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29 Aug 2011
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Psychotic Tendencies #7

Psychotic Tendencies

“Moving on”

With all the events in Limestone Mountain coming to a close, the townspeople and the guardians have begun rebuilding the town. It has been a long week since everything has happened and the town is starting to look good as new. While some continue to celebrate their hard earned victory over the monsters, others are finally able to take a breather and face the loss of loved ones. As the sun sets; everyone heads home for the evening, all but one, Claire. Claire takes a walk through the countryside, towards the quarry that has finally been opened up after the cave in. She slowly walks through the cave to her beloved’s grave burial, where she kneels down and sighs before she cries. She suddenly stops as she hears footsteps behind her, she turns to see Lucifer stop in her tracks and begins to scratch the back of her head nervously;

“Yeah, sneakiness isn’t a strong suit of mine apparently.”

“It’s okay.”

Claire replies as she turns back to look at Steel Blade’s grave. She then looks up at the wall with the carvings on it.

“Alec told me you wrote something on the wall, but wouldn’t let him see it.”

Lucifer nervously smiles for a moment as she approaches Claire;

“Yeah, I just figured if this is where he was going to be buried, might as well have something written here. I didn’t know his name, otherwise I would’ve wrote that too.”

“It’s okay, in the midst of everything that happened, I never asked you your name. What is it?”

“It’s Lucifer.”

Claire turns to look back at Lucifer as she hears her name for the first time.

“Lucifer? Odd, you being named after someone of pure evil, yet you wrote such kind words. Are you sure that is your name?”

“Only name I remember being called. Plus I like the name despite whoever else is using it.”

Lucifer replies with a smile, she the walks towards the wall where she carved her words and pulls out her sword. She turns to look back at Claire;

“What was his name by the way?”

“Steel Blade, Malcolm Steel Blade.”

Claire responds with a heavy heart. Lucifer turns back to face the wall, carving under her previous words, the fallen heroes name. Lucifer then stands back up and looks at Claire;

“There we go, that way his name will never be forgotten.”

The act of kindness is more than Claire can stand as she can’t help but cry. As Lucifer walks over to Claire and places a sympathetic hand on her shoulder she is hit with flashes of a pair of shadowy figures. One female another male, standing over what appears to be a gravesite. In the confusion all she can hear are the words;

“We’ll take from him…”

As Lucifer comes to, the two of them walk out of the quarry after a moment. Lucifer stops once they make it out as Claire continues walking. Lucifer can’t help but be puzzled by the constant flashbacks. She then looks at Claire and asks;

“You and Steel Blade we’re a couple right?”

Claire stops and looks up at the now starry night sky and answers;

“Yes, yes we were.”

“Did you remember him from back then?”

“Back then?”

Claire looks back at Lucifer as she places her hand over her heart in a light fist;

“I mean, before we were crystallized. Did you remember him from your previous life?”

Claire then looks back up at the sky.

“No, I didn’t know much of who I was outside of my first name. When I met him I had just woken up from my slumber and he was the first to greet me. He had a smile that was warm and welcoming. I never left his side from the moment I woke to the day he…”

Claire then takes a deep breath and continues the conversation;

“I don’t know who I was in the past. If you feel you’re alone in that, you’re not. None of us truly remember the past life. Some say it’ll come back to us in due time. For all I know it may never come back to us.”

Claire looks back to Lucifer;

“There’s something unique about you. Something I can’t figure out. You walked through the flames Mori Mori made and killed him as if he were nothing, but you weren’t you when you did it. It was as if you were a different person, it was momentary.”

Lucifer then looks up at the sky as well;

“I’d be lying if I said I understood it myself, but I don’t. For some reason, I sometimes feel hurt and angry. Other times I feel happy and giddy, like I’m having the best time of my life. So confusing sometimes.”

“Maybe it’s your past life trying to reconnect with you.”

“Maybe, or maybe I’m just bonkers.”

As Lucifer walks past Claire. Claire then looks at Lucifer as she starts to head back to town;



“How long are you staying in town?”

Lucifer goes into a deep thought for a moment, then looks back with a giddy smile on her face;

“Don’t know, I guess I’d head out tomorrow morning. Everything I could kill is killed now, so there’s nothing fun to do anymore.”

Claire expression turns to a odd, grim expression. Lucifer suddenly becomes nervous over Claire facial response;

“Was that a bit on the crazy side? Saying that and all?”

Claire then smiles for a bit and asks Lucifer;

“Would it be alright if I accompanied you? There’s no real purpose for me here anymore, plus I could use the training to become the healer I need to be.”

“You mean like travel buddies!!”

As Lucifer becomes extremely excited over the idea, she instantly runs to Claire and gives her a big hug. In the unusually powerful hug, Claire struggles to speak;

“Lucifer…Lucifer, I take that as a…yes?”

Lucifer lets Claire go;

“Oh definitely! We could be like sisters!”

Lucifer then jumps up and down, still excited at the idea of it all. Claire watches with amazement at the erratic behavior and can’t help but smile as she thinks to herself;

“Amazing how someone with a name like Lucifer and as powerful as she is can be such a child at times, absolutely amazing.”

Soon the two walk the trail back to town. Claire looks to Lucifer and says;

“Is there a chance I could just call you, Lucy?”

Lucifer looks back at Claire and smiles at the thought;

“Sure, you can call me Lucy. Can I call you…”

Lucifer thinks for a moment as they continue walking.

“Um, can I call you…”

Claire suddenly realizes a minor detail in their introductions;

“Oh dear, I never gave you my name. My name is Claire, I am so sorry.”

As they keep walking Lucifer hugs Claire from the side;

“It’s okay, I’ll just call you Claire. I don’t know any nicknames to Claire so I’ll call you Claire.”

