falls flat on her bottom, as Claire helps the little girl up, she can’t help but notice her black cat ears poking out of her hair. The little girl only responds with a blank expression as she looks up at Claire with her big purple eyes. Once she’s up to her feet the little instantly hugs Claire for a brief second and runs off.

Claire is left with an overwhelming emotion she’s unfamiliar with as the little girl vanishes without a trace. At a loss for words, she stands there with her hand in her pocket, holding her pendant. For an instant Claire sees the image of two small children; a brown haired boy and brightly blonde girl, both with blue eyes like her. Both hugging her tightly, and as she places her arms around them, she is unable to hear them speak and their names are oblivious to her, but she loves them so much.

“Sis? Sis?”

Lucifer puts her hands on Claire’s shoulders;

“Claire, are you okay?”

Claire snaps out of her flashback with tears in her eyes, looking at Lucifer. Lucifer steps back with a weird expression on her face, looking down at her outfit Lucifer comments;

“I guess this doesn’t really look good on me after all, does it?”

Claire laughs it off while wiping her tears;

“No, no, it looks lovely on you Lucy.

Lucifer shows off her new hunter attire of a black vest, skirt, with leggings, and boots. Lucifer then runs off to go hunt as Claire walks up to the merchants to go buy her weapon and gear as well. The ursun weapons merchant asks Claire;

“You’re with that strange white haired female, yes?”

“Yes I am.”

Claire responds with a gentle smile. The human female armor merchant then responds;

“You appear more sane than her, surely you’ll consider using the fitting room when trying on any of the armor attire.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

Claire asks.

The ursun sighs as the female merchant replies to Claire’s question;

“Your friend, Lucy is it? She decided that time was too short to dress herself in the dressing room.”

The ursun follows with his words of what happened;

“So she undressed right here in clear view of everyone. Tried on the hunter’s garbs and bought them.”

Claire can’t help, but laugh about the entire situation as it’s told to her and as she looks through the weapons at the merchant shop, something catches her eye. She looks at one of the one-handed swords for a moment and is reminded of her late lover; Malcolm Steel Blade. Memories of past conversations, smiles, and kisses, she then reaches for the sword only to then remember the recent tragedy that befell him. Changing her mind, Claire chooses a different weapon and purchases that instead. The little girl Claire bumped into earlier runs to a house outside the town of Sea Bell, going around to the backyard where the grass has grown a bit tall. The little girl stops at the gate of the backyard where a young black haired woman calmly sits in meditation, she then breaks out of concentration and turns the look at the girl;

“That was fast Syncrocity.”

“I met a really nice sad lady today.”

The little girl says as she puts down some supplies by the young woman. As the woman looks through the supplies she acknowledges what Syncrocity said;

“A nice sad lady you say?”

Syncrocity describes Claire to the young woman. Describing her golden blonde hair, cleric robes, and sorrow she hid with her kindness. Syncrocity then describes a different lady to her; one with platinum white hair and blood red eyes, who seemed very powerful yet weird to her. The young woman’s concern becomes great when Syncrocity speaks of her;

“This woman, did she seem remarkably powerful to you? Skilled perhaps?”

Syncrocity opens her arms wide when mentioning the aura she sensed from the white haired woman;

“It was really big, Mommy Slay”

Slayer holds on to her swords as she gets to her feet. Syncrocity walks over to Slayer and hugs her leg while looking up at her;

“You’re getting stronger too and you’re worried, but you’re always worried.”

Slayer puts her hand on Syncrocity’s head, looking down at her and smiling;

“It’s only because your safety is my concern and I’m afraid that the white haired lady may be a bad person.”


“I’ll have to find out, so you stay in the house until I come back.”

Slayer begins to walk away, out of the backyard while Syncrocity looks on. During the same time Lucifer trains herself with her new weapon; the bow and arrows. Lucifer hit’s a boar with an arrow and is surprised to see it not die, but charge at her and hit her with such force that it broke a few ribs. Once it stops charging forward, Lucifer is thrown a short distance and rolls on the ground a few more feet. As she tries to get up, the boar charges her again, but this time Lucifer fires a few more arrows at it, eventually causing it to drop and slide on the ground as it dies. Lucifer struggles to keep balance, when suddenly a golden bright light shines over her. Frightened at first, Lucifer aims her bow and arrow at the sky, only to realize she’s healed. Franticly looking around to see if anyone is around, Lucifer first notices someone at a far distance, but unable to make out the person. Before she can give her full attention to the figure, Claire’s voice catches her attention instead;

“Sorry, I should’ve asked first Lucy.”

Lucifer turns around to see Claire with a smile on her face as she waves at her;

“I figured as a cleric, I should heal you at least.”

Lucifer smiles back and waves;

“It’s okay, I appreciate it.”

Claire walks to Lucifer with her new mace and shield. Lucifer looks on at Claire’s new items and then looks into Claire’s eyes;

“A healer, eh? Makes sense to me.”


“You don’t have the heart to kill things unless defending yourself. You’re far too kind for that.”

From the distance, Slayer overhears the short conversation and it sets her mind at ease;

“She’s not from the sisterhood, that’s a relief.”

As Slayer begins to walk away something else catches her senses. She quickly turns to look at another spot in the distance and sees a small group of bandits heading towards Lucifer and Claire, with either of the two knowing of the approaching situation;

“The Eagle Gang.”

As the group of Eagle Gang members make their way to the unsuspecting Claire and Lucifer, Slayer simply watches from the distance. As she watches them, unknowing to her another group approaches her home as Syncrocity is inside playing with her toys.

To Be Continued…

"Being psychotic allows me to have an entirely different view of the world around me, makes everything a bit more interesting. So although either way you are a sorry sack of sht. In my mind, you're a more interesting sorry sack of sht" -Lucifer


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They get better as you write more Razz Keep it up plz
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