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23 Mar 2011
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PostedDec 26, 2011 5:24 pm

GM WEEKLY REWARDS FAQ: How to win free AP!

You could win 500 AP a week!

Seen these GM Weekly Rewards around the forums? Want to know just what they are? Check out our FAQ below!


  • What exactly is a GM Weekly Reward?
    GM Weekly Rewards are posted every week, for a chance at a free reward of 500 AP! Check the events forums every week for a new chance!

  • What are these reward events?
    These are mini events that we, the GM team, set up for you! It could be something as simple as posting your feedback, or popping in-game to take a screenshot, or filling out a form, or gaining a level. There's all kinds of things that can be done, so come back every week for a new chance at 500 Aeria Points!

  • How many times can I do each reward event?
    These events may only be completed one time. Once you've completed a week's event, you'll have to wait until the next week to do another!

  • What kind of rewards will you be giving out?
    Almost every GM Weekly Rewards will allow two players per server to win 500 Aeria Points every week! That's eight players a week!

  • Will rewards always be just for individuals?
    Most of the time, yes. However, we may have special rewards that ask you to partner up, or gather friends, or other similar things so we can help you make new friends, and so your friends can get items, too.

  • Will these events show up in-game as a part of the usual tasks?
    NO! These are special, forum specific-GM Ran events, run independently of the in-game tasks. In fact, GMs may make events that involves you completing in-game tasks! So don't get them confused and please read every event post carefully!

  • Where do these weekly GM Tasks take place?
    They take place in our Events section of the forums! Please check in this forum every week!

  • Can I do old GM Weekly Rewards events?
    Sorry, no! Once the 1 week deadline has past, you cannot do that event for rewards. If you want to do it just for fun though, go right ahead!

  • When do I receive my 500 Aeria Point?
    The time frame for reward payout is included in the rules in every GM WEEKLY REWARDS post. Usually we manage to get it out next day but sometimes, things happen. Please allow 4-7 days before contacting us if the post remains as [Processing]

  • I didn't get my rewards. What do I do?
    If you were a winner in the week's GM Weekly Rewards, check your profile's inbox for your 500 Aeria Point E-Pin. Wait for the post to be updated to say [Paid Out] or 4-7 days then use Contact Us with your Aeria name, IGN, Server you participated on, a link to your screenshot, and the reward you were supposed to receive and we'll check it out.

  • I received a 500 AP E-Pin, how do I use it?
    Head over to our Billing Page and look in the Pre-Paid category for the E-Pin option. Select that option then click PROCEED. Now you just need to paste the code you got into the text field and click PROCEED a couple more times. The 500 Aeria Points will be immediately added to your AP total and can be used like regular Aeria Points as soon as you are ready to use them!

  • The AP E-Pin I received isn't working!
    First, make sure your code has the letters EP- in front of a series of numbers. If your code does not have EP- make sure you add them before trying to use the code. If your code has CP- in front of it, it is actually a Coupon Code. If you are sure you received an E-Pin and it does not work, please contact us and include your E-Pin code and where you received it.

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11 Feb 2012
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PostedApr 30, 2013 6:16 am
what about for if the event is for different games but the events are similar? can we still do them or we can only do it for one game at a time?


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29 Apr 2013
PostedMay 28, 2013 6:31 am
is that 500 AP reward only for VIP player?
or non-VIP also can join the weekly rewards 500 AP too?

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