Claire laughs as she responds;

“That’ll be fine Lucy.”

As the two make their way into town, Claire makes her way to the door of a small inn as Lucifer stops.

“Don’t you have a room too Lucy?”

“Um, I do, but I need to do something first.”

Claire yawns for a second and responds;

“What time are we going to leave Limestone?”

Lucifer spokes one of the newly awakened guardians giving Andrew a hard time. Distracted by the scene, Lucifer misses Claire’s question for a moment before she finally answers;

“Oh, I guess, whenever I wake up.”

“Oh, okay then. Any idea when that may be?”

Lucifer walks towards the rude guardian as she responds to Claire’s question;

“No idea, depends on how soon I can get some sleep.”

“Okay then, see you tomorrow then.”

“See you then.”

Lucifer stands behind the rude guardian as he continues yelling at Andrew;

“Listen up you old geezer! The things in this chest suck! I mean seriously, I have half a mind to just say screw it and see what in your house.”

“We’re just a mining town young man. I’m sorry-”

“I know you’re sorry. Whole town is sorry, but soon you’ll all see. I’m going to rule this town and there isn’t a **** thing anyone can do about it either.”

“I’d appreciate it if you would be a bit more kind-”

The guardian grabs Andrew by the collar of his shirt and looks directly at his face;

“And what are you going to do about it if I just take the time to kick your ***?”

Suddenly the guardian’s eyes cross as he lets go of Andrew and drops to his knees as they buckle together. With his hands over his crotch, in pain he falls over to his side ad Lucifer looks down at him with a look of pretend innocence as she puts her hand over her mouth;

“Oh me, oh my, I am so sorry for that. I think I hit you too hard.”

Lucifer then steps on the guardian’s crotch, pretending not to know as she checks on Andrew;

“Well, I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I’m going to be leaving tomorrow.”

Andrew looks down at the guardian as his face changes from red to blue, but then looks back up at Lucifer;

“There’s no need to thank me, it’s you I should be thanking. You saved this town from being destroyed. For that we are in your debt.”

Lucifer; still standing on the guardian’s crotch, kneels down to give Andrew a hug;

“You’re not indebted to me silly old person. Consider it payment in full, it sucks sleeping alone.”

Lucifer looks at Andrew and smiles, her blood red eyes looking into his for just a moment before she stands back up and steps off the guardian. Andrew just watches as Lucifer drags the now unconscious guardian by the back collar of his armor away with her. Cynthia walks over to Andrew as he turns to look at her;

“There she goes Cynthia.”

“Suppose it is time for her to venture off.”

“I just don’t know about her. Just when I think I have her figured out, she surprises me once more.”

“Her name’s Lucifer, yet she shows compassion, bravery, and heroism. She’s also a loon, poor girl is indeed crazy.”

Cynthia pats Andrew on the shoulder and walks away saying one last remark;

“For God’s sake, who names themselves after the devil himself?”

Andrew watches on as Lucifer drags the guardian inside the inn. Walking to his house he can’t help, but think of her eyes. Both her blood red eyes and dark abysmal eyes as he reaches his front door and opens it, he looks back to where Lucifer was;

“What is it about you that separates from the others? Your eyes, their different from anything I’ve ever seen.”

The door to one of the rooms at the inn open up, bringing light as Lucifer drags the guardian inside with her. Once inside she lays the guardian on the nearby bed and undressed him down to his boxers. After undressing herself she covers them both up in the sheets and blankets, snuggling up to the unconscious guardian she begins to fall asleep. While in Andrew’s house, he kneels at the edge of his bed saying his prayers.

Claire sits up in bed in her own room and looks towards the window as the moonlight shines inside and holds her pendant close, against her chest;

“May you keep those who lost their lives protecting us close to your heart Lord and help guide the ones they left behind to peace. Give them the strength to carry their burdens and do you will.”

Lucifer sleeps snuggled up to the unconscious guardian as he begins to wake, but as he looks over to Lucifer he is punched unconscious.

“Also watch over those who need your help, but would never ask for it. Fore they will need it more than then they would care to believe. They hurt more so than any other.”

Elsewhere, in a dark secluded area surrounded by fog and dead trees is a mountain. Inside that mountain lies a dark fortress. Inside one of the many rooms is a laboratory where Zander is laid on a table with all his armor and gear removed, his broken body bleeding. A white furred zumi a few feet away looks through some tools and cables. Hooking and attaching things to Zander as he then turns around to look behind him. Lady Graves nods her head in approval as instantly the lab fills with sparks of electricity and Zander’s painful screams. The echoing sounds of drills follow as the noise fills the hallways;

“And may you forgive those who have betrayed your cause. Present them with a second chance to follow your light. Test their will and resolve, reward them with redemption from their darkness. Fore we are only human-”

At the end of the hallway, in the darker corners a figure of a robed man stands with his hands behind his back and an owl on his shoulders. His green eyes piercing through the darkness along with his owl’s golden bright eyes.

“-And know not the true depths darkness can take us-”

The robed man turns around and walks further back into the darkness of the hallway as the echoes of Zander’s screams, electro-shock, and drills continue to fill area;

“Forgive them all Lord, Amen.”

To Be Continued…

"Being psychotic allows me to have an entirely different view of the world around me, makes everything a bit more interesting. So although either way you are a sorry sack of sht. In my mind, you're a more interesting sorry sack of sht" -Lucifer


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I love it! Razz


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ty so much XD, glad you enjoyed it. <333

"Being psychotic allows me to have an entirely different view of the world around me, makes everything a bit more interesting. So although either way you are a sorry sack of sht. In my mind, you're a more interesting sorry sack of sht" -Lucifer
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